188. Letters/Cards Warnings!

If you received a letter and/or a card about this website then this page is a good place to start your education/adventure/investigation about the Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Government that has, is, and will destroy the United States Constitutional Democratic Republic that our Founding Fathers fought for, established, and gave us as their “Posterity:”

Could there be anything in English writings more plainer than this?

If you are interested in the Nazi Northside (pretend) Christian (Christemporoi) Church of Springfield, then make sure that you go to page #33, Northside Christian Church/Christemporoi when you can.

If you are interested in the LD$ Mormon, anti-Mormon, anti-Christ, Church then make sure that you go to page #57 LD$=LSD when you can.

If you are interested in what the American Christian and Jewish Churches can do to save our Republic then make sure that you go to page #63 Churches Gen when you can.

Anyone with a functioning human brain knows that the National Presidential 2020 Elections were stolen before our very eyes and God’s Choice for President, President Trump was helpless to stop this. If a wealthy man like Donald Trump as the President can’t stop the Satanic National Swamp Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia from stealing the 2020 Presidential Election then what chance does anyone else have when, not if but when, the people are the targets. The people were targeted in the 2020 Election as having their votes stolen from them collectively and some of the people are targeted everyday in and by the Satanic Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia in the pretend justice Courts of the High Priests of False Security judges who wear the Black Robes of the False Priesthood of the Medieval Church of old. Remember, the color black represents a lack of light and the knowledge of the Truth that God gives, so why in the hell did the judges pick black for the color of their robes? The answer is in that question frankly, it is the doctrine of “hell” and Satan.

This is what American Nazism and 30 million fraudulent votes along with the Fake News looks like. This is the end result of local Nazism, National Nazism can thrive to the point of stealing a National Election from the people in broad daylight right in front of their noses!

During the weeks leading up to the 2020 Election, President Trump attracted hundreds of thousands of his faithful a day at his rallies, and during the very same days “Sleepy Joe” B.I.D.E.N. (= biggest idiot Democrats ever nominated) could only attract a few dozen of his faithful and lots of flies! And Chameleon Heresy didn’t even make it past the first round in the Democratic Primaries so how did she become a vote getter? Those fictitious 306 Electoral College votes are the direct result of the Fake News and some 30 million fraudulent votes that got mingled in with the legitimate votes.

Sherlock Holmes, Lt. Colombo, and many other professional investigators would be able to make easy work of this Crimes against the people; BUT the High Priests of False Security judges who wear the Black Robes of the False Priesthood of the Medieval Church can’t for some reasons. Actually, those Black Robes may be part of the problem, part of the answer, BECAUSE when a person clothes themselves in symbols of Satan then they become more under the influence of Satan than if they did not honor those symbols of Satan in the first place. Our American Court Systems have become the temples of Satan so Satan can do his satanic work against God in the latter-days with ease against the will of the majority of the people.

This is the Mo. Supreme Court that I sent each one a letter, with a copy of page 2 of the Trust pictured way above, so they have personal knowledge of what happened to my Dad, and myself, and as the Supervisors of the Mo. BAR they all refused to ask the BAR why didn’t the O.C.D.C. investigate my formal inquiries about the numerous ethics violations for the Lawyers who were personally involved in this A POW Twice Case? Read pages 9-15 of this website for specific information about that. What is pictured here are seven domestic enemies of the U.S. Constitution!!!

This may be a good example of how the Politically Correct Affirmative Action Policy, of hiring/appointing minorities whether qualified or not, is not a good idea. Incidentally the Chief Justice is the guy third from the left, not the center. What is up with that???

Incidentally, I do NOT care about my well-being and safety any longer as pertaining to these satanic judges, who may be prejudiced against me in their satanic temples of Satan courtrooms for telling the truth, because I know that on their judgment days before God that I will be a witness, standing next to God, to condemn them all for their united Crimes against the people because of my personal knowledge and testimony; which will help send them all to a “burning in hell” reward in “the first second, of the first minute, of the first hour, of the Lord’s Work on Judgment Day!” That was a revelation from God that I received from the audible voice of a heavenly messenger by the power of the Holy Ghost on April 2, 2017, two days after I got copies of my Dad’s Will and Trust (which was several years late according to Mo. State Law). You satanic Lawyers and Judges who failed to honor your Oaths pertaining to my Dad’s Will and Trust, is that plain enough for you as to what your eternal rewards will be? 

Commentary about Page 2 of the Trust above:

If you are not free to change your own Will and Trust on your own then you are NOT free!  In this case this Will and Trust was weaponized against Dale Kelley by lawyer trickery on a 94 year old blind man where he became a virtual POW subordinate to Nazi Commandant Lawyer/Trustee Nancy Yendes. Do you think I am kidding? Read on!

“Folks who know what is coming will use today to help prevent Nazism tomorrow.” Bro. Jim Kelley

Hint: In the game of protecting America from Nazis like the “den of thieves” MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm, I am “playing for keeps!” The most important weapon I have is the TRUTH but then the TRUTH was Jesus’ most important weapon against satanic evil also and for the short term the evil Church Leadership, the evil Lawyers who represented the evil Church Leaders, got the Judges to convict Jesus of crimes that Jesus was NOT guilty of. But then Jesus had the last say at the moment of His death when the whole earth rumbled as a testament that He was God.

No Fear About Lying About, Or Lying To, Or Stealing From, God

The Senior, “den of thieves” MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm, Partner, Gary Bishop, is such a criminal Nazi that he has no fear of lying to or about God! Any criminal, and Nazi, that has no fear about lying to or about God is the most dangerous criminal and Nazi there is because their Moral Compass is nonexistent! No fear, no love, for God means that that person has no boundaries for their criminal activities and no one, not even their own mother, can trust them to do the right things, SO HOW CAN YOU, EVEN IF YOU ARE A CASH PAYING “CLIENT”??? My Dad, Dale Kelley, was a cash paying “client” and just look at page 2 of his Trust pictured above.

