37. “Acceding” Maureen

This is another Chapter in the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments (as predicted by the Ancient American Indian Scriptures).

NOTICE: Trustee Maureen Royce passed away on April 17, 2020, after a long fight with cancer. The reason I note this here and now is in case anyone with some kind of authority and professional purpose may want to interview Maureen for any investigation(s) pertaining to this website information that is now impossible because her secrets are now with her, in her casket, and in her grave. Also, I am betting that Maureen was NOT able to take anything with her that she illegitimately got through her Nazi participations against my Dad and myself, SO LET THIS BE A LESSON TO EVERYONE “CRIME DOES NOT PAY!”

I will keep anything said about Maureen just like it is and probably not add mush of anything else because while Maureen was still alive she had opportunities to challenge what I put on this website which she did NOT do but obviously Maureen can not challenge anything now.

NOTE: After thinking this over I have decided that I may be doing the People, the Nation, and our Society a great disservice by not giving a few details about Maureen’s Obituary. Here is a shot of two paragraphs of that public view Obituary:


Since Bob is the one who probably wrote this Obituary then it can be “fair game” to make note of a notable item of omission that would normally be included since Bob is still alive and could comment if he desires. The item of omission would be my name as Maureen’s brother. This is just plain tacky, rude, disrespectful, and would have the effect of muddying up the water for any future genealogists trying to figure out what happened with Maureen’s brother, is this the right Maureen, etc. See how this kind of pettiness can hurt others who are totally innocent?

Also this kind of pettiness, apparently by Bob Royce, gives stark evidence that Bob is the kind of petty person who would willingly go along with the CAPTURE of my Dad, go along with the Nazi Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust, etc. No help for the innocent from brother-in-law Bob, for my Dad at the time, or for me now, or for his own family name Nazi legacy. What is Bob going to tell my parents when he is confronted by them in the spirit world? HINT: my Dad will not be so naive in the spirit world of God’s paradise because my Dad will have all of his facilities in full operation and my Dad realizes now, 100%, how he was Lawyer Tricked when he was 94 years old and blind. There is evidence that my Dad realized that he had been had by the Nazi Lawyers, operating out of the “den of thieves” Law Firm, and probably led to his earlier, than it would have happened, end of life in less than a year after that Infamous Signing.

The biggest tragedy in Maureen passing now is that she went and died in her sins against her own parents without even just saying that she was sorry. Apparently Maureen was not sorry and my parents will be able to detect that when they meet Maureen. One of the Principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that when we die we will be meeting our parents, when they precede us in death, and they will have some questions for us like:

What did you do with our family name, tradition and legacy?

In my Dad’s and Mom’s case they will ask, what was our casket like and where in the grave yard were we buried?

I just don’t know what Maureen is going to say? If she tells the truth then she will be on the outs with her own parents right off the bat. If Maureen tells some lies to cover up what she has done to her own parents in this life, then later, when the truth is known to my parents, Maureen will be on the outs with her own parents even worse because she added another lie that she directly told to my parents to unethically try to cover up what she did to my parents in this life like the Nazi Screw You Father (and Mother), Revenge Cremation Insult.

The fact that Bob did not include my name, Maureen’s brother, is evidence and proof that there were some very bad feelings against me by all of the Trustees and that cremation was in fact a vicious, premeditated, Nazi Screw You Father (and Mother), Revenge Cremation Insult, intended to hurt my parents, and myself, by the most despicable means at their disposal possible, and they all (including Bob) knowingly did it.

I did not write this Obituary, someone else did. I did not do the CAPTURE, that was done behind my back. I did not write the Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust, the Nazi “den of thieves” Law Firm Partner, Nazi Lawyer Paul Sherman did that at the obvious unethical directions of Nazi/Trustee/Lawyer Nancy Yendes; and as a direct result of writing that premeditated punitive Nazi unethical Unconditional Surrender Nazi Paul has personally contributed to untold misery and grief among the Kelley Family as his personal unethical efforts of creating a Family Curse by stabbing my Dad in the back for “thirty pieces of silver.” Again, Nazi Paul will NOT be able to take his thirty pieces of silver with him when he dies BUT all of his Nazi activities will be with him forever, through out all eternity, UNLESS HE ADEQUATELY REPENTS OF HIS NAZI SINS IN THIS LIFE!

