32. The Pledge

The Pledge Of Allegiance 

The comedian Red Skelton was not clowning around when he talked about reverence for The Pledge Of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. I have been thinking about The Pledge Of Allegiance lately, and especially the words “with Liberty and Justice for all,” and how does this square with my Dad’s Will and Trust?

Let me first present the transcript of what the Patriot, Mr. Red Skelton said:

Red Skelton, Commentary on The Pledge of Allegiance

When I was a small boy in Vincennes, Indiana, I heard, I think, one of the most outstanding speeches I ever heard in my life. I think it compares with the Sermon on the Mount, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and Socrates’ Speech to the Students.

We had just finished reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and he [Mr. Lasswell, the Principal of Vincennes High School] called us all together, and he says, “Uh, boys and girls, I have been listening to you recite the Pledge of Allegiance all semester, and it seems that it has become monotonous to you. Or, could it be, you do not understand the meaning of each word? If I may, I would like to recite the pledge, and give you a definition for each word:

I — Me; an individual; a committee of one.

Pledge — Dedicate all of my worldly good to give without self-pity.

Allegiance — My love and my devotion.

To the Flag — Our standard. “Old Glory”; a symbol of courage. And wherever she waves, there is respect, because your loyalty has given her a dignity that shouts “Freedom is everybody’s job.”

of the United — That means we have all come together.

States — Individual communities that have united into 48 great states; 48 individual communities with pride and dignity and purpose; all divided by imaginary boundaries, yet united to a common cause, and that’s love of country —

Of America.

And to the Republic — A Republic: a sovereign state in which power is invested into the representatives chosen by the people to govern; and the government is the people; and it’s from the people to the leaders, not from the leaders to the people.

For which it stands

One Nation — Meaning “so blessed by God.”

[Under God]1

Indivisible — Incapable of being divided.

With Liberty — Which is freedom; the right of power for one to live his own life without fears, threats, or any sort of retaliation.

And Justice — The principle and qualities of dealing fairly with others.

For All — For All. That means, boys and girls, it’s as much your country as it is mine.

Now let me hear you recite the Pledge of Allegiance:

I pledge allegiance

to the Flag of the United States of America,

and to the Republic, for which it stands;

one Nation, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

Since I was a small boy, two states have been added to our country, and two words have been added to the Pledge of Allegiance: Under God. Wouldn’t it be a pity if someone said, “That is a prayer” — and that be eliminated from our schools, too?

End of Red Skelton’s commentary transcript…………………………………

As my humble opinion, after all of the lawyer tricks, “secret combinations,” “secret abominations,” perjury, lying, stealing, misrepresentations, and all manner of abuses by the Trustees and the Law Firm against two persons; all supported by an American Nazi Probate Court Judge, the American Nazi Mo. BAR, O.C.D.C., and the American Nazi Mo. Supreme Court; my Dad and I are the only ones that The Pledge Of Allegiance seemed to have stuck to.

For real, where is the Liberty and Justice (notice these are capitalized) for my Dad when he paid his good money for a no good Will and Trust. My Dad was abused and cheated out of his casket funeral, and casket burial, as well as cheated out of his embedded insurance policy, the NO CONTEST CLAUSE, that if anyone were to knowingly cheat him out of his casket funeral, and his casket burial, they as “such opponent shall forfeit any bequests [inheritance], devise and interest [meaning any control as a Trustee or Trust Attorney] given under this trust to such person or persons.”

A pledge is a two way covenant with a grantor and a beneficiary. God pledges in covenant form lots of promises and the beneficiary only has to obey the terms of the covenant to receive the Godly benefits.

The Pledge Of Allegiance is a two way covenant between the Republic and the People. If the People pledge their allegiance to the Republic then the Republic, as the government, promises Liberty and Justice for all.

The TRUST specifically stated, “NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the promises and of the mutual covenants herein contained…” (Trust, page 2), so there were two way agreements specifically in the Trust and Will. Considering my Dad held up his end of all bargains, with his money, etc., who were the ones that failed in their pledges to my Dad when my Dad didn’t get what he specifically wanted. First, a casket (not cremation), and second, if he did not get his casket then those responsible were to forfeit any inheritance and other privileges given under the Will and/or Trust.