Here is absolute proof that Gary Bishop will use the Lord’s Name in vain, thus lying about God, lying to God, and stealing God’s Name from God, for Nazi business promotions. Gary claims to be a “Deacon,” and the evil Northside Christian Church of Springfield, Mo., claims Nazi Gary as their “Elder” on their website until I pointed out that that evil Church should rethink that one through better, and then the Church took that part of their website down. This is also absolute PROOF that as long as this Northside Christian Church endorsement stays on the MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm website that the Lead Minister Wayne Bushnell is out of control for supporting American Nazism so who in their right mind would follow a known, proven, Nazi supporter like this???

The name of this Church contains the Name of “Christ,” that name breaks down like this, “Christ”ian. So this “den of thieves” Law Firm uses the Name of Christ to help promote their business of Nazism, which anciently any use of the Name of Christ to promote any business unethically was known as christemporoi (look it up on the Internet) which was the crime that caused Jesus to throw the money changers and merchants out of the Jewish Temple, because they were selling things on Temple grounds in the Name of God, for sacrifice ordinances (Matt. 21:12-13).

The bottom line here is that any practicing Nazi who would lie to God that they are worthy to be a “Deacon,” and then steal God’s good Name to help promote a Nazi business, I WOULD NOT TRUST THEM WITH ANYTHING, ESPECIALLY ANYTHING PERTAINING TO LEGAL DOCUMENTS AND CONTRACTS!!! You might just be Nazi stabbed in the back and never know it until it is to late!!! Why take the chance???

And here is the “show and tell” proof and evidence! This website is full of “show and tell” proof and evidence that the MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN, Law Firm is “a den of thieves” Nazi organization!


There was a period of time when England slept through the time when German Nazis were building their war machine and England lived to regret that with terrible loss of life and property as well as terrible loss of life and property for her Allies.  America in the 21st Century, don’t be asleep like England was in the 20th Century, learn from history about all Nazism!

Definitions Of Words In Trust Above:

Mutual covenants” are two way agreements. All parties have to live up to their part of the covenants or the covenants are broken and no one is bound by those covenants any longer.

The right” is a God given privilege that no one has any right to take away. “Only with the written consent of the Trustee” is a violation of God’s Laws and about as unethical, about as Nazi, and about as illegal, as anyone can get especially against a 94 year old man who was blind and obviously did NOT know what he was lawyer tricked into signing. Dale Kelley was a D-Day veteran which makes this even more Nazi than if it were committed against anyone else who had never fought against the German Nazis.

Until the Trustee” and “as agreed to by the Trustee” are more Nazi language that made the Grantor (who paid for and owned the Trust) POW subordinate to the Trustee who was, is, and no doubt will continue to be a bold face satanic Nazi that there is no doubt that God has a specially hot place for her in hell.

Up to $1,000.00” was a Nazi metering of the Grantor’s own money to him, with no specific time frame, which represented pauper’s pittance wages compared to the $ 1/2 million the Grantor was worth with more than $400,000.00 cash assets. What happened here was the crime of “protecting the will” meaning, keeping Dale Kelley from spending his own money which was what the Nazis  perceived as their inheritance that they wanted to keep from their own Father which was their Father’s money in the first place. This is stealing from your own parents against their desire and will.


So no one gets mixed up as to which Law Firm is the “den of thieves” Nazis who wrote page 2 of the Trust above, here is the cover letter of that Law Firm.
On this page there are a few preliminary subjects, like slander, see something say something, America is asking you to help, does anyone think that America is exempt from American Nazism, apathy, that will come first on this page and then we get to the “den of thieves” Law Firm specific things which specifically address the MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm crimes against persons. 

When a person shows the personal Nazi handiwork of a Nazi like what is pictured at the very top of this page, as page 2 of the Trust, HOW CAN THAT BE IN ANY WAY SLANDER? These Law Firm Partners, Gary and Paul, just need to “man up” and take the blame for their stupid Nazi things that they did and take their punishment now. What the SNL style, Mock Trial, Greene County Probate Court failed to do perhaps the Court of Public Opinion can achieve; and that is to recognize the truth pertaining to the Dale Kelley Will and Trust Case.

No doubt when asked the Law Firm will declare that they got a Judgment in their favor and against Dale Kelley and Jim Kelley (#1 Son still living). Anyone can get a Judgment, for anything, IF THEY HAVE THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS WITH “SECRET COMBINATIONS” BACK DOOR DEALS. Lying through your back side bottom end doesn’t count for a legitimate Judgment. Just take a good look at Page 64, Nazi Nancy’s Perjury, for some proof how that Judgment was as illegitimate as Adolf Hitler claiming that he was not a liar and he only wanted to protect the Jews.

Remember, there is a legitimate path way to repentance for the Law Firm if they will just admit that they messed up and show a desire to repent and make things right now. This would be what Jesus would want and any Christian would know that. An outline for a legitimate repentance is at the end of this article.

“See Something, Say Something.”

Right here everyone has the evidence/proof for everyone to “see something,” and now I will “say something.”

This is “smoking gun evidence” that the above Law Firm is in fact “a den of thieves” who was, is, and perhaps will continue to be too stupid to NOT be caught holding a “smoking gun” in their Nazi crimes! This is smoking gun evidence that Gary Bishop (Senior Partner whom I sent three letters about all of this in 2017, which he just ignored) and the other Partner Paul Sherman; took their cash paying “client” Dale Kelley (94 years old and blind) and threw him under the bus in favor of Nancy Yendes (Trustee and good buddy Lawyer to Bishop and Sherman) and Carl Yendes (good buddy also) whom were NOT “clients” in any way, shape, or form! This is unethical, a violation of the Mo. Lawyer Code of Ethics, illegal and how could anyone trust any Law Firm who does this to their own cash paying “client?” “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me;” should apply to this Law Firm as “they did this once so they could do this again to someone else” to another cash paying “client!” “Buyer be ware!” Need I say any more?