This Obituary is another important proof and evidence helping to substantiate everything I have presented on this website and I would have done the People, the Nation, and our Society a great disservice by not giving these few details about Maureen’s Obituary. Actually it is a Badge of Honor not to be listed on a Nazi obituary.

In summing up Maureen’s death at 68 years old, and only God knows about this for sure, BUT, how does Commandment Five, “Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee,” figure into Maureen’s death now? And should Nancy be concerned?


These people are a whole lot of the reasons why we have a United States of America and a U.S. Constitution with a Bill of Rights.

In addition to Maureen having to now face my Mom and Dad with what these American Nazi Lawyers, Trustees, and Judges did to my Dad and Mom; everyone will have to face the American Patriots who gave us our Great and Free Nation with the help of God Almighty. So everyone put that in your pipe and smoke it and decide what you are going to tell all the righteous people that will be in Heaven who did anything for your benefit of Freedoms when you face them!

Maureen, and anyone else, might get away with some lies for awhile in the spirit world but the time will come when Jesus Christ will be standing in His Judgment and no lie will be allowed at that time because where Jesus stands is holy ground and no lies are allowed there.





What is pictured above as Maureen Royce’s “Acceding” e-mail is a textbook example of America’s Dumbest Criminals. I did not ask for this Dumb E-mail and this has volumes of REVELATIONS against the Nazi Lawyers, Nazi Trustees, the Nazi “den of thieves” Law Firm, Nazi Bob and Nazi Jan, and even is incriminating for the Nazi Probate Judge/Commissioner Carol T. Aiken. These listed Nazis need not thank me for listing them but thank Nazi Maureen Royce for just sending this Dumb E-mail to me obviously because of her Nazi pride because it sure was not an intelligent move.


This Acceding” Maureen Page is intended to illustrate to the Politician, and the citizen who may contact their Politician, that there is some self incriminating evidence and testimony that is huge for the Case in favor of my Dad and myself but for some unknown reasons (unknown to me anyway) the Judgment did not reflect the obvious and was an insult to the intelligence of any reasonable thinking thinker, in contempt of my Dad, in contempt of me, in contempt of Society and as such should be taken as an insult to my Dad, myself, and Society as a whole. The Honorable Probate Court Judge, the Missouri BAR, and the Missouri Supreme Court should be embarrassed and since it seems that they all are not, this is pretty good evidence to indicate just how corrupt our Probate Law Legal System is.

I will attach a copy of an e-mail from Next, Next, Contingent Trustee Maureen, at the very top of this page, who testified in the April 4th Probate Court Hearing.

This is the e-mail that proves to me my Dad “was hesitant” to move to Springfield from his paid for Hickory County home. This is one of the evidences that I get the mental picture that my Dad said no at first and then was coerced with lawyer lies into making the move anyway similar to “no means yes” to an a-hole who ends up having intercourse with a woman who originally said no.

Maureen seems to use the word “dignity” carelessly because what kind of dignity is there when my Dad specifically instructed that he was to be buried in his casket with a grave monument and the confederate Trustees, acting as an “opponent” to the Grantor, carried out their Screw You Father, Revenge Cremation Insult. My Dad’s instructions would obviously mean an open casket funeral too which I think my Dad would have really wanted.

“Acceding to his wishes” would obviously mean a casket funeral and a casket burial and that would have been “reasonably prudent” in my book. A whole lot more prudent than to come to me, Jim Kelley, and lie to me about cremation was what my Dad wanted in order to steal my signature for the Authorization For Cremation certificate. And what kind of “dignity” is there when the Trustees knew what the Will instructions were for a casket burial and they lied to me, Nancy directly, Maureen and Carl indirectly by their silence to me when they knew better, their united lies to me to steal my signature on that Authorization For Cremation certificate.

And then look at this garbage about “to the continuing expenditures the fault is entirely on you.” This is about three weeks after my Throw In The Towel Letter dated December 28, 2017, which would have put a halt to any unnecessary continuing expenditures from there on out because with that Letter I gave Trustee Nancy my go ahead, her license, everything she said that she wanted, to go ahead and close out the Trust as soon as possible. Also there is my e-mail from April , 2017, see page #17 of this website, that gave Nazi Nancy all of the authority and go ahead to continue with the colsing of the Trust as soon as she wanted to THAT IF IF NAZI NANCY WOULD HAVE WANTED TO!!!