Anyone who would not honor their Pledge Of Allegiance to the Flag would be of the same poor character that they would not honor any other pledge IF they thought they could get away with it. To deny Liberty and Justice to the innocent is a dishonoring of their Pledge Of Allegiance to the Flag in which they expected Liberty and Justice for themselves, as well as are Duty bound to honor Liberty and Justice in all other People.

Respectfully submitted for everyone to consider,

Brother Jim Kelley, a True Disciple of Jesus Christ, and one who has honored his Pledge Of Allegiance to the Flag, just like his Dad also did, a WW II, D-Day, captured behind enemy lines, POW for 10 months, veteran.

May God bless America and keep America pure from the corruptions of so many shyster lawyers, in and out of the churches, including the LD$ Church.

This is well worth listening to.


After viewing what a comedian, who was a Patriot, said about the Pledge of Alliance, now see what a Cub Scout did during the Pledge of Alliance. Are there any words to adequately describe this kind of contradiction in our Society today? Where was/is the Moral Compass of this young boy’s Scout leaders, school teachers, Sunday school teachers if this boy goes to church, and parents?


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What more can I say, what would Jesus say?

[Just when a person thinks they have said all that they can say something satanic happens. If you were to cut the above Internet address and past it to your browser this is what you would get now. 8-23-2020]



So apparently a ten year old Cub Scout taking a knee, during the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, during a City Council meeting, is now too offensive for even MSN when it was just fine to have this video on MSN in the recent past.

“If you don’t stand for something then you will fall for anything.” Oh how true that is!

How can so many people say with their mouth one thing and then do with their personal actions just the exact opposite? ANSWER: They are “hypocrites” as Jesus has said.

Did you see and get that all politicians, all church leaders, all lawyers, and all judges?

Bro. Jim Kelley



This website is political speech for the purpose to convince enough politicians who are in the Missouri State Legislator to pass a Grantor’s and Beneficiary’s, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights. By necessity this political speech has to be straight forward, containing the raw truth, to raise the awareness of the State Legislators for the real and desperate need of this Bill of Rights to protect the innocent Grantors and Beneficiaries from the evil designs of unethical shyster lawyers. This is a Human Rights matter and I would think it should receive bipartisan support; I pray so, I hope so.

This website represents “a never ending battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way” which concepts it seems most lawyers are trying to take/steal away. Like all evil, if you give evil an inch, then evil will take a mile. It seems most lawyers think “the arm of flesh” knows better than God what Truth and Justice are as the Lawyer Profession blunders down the black hole of evil and sin, while trying to suck America with them to a hell on earth. Just say NO to evil, STOP evil, say NO to corrupt lawyers, STOP corrupt lawyers, for a better America today for ourselves and tomorrow for our posterity.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This whole Page, and this whole Website, has to be considered “legally” to be my own OPINION, and nothing else, because there are four Lawyers, and a Law Firm, poised, waiting, to pounce on me and this Website. The Law Firm petitioned The Court to order this Website taken down; first time January 17, 2018, and a second time, April 4, 2018. Obviously this Website is in jeopardy for telling the Truth about a WW II, D-Day, captured behind enemy lines, POW for 10 months, veteran; Elder Abused by a team of unethical lawyers, and a Law Firm, the PROOF preserved in the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER WILL AND TRUST, that led to this Veteran being held as a POW in the 21st Century War of Elder Abuses, and they are obviously afraid of that.

What is my opinion today, will no doubt become the opinions of millions of other Americans soon, and perhaps will evolve into obvious  self-evident truth for the future. To get to an obvious self-evident Set of Truths pertaining to a Grantor’s, and Beneficiary’s, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights, it is going to take the efforts of millions of Americans, that can legitimately claim the Title of Americans, to come together and say “STOP!” to the lawyer abuses so prevalent pertaining to Probate Laws that would go against the ideals of all Americans, especially American Veterans like my Dad, in unified efforts to stomp out the symptoms of Socialism in the Probate Laws.

As always if the Trustees, lawyers, and Law Firm would like to give me any short statement to explain their side/opinion I would probably include that if they would wish. They all have declined to my honest and sincere offers like this in the past.