A Gospel based plan to repent for this Law Firm will be included at the very end of this Page.

After reading, investigating, what this website warns about, if the visitor feels this website has useful information that could help America be warned about 21st Century American Nazism in such a way as to help “promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,” then would you help spread this warning message by Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, etc.?

This page is intended to help those who have never been to this website before and just need a Cliff Notes version of what this website is all about. If you picked up a card or received a letter you may have been directed to this Page #65 so you are at the right place at the right time. Thank you for coming.

If you are a company, there was a time in America when American companies cared about their company’s good name. I wonder how many American companies care about their good name today?

NOTE: I claim 1st Amendment Rights for this website and anything I write and send to anyone connected to this website BECAUSE THE “DEN OF THIEVES” MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm has asked a Judge twice to order this website taken down. May I give the Judge credit because she did not order this website taken down. So as can be plainly seen this “den of thieves” Law Firm not only despises D-Day veterans but also despises the U.S. Bill of Rights! Nazis would naturally be among those who despise the Bill of Rights!

What can be shown on this website should be an insult to the intelligence of any right thinking person that this kind of Nazi lawyer trickery could ever happen in American but especially to a WW II, D-Day, captured behind enemy lines, POW for 10 months, veteran, who personally fought against German Nazism in the hopes that Nazism would never come to, and get root, in America. This all should insult anyone’s Moral Compass that anyone might have too. If all of this does not insult your intelligence and your Moral Compass then get them checked for malfunctions.

Remember, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and that applies to Nazism too!

“America Is Asking You To” HELP Now!!!

Like “America [was] asking you to call.”

When Dinah Shore sang that song on TV Americans, as a whole in general, would NOT have tolerated Nazism, Socialism, or Communism in America. So what has changed? Nothing for me, Bro. Jim Kelley.

Also remember that these Satanic American Nazi Lawyers, including the “den of thieves” MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm, did their cowardice Nazi acts against my Dad, Dale Kelley, in 2011, well before this website was started in Jan. 2017, so these cowardice Nazis were the “sneak attackers” similar to the Sneak Attack on Pearl Harbor. This website is a righteous action to American Nazism after all diplomacy failed, similar to D-Day was a righteous action to German Nazism on June 6, 1944, after all appeasement and diplomacy failed on the part of the Allies.

Incidentally, my Dad knew the date June 6th, 1944, as well as he knew his own birthday date. On one occasion I mentioned “June 6th, 1944” to a friend when I was in close proximity to my Dad who was looking in the opposite direction and my Dad turned toward us, raised his right hand, pointer finger up, and said, “That was D-Day,” as he demonstrated “the thousand yard stare,” for several seconds as if he was visualizing in his mind some of what he personally experienced on D-Day. These D-Day veterans turned the tide on D-Day for victory against Nazism and Imperialism the world over.

After D-Day the tide was turned against Nazi Germany, and after V-E Day, the U.S. Military was able to turn its full force against Imperialist Japan for a knock out blow, V-J Day, there to win, to finally finish, WW II. “Knock out blows” are good against proven Nazis, and America is still asking YOU to help fight against Nazis today. Americans should never forget that!!!

Also, I think this is accurate, Dinah Shore’s boyfriend was in the Navy and was killed during the Sneak Attack on Pearl Harbor.

I did not realize to what extent Nazism had taken over our American Judicial Systems until after I received a copy of my Dad’s Will and Trust with page 2 pictured above. That Will and Trust Nazi harpooned my own Dad, and me too, and as I was drug as if a harpooned whale through the miseries of Nazi Probate Court, etc., did I get the bigger picture that we have a full blown Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Government working within/parallel to  our Democratic Republic.

There is no appeasing Nazis, Socialists, or Communists because Nazis, Socialists, or Communists will never be “satisfied” with anything you try to give them even if what you give them is everything they asked for and more! The main reason for this is Nazis, Socialists, or Communists can never be “happy” because Nazism, Socialism, and Communism is/are laden with sin and “sin never was [or is] happiness.

The term “Nazi” is used a lot on this website to describe the Lawyers, the Trustees, the Judges, and the “den of thieves” MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm, pertaining to what they did to my Dad. Considering that my Dad was a WW II, D-Day, captured behind enemy lines, POW for 10 months, veteran, who personally fought against the German Nazis; and these persons involved, in 2011, also captured my Dad against his will, lawyer tricked him into signing his Satanic Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust (page 2 pictured above), which was the instrument to hold him against his will as a virtual POW in the 21st Century War of Elder Abuses, and continually insulted him for the rest of his natural life even to the degree, to the extent, that they unitedly forced upon him, against his Will and Trust written instructions, wills and desires, a Satanic Nazi Screw You Father (and Mother), Revenge Cremation Insult; what better term could there be for these enemies of my Dad, and obviously enemies to American Society including the Bill of Rights, than Nazi? If anyone has a better term, other than “pieces of shit,” let me know.

After living 70 years, and observing a lot of things of this world, I have come to the conclusion that the one and only thing you can count on is, Jesus is the Christ and that will never change! Everything else is subject to change, subject to corruptions, subject to pollutions, and subject to hypocrites lying to you.

When it comes to Socialism, Communism, and Nazism, the time tested adage, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me,” is applicable. People visiting this website, don’t let the WALTER, MANN, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm fool you any longer!!! You will have to make up your own minds on this but I would NEVER do any business with any Law Firm, or their associate Lawyers, Trustees, and/or corrupt Judges, who in any way supported, or would support, the Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust, as parts can be seen on this website here and can be proven was a Nazi Unconditional Surrender with page 2 pictured above!!! Actually , there are more Nazi provisions contained in that Will and Trust that can be shown too.