For Nazi Maureen to claim “to the continuing expenditures the fault is entirely on you,” would be the same thing as the Italian Mafia faulting the world police departments for the Mafia’s  continued expenditures for what ever expenditures that may be; EVEN THOUGH THE POLICE DEPARTMENTS GAVE THE MAFIA THE WRITTEN GO AHEAD AND WRITTEN AUTHORIZATIONS TO COMMIT ALL OF THE CRIMES THAT THEY WANTED TO!!! Talk about mental disorders gone wild!!! See page #60 Student Loan Programs for some insight as to how a person with an “earned” PhD. in anything is at risk for mental disorders that can come from Institutional Brainwashing added to what ever mental disorders that they may already have.

When I was in grammar school in the 50s and early 60s we were taught about how the Communists and the Nazis brainwashed people so that they would be Communists and Nazis and I WONDERED HOW SUCH A THING LIKE THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN? Why can’t the people just think logically around that brainwashing? Just look around today, and if you are NOT brainwashed the Communist and Nazi way, you will be able to see how the more poor and the more ignorant people have been brainwashed into thinking like a Communist and thinking like a Nazi.

You listen to this and you tell me if you think that colleges are doing America any good now? And as for the Muslim U.S. Congresswoman who wants to dismantle the entire American way of life and I suppose put it back together as a Muslim country; didn’t she take an Oat of Office where she pledged to defend the U.S. Constitution against “all” enemies including domestic enemies of which would be her now?

What kinds of morons elect these kinds of people to high offices of our governments? Ignorant and brainwashed morons? With leaders like “Sleepy” Joe Biden and radical ISIS Muslim Ilhan Omar who needs enemies? Unless the American people wake up, and fast, America is going to be transformed into an Islamic Muslim nation where Sharia Law will be the Supreme Law, within one generation from now (by 2040 if that long), just wait and see! And in large part we owe all of this to the American Nazi Lawyer/judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments today because of their Political Correctness!!!  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁 a five frown rating!

It is not my fault

that Trustee Nancy did not honor that Throw In The Towel Letter against all prudence.

May the reader, the visitor, of this website be the judge; what kind of a mental nut job thinks no means yes, a cremation against the instructions of being buried in a casket is dignity, a cremation is prudently acceding to the instructions of a casket burial, and after I “threw in the towel” everything gone wrong after that is my fault somehow?

May I help here; perhaps the same kind of a mental nut job narcissist that would “look forward to the upcoming hearing” because they know about some of the lies, deceptions and the 200 frivolous misleading exhibits that the lawyers will use in the Court Hearing to overwhelm the guy, to set up the guy, to get the guy, that blew the whistle on all of the lawyers and Trustees. Perhaps these Lawyers and Trustees would have looked forward to attending the “games” at the Roman Colosseum and enjoyed the Christians being eaten by the lions too?

Also consider:

How prudent was it to come to me, Jim Kelley, and lie to me to steal my signature on the Authorization For Cremation certificate?

And also consider that my Dad, when he bailed out of a burning B-17 over Berlin, and parachuted into the arms of six(6) Nazi soldiers, he also “willingly made the move” to the POW facilities because he did not have much choice considering the circumstances. So since my Dad “willingly made the move” to surrounded to the Nazis, instead of being shot, does that willingness make my Dad NOT a POW in WW II?

Bob, the Bob  mentioned in the e-mail, is obviously lurking in the background and I have been puzzled as to why he does not come forward and tell these lawyers, and his wife, enough is enough, Jim gave a more than generous out to Carl several days ago, why not take it and put this whole thing to bed, if for no other reason so the lawyers and Trustees no longer have to lie to defend themselves in a no win situation when the truth is known.

Mental nut jobs are nothing new who try to blame others for their own faults. See if the visitor can see any similarities with Maureen’s false charge that “the fault is entirely on [me] and the following account in ancient American Indian scripture?”

In the ancient American Indian scriptures there is an account of an outlaw robbber band named after their original organizer, Gadianton.

About the time period that Christ was born, here in the American Contentions, the Gadianton Robbers were hold up in the mountains, in their hideouts, and on occasion these robbers would raid the honest people in the valleys. The time came when the Gadianton Robbers leader sent a message to the leader of the honest people in the valleys and stated, in part that the Robbers knew that they were in the right because the valley people were all wrong and the fault was entirely on the valley people. This was an obvious attempt on the part of the Gadianton Robbers to justify their demands, lies, robberies, and murders. When the leader of the valley people read the Robber’s letter he was “exceedingly astonished…of threatening the people [of the valleys] and avenging the wrongs of those that had received no wrongs, save it were they had wronged themselves…”

For the complete Chapter of this ancient American Indian scripture do a Google search for 3 Nephi Chapter 3, or copy and paste this: https://www.imdb.com/videoplayer/vi2879717657

Special Note: For anyone who may not want to consider ancient American Indian scripture because it is not in the Holy Bible let me advise you that the Bible says different in three places. If you are interested then e-mail me (apowtwice@hotmail.com) and I will give you those three Bible scriptures and a short explanation for all three.

Maureen’s whole letter qualifies her as a complet mental nut job that should be professionally examined, evaluated, and perhaps committed; however, notice the next to the last paragraph of mental illness denials and I will go over each sentence of that:

“With regard to the continuing expenditures the fault is entirely on you.” The Throw In The Towel Letter is the Exculpatory Evidence proving that wrong. See Throw In Towel Page for that Letter and explanation.

“You are being obstructive and are failing to act in good faith.” I have always been up front, straight forward, and have acted in good faith for the benefit of my Dad, and his Will and Trust instructions. If there is a conflict then that is the fault of those who did not, have not, and continue to not, honor their Fiduciary Duties pertaining to my Dad and his Will and Trust instructions, so who is “being obstructive and are failing to act in good faith” here? Poor Bob has to live with this mental nut job woman!

“Your letters and e-mails are hurtful  and have taken a toll on everyone’s feelings and trashed the reputations of all involved in the trust.” No one can hurt your feelings and trash your reputation unless you are guilty of something serious enough to have hurt feelings and would jeopardize your own reputations. Notice that Maureen does NOT claim the letters and e-mails are full of lies, obviously because Maureen, for all of her mental disorders, realizes that I have spoken the truth!

“Your greed and selfishness are on full display in the matter.” This is so typical of a narcissist personality, to blame others for their own dysfunctional personality traits, when the one that they try to accuse is guiltless. Was it Maureen, or me, who kidnapped my Dad when he was “hesitant,” Participated in the Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust, knowingly participated in the Screw You Father (and Mother), Revenge Cremation Insult, willingly, and unethically, stole inheritance money from her own brother, and fully participated in the law suit after the knowledge of the Throw In The Towel Letter was presented weeks before this e-mail of Maureen’s. So who’s greed and selfishness is on full display here? Poor Bob.

“It is clear that you think you deserve a greater share of the estate. Perhaps you think you deserve the entire estate[?]” It wasn’t me who set up the rules and Provisions of the Will and Trust, but who ever wrote that Will and Trust with clear and precise instructions that if my Dad did NOT get his casket funeral and casket burial then everyone who was willing and knowingly responsible would suffer the NO CONTEST CLAUSE Provision. That is what my Dad signed, that is what Nancy signed, that is what the Shyster Lawyer Paul Sherman signed, that is what the “den of thieves” Law Firm presented and was paid out of Dad’s money to write, and that is what you, Maureen, and Carl, agreed to when you permitted to have your names attached, AS IMPLIED CONSENT, as Trustees, the same day (according to Nancy’s statements) that you were there at the signing and got your copies of the Will and Trust, SO YOU ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE!

SO LISTEN UP MAUREEN, THIS IS AS SERIOUS FOR YOU AS A TRAIN WRECK! YOU DECIDED THAT I, JIM KELLEY, “DESERVE THE ENTIRE ESTATE,” BY YOUR UNRIGHTEOUS ACTIONS AND CHOICES IN VIOLATION TO THE NO CONTEST CLAUSE PROVISION YOU AGREED TO FROM THE VERY BEGINNING!!! Poor Bob for having a mental nut job for a wife like you. Also poor Dad for having such mental nut jobs for daughters and son-in-laws too. And poor me for the same reasons as Dad.