Does Anyone Think That America Is Exempt From American Nazism?


Here is what German Nazism looked like in Poland in 1939. Unarmed citizens mowed down by Nazi planes where there was no battlefield yet.
This is what American Nazism looked like, Kent State, May 4, 1970. In 13 seconds, 13 unarmed civilians shot, 4 killed. Ruby Ridge and Waco are other examples of U.S. citizens American Nazi attacked and killed.
Ready, aim, fire at those Commie Pinkos who would dare to speak out against LBJ’s Vietnam War! Just following orders? There is such a thing as “Illegal Orders” and a policeman or U.S. soldier is bound by sworn oath NOT to follow illegal orders and they are supposed to know the difference.


Here is the four that were Nazi murdered in 13 seconds. Two of them were unarmed young women. This is similar to the top Nazi picture where an unarmed young woman was murdered.

The effects of Nazism extend to immediate family, extended family, and even family pets. Nazism is not good for anyone, even the Nazis who are preparing their destiny for a never ending burning hell. Satan is the author of all Nazism because Jesus Christ wants all to be with Him in His Paradise Heaven. [Thank you Alamy.]
The Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments of the 21st Century don’t shoot and bomb innocent people today (they would if they could), BUT THEY ATTACK THE INNOCENT, THE WEAK, THE POOR, WITH NEVER ENDING FRIVOLOUS LAW SUITS “for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.” (Sixth paragraph of The Declaration Of Independence.) So America has come full circle now. It was King George of England who imposed tyranny on the American Colonies which provoked them into the American Revolutionary War; and now it is the unethical lawyers and judges who may very well provoke American into another American Civil War. With the “Black Lives Matter” movement we may be at the very first battles of the 21st Century American Civil War.


One of the biggest problems in America is “apathy!” Way to many people ignore crimes, just look the other away, when they could get involved and initiate “an ounce of prevention” which would be “worth a pound of cure.”

This innocent woman could have been saved from being murdered if the people within ear shout would have just come to save her.

In 1964 an innocent young woman was walking home in the evening and was viciously attacked, raped and murdered within ear shout of perhaps 38 of her neighbors who knew her and those neighbors did nothing to stop this crime until after this innocent woman was dead.

This guilty guy could have been saved from a murder charge if the people within ear shout would have come and saved this guy from himself. Everyone benefits when those who can see, and hear, come to stop crimes. Even the criminals benefit too.

This is the guy who was later arrested and convicted of murdering Kitty Genovese. Had some of those 38 neighbors come to the rescue when Kitty first shouted for help that would have saved Kitty’s life and also saved this guy of a murder charge!!! See how getting involved with crime helps everyone including the criminal!!! This obviously also applies to the “den of thieves” Law Firm and all of its Nazi associate Lawyers and Trustees. “Your best friend is the one who will tell you that you have bad breath.” If anyone who knows this “den of thieves” Law Firm, including any of its member Nazi Lawyers and associate Nazi Lawyers and Nazi Trustees, and you fail to tell them that they are Nazis, YOU are doing them, and yourselves, a great disservice as well as a great disservice to Country and God!!!

The “den of thieves” Law Firm

As can be plainly, and clearly, demonstrated with irrefutable proof and evidence; the “den of thieves” Law Firm robbed the Grantor, Dale Kelley, of his unalienable Right to change his own Will and Trust on his own, by himself, should he decide to do so after signing!!! Incidentally there is ample proof that Dale Kelley had buyers remorse after signing that Satanic Nazi Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust!!!


This is the Mo. BAR’s own legal advise which they do not honor, as the “hypocrites” that they are, when these legal principles as presented in a lawyer O.C.D.C. disciplinary complaint.


This is page 11 of the Mo. BAR’s booklet that was probably printed and distributed with tax payer money.

Obviously what is on page 11 above is pertaining to the Mo. Law or it should not be included like this. So obviously “only with the written consent of the Trustee” language in the Trust, page 2 (pictured above at the very top), was and still is in direct opposition to the Mo. Law and is still ILLEGAL!!! The “den of thieves” Law Firm stole my Dad’s right to his “peace of mind that he [could] ‘undo’ what he has done,” by being lawyer tricked while he was blind when signing, and his own daughters didn’t even warn him! “Hell” is having Nazis for daughters and sisters!


For your convenience here is page 2 again of my Dad’s “REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST AGREEMENT” which is the title and language at the top of page 1 of the Trust. So how does this square with page 11 of the Mo. BAR’s own legal advise pamphlet??? This is the proof that these Lawyers who were personally involved, and the Judges who refuse to do anything about Justice for my D-Day veteran Dad, are ALL (not one of them are exempt) died in the wool Nazis!!!

Any questions? Please contact me at apowtwice@hotmail.com.

Why would anyone want to do business with any Law Firm who violates the law so openly like this, especially against a D-Day veteran? This “den of thieves” Law Firm is not only a den of thieves but they have no respect for the law, have no respect for Country, have no respect for the Flag, have no respect for the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, have no respect for God, have no respect for the legal systems which they abuse, have no respect for themselves, have no respect for their family names, have no respect for our veterans, and for sure HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THEIR OWN CASH PAYING CLIENT DALE KELLEY; SO WHY WOULD ANYONE HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR THIS “DEN OF THIEVES” LAW FIRM??? The evidence and proof of this is in the document itself which this “den of thieves” Law Firm crafted, wrote, presented, and signed!!! I, Jim Kelley, did not write this, I am only presented it as given by the “den of thieves” Law Firm!!! I am innocent and the “den of thieves” Law Firm is guilty!!!

Now that we have established that the “den of thieves” Law Firm was involved in criminal acts of behavior let’s go on to what these criminals did to a WW II, D-Day, captured behind enemy lines, POW for 10 months, veteran; when he was 94 years old and blind.