Bro. Jim

P.S. For the enjoyment of the Satanic-Nazi, Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust Lawyers, Trustees, Bob, and especially the “den of thieves” Law Firm Partners, and perhaps even the Judge depending on how accountable that she is, here is a video you will not doubt enjoy and laugh at, the same as if you lived in Nazi Germany you would have been a part of the SS mental nut jobs, if you could have made the grade, and delighted in the capturing of the Jews and sending them to their deaths in the gas chambers.



P.P.S. In case anyone in an official capacity has a chance to interview Trustee Maureen may I suggest a few questions that would be appropriate? [Maureen is now dead and would now have to answer to her own parents.]

Q. 1. You say that you looked forward to the upcoming court hearing. What did you mean by that?

Q. 2. Did you have some type of privileged information that the Lawyers planned to exhibit over 200 exhibits and what kind of lies, deceptions, and what ever else kind of unethical planning was planned before hand?

Q.3. What kind of planning was there to achieve the “Capture” of your father, that you acknowledged he was “hesitant” of, without the knowledge of your own brother? Why wasn’t your own brother NOT notified?

Q.4. Where was your moral compass? Didn’t you think that you were dong something wrong? What if someone did these same things to you, that you participated in doing to your own father, wouldn’t you think you had been wronged? (Mind you that your children many see how you answer this!)

Q.5. Where was everyone else’s moral compass when your father was “Captured and taken for a ride?”

Q.6. Do you think it was ethical that your own father was not able to change his own Revocable Will and Trust “without the written consent of the Trustee?” Why would you let your own name be associated to such a thing? And why would you participate in defending such a thing in the Court Room later?

Q.7. Maureen, considering you have an “earned” (I assume) PhD. in Mathematics, and you seem to not be able to add and/or subtract with this Will and Trust Case may I present this to you, and the others involved that can’t seem to be able to add or subtract either, as a simple 3rd grade mathematics story problem. Everyone remember those?

There was a father who had three children and all three children were to be treated equally when it came to dividing up the Trust fund inheritance when the father died. When the father died there was $125,000.00 in the Trust fund for inheritance. There were two provisions in the Will and Trust that the father was to get his casket funeral and casket burial and if any of the children knowingly violated this casket Provision then the father, through his NO CONTEST CLAUSE stated right in both the Will and the Trust, that the father would withdraw from those responsible, for anything but a casket funeral and a casket burial, and cause them to lose their inheritance.

Child A and B both had copies of the Will and Trust and had full knowledge of the father’s provision to be buried in a casket, as well as the NO CONTEST CLAUSE that if a Beneficiary knowingly violated the buried in a casket Provision then that would trigger the NO CONTEST CLAUSE and the father’s Will and Trust instructions were that that Beneficiary would lose their Inheritance.

Child C did not have a copy of the Will and Trust because contrary to State Law Child A and B withheld from Child C that there was a Will and Trust and Child C had a right to a copy.

Immediately after the death of the father, Child A and B came to Child C and lied to Child C, telling Child C that they had decided to cremate their father, and did not tell Child C anything about the Will and Trust with instructions that their father instructed that he was to be buried in a casket with a grave monument. Based on the lies of Child A and B, Child C followed the wishes of Child A and B, and signed an Authorization For Cremation certificate.

Based on the following information how much Inheritance does Child A deserve to receive?

Based on the following information how much Inheritance does Child B deserve to receive?

Based on the following information how much Inheritance does Child C deserve to receive?

Correct answers:

Since Child A and B knowingly violated the Will and Trust Provisions to bury their father in a casket, and instead cremated their father, so they deserve to not get one cent of Inheritance based on the NO CONTEST CLAUSE.

Since Child C did not know of the Will and Trust instructions requiring burial in a casket, and especially since Child A and B both lied to Child C, then Child C is innocent of any wrong doings, and deserves the entire Inheritance as the father’s own wishes, desires, and Will and Trust instructions including the NO CONTEST CLAUSE  as the ruling and governing Authority.

This mathematics story problem is a whole lot simpler than 5 1/2 hours in the Probate Court Hearing where Child A and B overloaded the “Honorable” Court Judge with over 200 Exhibits and numerous lies, frauds, and out and out Will and Trust corruptions. But it can be observed by the Trust contained in all of the Exhibits, etc., that were presented in that “Honorable” ?  Court that day, it was the “Honorable” ?  Judge’s own fault to let these known liars and thieves get control of the Court Room and the “Honorable”   ?  Judge.

Please make note of Maureen’s statement at the end of her e-mail, “It is clear that you think that you deserve a greater share of the estate. Perhaps you think that you deserve the entire estate.” In answer to Maureen, PhD. in Mathematics, it is Dad who thinks that I, Jim Kelley, deserves the entire estate, as the one and only faithful Beneficiary to Dad and his Will and Trust.

Are there any more questions and/or mathematics story problems that need to be presented?

Bro. Jim

PPPS: Maureen Royce testified under oath in the SNL Courtroom Greene County Probate Court that my Dad’s house that he was captured from was so dilapidated and filthy that all that should happen to it was to bulldoze it down. There are two HUGE things wrong with this fraudulent statement of perjury:

First of all Trustees Nancy Yendes and Carl Yendes sold that house without declaring that on the Seller’s Disclosure. Carl Yendes wrote that Real Estate Contract so he would be 100% liable for disclosing this flaw in the Seller’s Disclosure which no mention of that was in any Seller’s Disclosure.

Second of all the buyers didn’t know their new house was only fit to bulldoze down and they added a room onto the back. Here is a picture of that house now.


Did Maureen Royce lie or did she tell the truth that this house should be bulldozed down?

Maureen Royce has an “earned PhD.” in Mathematics. Considering how stupid Maureen is, her own stupid actions are an indictment against her ever receiving a PhD. in anything except SNL Courtroom Drama; but Maureen’s own actions are also an indictment against the University that awarded Maureen that PhD.

More and more, every year, a PhD. means less and less for anything that is good!


This website is political speech for the purpose to convince enough politicians who are in the Missouri State Legislator to pass a Grantor’s and Beneficiary’s, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights. By necessity this political speech has to be straight forward, containing the raw truth, to raise the awareness of the State Legislators for the real and desperate need of this Bill of Rights to protect the innocent Grantors and Beneficiaries from the evil designs of unethical shyster lawyers. This is a Human Rights matter and I would think it should receive bipartisan support; I pray so, I hope so.

This website represents “a never ending battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way” which concepts it seems most lawyers are trying to take/steal away. Like all evil, if you give evil an inch, then evil will take a mile. It seems most lawyers think “the arm of flesh” knows better than God what Truth and Justice are as the Lawyer Profession blunders down the black hole of evil and sin, while trying to suck America with them to a hell on earth. Just say NO to evil, STOP evil, say NO to corrupt lawyers, STOP corrupt lawyers, for a better America today for ourselves and tomorrow for our posterity.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This whole Page, and this whole Website, has to be considered “legally” to be my own OPINION, and nothing else, because there are four Lawyers, and a Law Firm, poised, waiting, to pounce on me and this Website. The Law Firm petitioned The Court to order this Website taken down; first time January 17, 2018, and a second time, April 4, 2018. Obviously this Website is in jeopardy for telling the Truth about a WW II, D-Day, captured behind enemy lines, POW for 10 months, veteran; Elder Abused by a team of unethical lawyers, and a Law Firm, the PROOF preserved in the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER WILL AND TRUST, that led to this Veteran being held as a POW in the 21st Century War of Elder Abuses, and they are obviously afraid of that.

What is my opinion today, will no doubt become the opinions of millions of other Americans soon, and perhaps will evolve into obvious  self-evident truth for the future. To get to an obvious self-evident Set of Truths pertaining to a Grantor’s, and Beneficiary’s, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights, it is going to take the efforts of millions of Americans, that can legitimately claim the Title of Americans, to come together and say “STOP!” to the lawyer abuses so prevalent pertaining to Probate Laws that would go against the ideals of all Americans, especially American Veterans like my Dad, in unified efforts to stomp out the symptoms of Socialism in the Probate Laws.

As always if the Trustees, lawyers, and Law Firm would like to give me any short statement to explain their side/opinion I would probably include that if they would wish. They all have declined to my honest and sincere offers like this in the past.