The Promise:

Page 5 of the Will which was incorporated into the Trust by process and procedure the same say of signing.

“I desire to be buried…I also desire that my wife’s remains [already in an urn because Mom died in 2008, and their united plans were for her urn to be placed in Dad’s casket for burial in a veterans cemetery] be placed in my [“my” showing implied ownership] casket with my remains for burial [in an earthen grave].”

Remember that my Dad was virtually blind and would have trouble seeing everything in any legal document so he was reliant on others to tell him what he was signing. Notice the signature, it wanders up, consistent with a virtually blind man’s signature when he is guided to the beginning of the line and told to sign.

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind what Dale Kelley expected to receive here as a casket funeral, a casket burial, in an earthen grave site? Does anyone think that when Nazi Lawyer Paul Sherman was explaining this Will and Trust to Dale Kelley that it was also explained that this language is NOT worth the paper it is written on? Of course not, or Dale Kelley would have just walked out and never signed the check for the “den of thieves” Law Firm!!!

The Nazi Screw You Father (and Mother), Revenge Cremation Insult is PROOF that these Nazi Lawyers and Trustees never intended to bury Dale Kelley in a casket from the very start. Nazi Lawyer/Trustee Nancy Yendes testified under oath in court that the reason she cremated her Father was that Mom was afraid of water and for Mom, who was in an urn, to be trapped in a casket, under ground, would terrify Mom in case the grave yard ever flooded. I AM NOT KIDDING, this really happened in the Probate Court hearing with Paul Sherman purposely leading Nancy along in this testimony!!! Remember that Dad died in 2015, and Mom died in 2008, so she was a long time dead when Dad died, so how does a dead body cremate for several years have any feelings of terror of water??? And the Probate Judge was leaning over her bench taking all of this in as a perfect picture of a SNL courtroom skit.

I pointed out in this Hearing that this Veterans Cemetery has never flooded and even if it did by law a casket is required to be air and water tight sealed so anyone, anything, inside would not know of any water that would seek into the ground six foot deep where the casket was. What more can I say than this is what SNL skits are made of.

So if the Lawyers and Trustees never intended to bury Dale Kelley in a casket from the very start then why was the bury in a casket provision included in the Will and Trust in the first place? Because they knew that that casket funeral and casket burial was the most important thing on Dale Kelley’s mind at that time and if he did not see that, to his satisfaction, and he was assured of a casket burial he was for sure NOT going to sign!!! THIS IS A CLASSIC CASE OF CRIMINAL “BAIT AND SWITCH!” So if this “den of thieves” Law Firm knowingly did this to this cash paying “client” what guarantee does anyone have that this “den of thieves” Law Firm won’t do some kind of criminal activity to them? “Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? Jeremiah 13:23.


This is on page 18 of the Trust and can also be found on page 4 of the Will as Article IX.

The NO CONTEST CLAUSE was no doubt explained to Dale Kelley as his insurance policy that he would get his casket funeral and casket burial. But then again the “den of thieves” Law Firm vigorously defended the Nazi Trustees, and the Nazi Lawyers which would include the “den of thieves” Law Firm, that somehow this did not apply to them when they were all in direct opposition and were all an “opponent to the Will and Trust pertaining to the bury in a casket provision as well as some other provisions???

Normally this would be an insurance policy for the Grantor of a Will and Trust but not in the case when dealing with “a den of thieves” Law Firm with “secret combinations” connections with a SNL courtroom “Sleepy” Judge. So why would anyone want to deal with a known “den of thieves” for their Law Firm? I don’t know why. Maybe someone can explain that to me so I can know why? Please explain at apowtwice@hotmail.com.

The Nazi Screw You Father (and Mother), Revenge Cremation Insult:

Cremation proof, row A 364, second from the left, Kelley, Dale…
Here is a close up showing my Mom’s name included.

There is the proof of cremation because a casket could not fit in that little Columbarium (urn locker).

Nazi Nancy tried to claim that since she had Right of Sepulcher she had the right to deny her own Father his unalienable Right to be buried in a casket. Most lawyers seem to think that Right of Sepulcher is the “be-all and end-all,” for final choices of the dead. NOT SO!!! Apparently an ethical funeral home will ask to see the Will and Trust of a deceased to determine if it is ethical to cremate if someone wants to cremate a dead person. In Missouri ethical funeral homes, probably every licensed funeral home, would be governed by the Cremation Society of Missouri and their Code of Ethics which apparently disallows cremation by any Right of Sepulcher authority when there is evidence the deceased wanted something different.

Not sure when these Nazis discovered that it was going to take more than Right of Sepulcher to achieve their Satanic Nazi Screw You Father  (and Mother ), Revenge Cremation Insult but they probably knew this by June 25, 2012, because that is when my Dad suffered a medical emergency and was rushed to the ER and would have died except Nancy Yendes threatened to sue if the ER did not revive him. Dale Kelley was revived and was then a virtual zombie. Here is some proof of this as a letter to the Mo. Attorney General:


Immediately after return from the hospital is when my Dad was put in this “full-time Alzheimer’s unit on 24 hour lock down.” Notice how Nazi Trustee/Lawyer Nancy Yendes sites Mo. Law for everything that she can do however, no matter what the Mo. Law may say a person with Right of Sepulcher can do, if the funeral home is bound be a Society Of Cremation Code of Ethics that Code of Ethics would prevail and the person with that Right of Sepulcher would have to follow what the funeral home is bound to do by their ethics standards.

What is so important about June 25, 2012, noted above? Let’s look at the Mo. BAR booklet for that answer and information.


This is page 15 of the Mo. BAR’s booklet that was probably printed and distributed with tax payer money.

So according to the Mo. BAR when a Grantor, my Dad Dale Kelley in this case, becomes “incapacitated” like being “on 24 hour lock down,” as Trustee Nancy freely admitted, then all Beneficiaries by State Law must be advised of the Trust and “a copy of the Trust will be given to a beneficiary…” So why would all of this be important pertaining to my, Jim Kelley, never being given a copy of the Will and Trust until over two years after my Dad’s death in 2015? This all has to do with crimes and statute of limitations for those previous crimes against my Dad. Keep Father alive until the statute of limitations run out. Crimes like kidnapping, bait and switch with a Nazi Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust, elder abuses, stealing unalienable Rights and stealing Dad’s own money from Dad, etc.

Also, if I, Jim Kelley, would have had a copy of the Will and Trust I would have known about Dad’s Will and Trust instructions for a casket funeral and a casket burial, and the Nazis would have never been able to lie to me and get my signature on that AUTHORIZATION FOR CREMATION Certificate which they desperately needed to achieve their Satanic Nazi Screw You Father (and Mother), Revenge Cremation Insult!

When my Dad was incapacitated I, Jim Kelley, had the right to a copy of the Will and Trust right then and again when my Dad died in 2015. Actually at the dinner right after my Dad’s funeral I specifically asked Trustee Nancy Yendes “Will there be a reading of the Will today since everyone is here now?” Nazi Lawyer/Trustee Nancy Yendes’ response to that as, “That only happens in the movies and on TV” so that is not happening now. So I inadvertently reminded the Trustee Nancy Yendes of her Duty to give me a copy of the Will and Trust on that day in 2015, and she purposely failed in her Duty.

So Trustee Nancy Yendes had a direct Duty to give me a copy of the Will and Trust right then and the “den of thieves” Law Firm had a direct Duty to supervise the Trustee to make sure she gave me a copy in 2012, and again in 2015, and both times the “den of thieves” Law Firm failed in that Duty.

So the “den of thieves” Law Firm is crooked or they are incompetent. Either way would anyone want that kind of a Law Firm doing their legal business? Just asking.

The Courts Are Co-Conspirators 

Considering all of the evil Nazi activities of these Nazi Lawyers, Nazi Trustees, and the Nazi “den of thieves” Law Firm it may be impossible to find anything that they did in this Case that was ethical and/or legal? So how did all of this Nazi activity pass the scrutiny of the court systems and the Mo. BAR O.C.D.C.?

Actually in our current Satanic Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments, Nazism is quite common and often rewarded!!!


Page 24, Profiles In Corruption by Peter Schweizer.

Cronyism and corruptions involving disturbing criminal cover-ups are quite common and often happen in plain sight today with the full approval of the Judges involved right up to and including the State BARs right up to the Sate Supreme Courts. Often these cover-ups are so notorious and public that the public has full disclosure but the public seems to not be able to do anything against it. Hilary purged over 30,000 e-mails from her servers after all of her e-mails were  subpoenaed and she has yet to suffer anything for that. How does that kind of notorious bad criminal behavior happen with out any accountability?

I had to specifically ask if I had a right to a copy of the Will and Trust and that can be verified by the Law Firm cover letter pictured above on this page dated March 29, 2017. That cover letter is additional proof that that Law Firm is “a den of thieves” because they knew I did not ever get a copy of that Will and Trust as prescribed by Mo. Law and there is no apology or any remorse. How hard could it have been for the Law Firm to just say something like sorry you didn’t get your copies earlier but here they are now? Of course how does “a den of thieves” Law Firm apologize for something that they did on purpose which was against the Law? Incidentally, this “den of thieves” Law Firm charge the Trust over $300 for a copy so just think what they charged to write it?

If anyone can’t quite figure this out, and they have some questions, they ar free to call me at (417) 894-4001. Be prepared to leave a voice mail message because i live “in the sticks” of the Ozark hills and I have to walk to the road so I have some cell tower coverage. Or you could always leave me an e-mail at apowtwice@hotmail.com.

Repentance Outline:

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 JOHN 1:9

This Repentance Outline has nothing to do with anything that the “den of thieves” Law Firm, the Lawyers, and the Trustees, haven’t already agreed to when they signed the Will and Trust!

Just admit that they were all wrong in cremating my Dad and as such qualified as opponents to the Will and Trust and therefore should have surrendered all inheritance, gifts, authority, rights, etc., that the Will and Trust gave them and the full value of the Trust at that time should have gone to the one and only faithful Beneficiary Jim Kelley at the time of the Revenge Cremation Insult. This is the language of the Will and Trust and exactly what they all agreed to on the day of signing by sworn notarized statements. This is not Jim Kelley’s will but the instructions of the Will and Trust which would be the Original Intent in writing of the Grantor, Dale Kelley, and the Law Firm, its Partners, and every Lawyer and Trustee who signed and/or was named in the Will and Trust by implied consent by accepting their positions as Trustees.

This will be an Acid Test as to whether all of these Nazi crimes were just a stupid mistake or were not. If the Law Firm does NOT repent as this outline suggests then everyone will, can, know that the Law Firm intended to be “a den of thieves” from the very start because they will not repent now reaffirming that they were, are, and will always be “a den of thieves” forever and ever.

The value of the Trust would have been right at $175,000.00 and then there is the POW diary Nazi Nancy stole from me. In case that POW diary can NOT be returned to me in good condition then add another $25,000.00 for its value. Nancy has the choice, the POW diary or $25,000.00, so if she wants to save $25,000.00 give up the POW diary which she never had any right or authority to do anything with it other than give it back to me in the first place.

In addition a letter of apology from everyone who wronged my Dad and me with the formal consent given to me to relocate my Dad to an earthen grave site with my total discretion and authority to do so.

All the Law Firm has to do in this Case is throw Nazi Nancy and Nazi Carl under the bus and order them to pay up OR the Law Firm will turn States Evidence and help prosecute Nazi Nancy for perjury and Nazi Carl for leading Nazi Nancy into perjury as well as submitting exhibits to the Probate Court that Carl knew were false and misleading.

Now IF the Law Firm refuses to repent like this then they have reaffirmed their original intent to be “a den of thieves” Nazi Law Firm and no one should touch them with a ten foot pole for anything whatsoever!

There are lots of crimes that these Lawyers are still going to get away with because of statute of limitations so this is still a getting off easy out for them all.

Time will tell but may I suggest that these Lawyers not take to much time because I still have the Nuclear Option I could do that they all know about.

Praying and hoping that you all can repent,

Bro. Jim Kelley


It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this all out!

It would not, it should not, take a brain surgeon to figure out that the Law Firm was not the one who went to the Nazi Lawyers Nancy and Carl Yendes and ask for them to bring them a WW II, D-Day, captured behind enemy lines, POW for 10 months, veteran, so that the Law Firm could Elder Abuse him!

Common sense would tell everyone that it was the Nazi Lawyers Nancy and Carl Yendes who went to the Law Firm and asked the Law Firm to write the Satanic Nazi Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust like it was written and my Dad was lawyer tricked into signing! Apparently the Law Firm made a stupid mistake to go against their own cash paying “client” in favor of their good buddies Nancy and Carl that were also
Springfield, Mo. City Government Nazis.

Remember, as Dale Kelley’s own daughter and son-in-law, Nancy and Carl were right there with good enough eye sight to have a drivers license and they saw the Nazi Unconditional Surrender language and did not protect their own Father by warning him NOT TO SIGN so the majority of fault could be placed at the feet of Nancy and Carl.

It is always “better late than never” to act for good. I have no idea why the Law Firm would NOT transition from “a den of thieves” Nazi Law Firm into a Law Firm that now would stand up for their cash paying client now; and throw Nancy and Carl under the bus and rescue their client’s Will and Trust by enforcing it as was written and all agreed to follow it on the day of signing?  Perhaps someone else can ask this question of the Law Firm and report back to me at apowtwice@hotmail.com, why the Law Firm would not rescue their “client?” Obviously this question should be asked by anyone who would ever think of using this Law Firm for their legal needs. For real, what kind of unconditional surrender would this Law Firm write embedded in a legal document that would harm YOU later? If this Law Firm does NOT stand up for Dale Kelley today, how can you trust them to stand up for YOU tomorrow?

A-men? A-men!


“The Biggest Mistake You Ever Made In Your Life!”.

I included this “Biggest Mistake” part as a warning to others to be very careful about who you have in any positions of power over your affairs AND as a FYI to Nazis Nancy Yendes, Carl Yendes, and the “den of thieves” Law Firm what I will no doubt say to my parents when I pass through the vale to the Paradise of God.

When I see my parents at the vale, at the appropriate time, I will tell them, with the most respectful words of soberness, “The biggest mistake you ever made in your whole lives was to trust Nancy and Carl as Trustees over your Will and Trust!”

Mom and Dad thought that it was prudent to have Nancy and Carl as Trustees “…because they are Lawyers and they know how to do things like wills and trusts.” First of all Probate Law, including wills and trusts, is so complicated that it takes an expert in Probate Law to do things right so in that respect Nancy and Carl were ill prepared to act on thier own without the help of an attorney who is well learned and specializes in Probate Law. This is a very good reason to have a Bank and Trust Company do your will and trust; all in house experts and no one with any conflict of interests to weaponize your will and trust and do someone Nazi harm.

Lawyer Carl Yendes is notorious for doing legal work that he is NOT qualified for. For example he wrote a real estate contract without a Seller’s Disclosure, which is required by State Law in Missouri. If anyone is in doubt about this Seller’s Disclosure Mo. State Law requirement just call any licensed real estate broker and just ask them.

Also I will have to tell my Dad that he made a terrible mistake when he let Nancy (his daughter) take him “as a sheep to the slaughter” when she took him to the “den of thieves” MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm. Considering that my Dad will not have any infirmities and handicaps in the spirit world of God he will know, he will remember, how he was treated by Nancy, Carl, Maureen, Bob, and the Law Firm with his buyers regret and he will just have to agree with that.

People, learn from our mistakes, don’t let anyone rule your will and trust business that has any ties with any family member or let any family member be a trustee or personal representative, IT IS JUST TO DANGEROUS AND YOU MAY  NOT SAME ANY MONEY OVER A BANK AND TRUST WHEN IT IS ALL SAID AND DONE!!! But if you have a Bank and Trust Company do your will and trust you can be assured that the Trust Department personnel will handle your affairs the way you spelled it out OR THE STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL WOULD HAVE AUTHORITY TO INVESTIGATE, where if a family member is a Trustee in a family will and trust the State A.G., in Missouri anyway, is forbidden to investigate no matter what the evidence and circumstances.

This is the best free advise you will ever get for a family will and trust.

Bro. Jim



Please Help This Cause And Mission:

Please go to the gofundme page on this website to make a contribution. The gofundme account is disabled and the gofundme money is listed on the gofundme page as a credit to the A POW Twice Mission account.

There are some rules there to make a direct contribution by check. Please go there, read the rules and policies, and hopefully you can make a contribution?

Thank you in advance for your help of any kind including contacting the Law Firm mentioned as just asking questions like; Did you really write that page 2 of the Trust?

I am not sure what the Law Firm may say but if they say something like that that is what Dale Kelley wanted written in his Trust know that common sense says that would be a big fat Nazi lie and Dale Kelley wanted to be buried in a casket too and Dale Kelley did not get that by Nazi Lawyer thefts!

Another help could be to ask the Mo. State Attorney General and the Greene County Prosecutor why they have NOT filed perjury charges against Nazi Lawyer/Trustee Nancy Yendes??? Hereis a copy of the letter I sent them about that:


August 18, 2020

Subject: Grantor and Beneficiary, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights or the fall of America.

Reference: The American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia.

To: The Honorable Greene County Prosecutor Dan Patterson and the Honorable Attorney General  Eric Schmitt.

Greetings, and may God bless America in our most dire times of need!

I am sending this to the two of you, as one letter at the same time, because it seems to me that the public would be best served if the both of you would work on this together. Just a suggestion.

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! What is presented here may be of the most urgent consequence for Missouri and America. What is presented here, and on apowtwice.com, is absolute proof positive of a satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia working in Missouri and surprisingly in Springfield, Mo. (the Buckle of the Bible Belt), that both of you have a Sworn Duty and Fiduciary Responsibility to the public, to the people, to eradicate like a cockroach should be smashed.

The Nazi Lawyers have gotten away with multiple felony crimes like kidnapping, grand theft stealing, falsifying information to the BAR and to the Mo. A.G., violations of Missouri Probate Law, etc., because of statute of limitations; BUT, the bold face lies of perjury in the Greene County Probate Court by Lawyer Nancy Yendes still is within a three year statute of limitations until April, 2021.

There are lots of poor people who are victimized by shyster lawyers, with the aid of some judges who go along with those shyster lawyers, BUT, the thefts by the process of weaponized family Wills and Trusts are infamous and notorious; where lawyers and/or trustees steal away the assets of family Wills and Trusts, often as opponents to the exact language of the Will and Trust, but the poor beneficiaries are powerless to fight back especially when the grantor is dead.

The names Nancy Yendes, Carl Yendes, and the MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm, are probably not unfamiliar to the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office as high profile lawyers in Greene County, so what I am presenting to you two involves some well-connected Lawyers.

May I first present a Correct Principle: “Never must we allow supposed mercy for the unrepentant sinner to rob Justice…” Harold B. Lee, 20th Century Church Leader. What this Church Leader was trying to teach was when we allow anyone who is a serious violator of the Law, whether man’s Law or God’s Law, to go free without any accountability then in the same measure Justice is robbed. So it would obviously be with these high profile Lawyers I have mentioned. Those who have the Authority and Responsibility to make them accountable for their high crimes, because of familiarity and/or friendships, may be robbing Justice at the expense of the most innocent, and the most poor, in our Society. I live in the Ozark hills along the Pomme De Terre River and I am a poor boy just like many thousands of other Missourians in these hills. Actually there are poor and innocent people everywhere in our Great Nation and the Great State of Missouri, who deserve some legal protections from our government protectors.

The good people of Missouri are counting on its State Attorney, and all Prosecutors, to hold law breakers accountable especially when the crimes are high level and are easily provable. This is part of what makes America great as compared to Socialist and Communist countries that history proves are not so great with their inherently bad legal systems.

I will not go over the details because enough of the details are on my website apowtwice.com. Just go to the Nazi Nancy’s Perjury Page #64 at first, and if that does not get your attention that there must be perjury charges filed against Nancy Yendes then I give up on you two.

For your convenience in knowing that I am not just whistling Dixie here, I will attach page 2 of my Dad’s Trust. Who in their right mind, what kind of “a den of thieves” Law Firm, what kind of a Lawyer, what kind of a Trustee, permits/allows their name to be associated with a bold face Nazi Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust like this? Was there a sign at the door of the Law Firm the day of signing, “Check in your brain at the door before entering”? Can anyone find another Trust with such punitive Nazi language like this anywhere without a Court Ordered guardianship?

In case you would want to take a peek at the court records on Casenet, use Case No 1731-PR01048.

If I need to sign a complaint for perjury please let me know about that?

I am trying to convince the State Legislator to pass a Grantor and Beneficiary, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights, and it seems a lot of people in the Legislator ASS-U-ME that if this was heard in the Probate Court then Justice had to have been served. Obviously Justice was NOT served because of grand scale perjury and perhaps a perjury charge, a perjury trial, perjury conviction, could help convince the Legislator for the need of this Bill of Rights?

Perhaps the two of you could be the catalyst to help get this Bill of Rights passed by demonstrating that the Trustee/Lawyer Nancy Yendes lied through her rear end to achieve a Nazi Judgment in total opposition to the Will and Trust and all that is right and good?

Respectfully submitted for your help,

[Signed, Jim Kelley]

Jim Kelley, #1 Son of Dale Kelley, WW II, D-Day, captured behind enemy lines, POW for 10 months, veteran, who deserves some extra consideration on this one.

Closures: Page 2 of Trust.

Note: Many informative documents are on apowtwice.com, on the Nazi Nancy Perjury Page # 64.


That letter is a bit blunt and gives anyone intersted something to ask the Attorney General and the Greene County Prosecutor about.

“Truth Is The New Hate Speech”

As with all Socialists, Communists, Nazis, and Muslims, the “truth is the new hate speech” in their satanic ways to hide the “Truth,” God’s Truth, and in direct opposition to the American Bill of Rights!

Satan’s ways have been on this earth ever since Cain slew righteous Abel, and there have been lots of people who have loved Satan more than God, just like Cain did. That is how Satan gets his power on earth.

“Satan continued to teach and tempt Cain in the ways of wickedness, saying, ‘Swear that thou wilt obey me and shalt tell no one, and I will deliver thy brother Abel into thine hands.’”



So as anyone can plainly see, the Truth is an enemy to Satan and all of Satan’s followers; and this is why Satan’s followers fight the Truth so much and commit perjury so freely under oath in any courts or hearings. See page #64, Nazi Nancy’s Perjury on this website for some examples of that in this Case.

“Radical” Muslims and the Sharia Law is the worst thing that could happen to the United States and what the Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments  are  doing to America right now is akin to Sharia Law and will help usher in Sharia Law which will cancel out the U.S. Constitution including the Bill of Rights.

May God bless America in spite of our sins,

Bro. Jim Kelley

#1 Son of Dale Kelley, a WW II, D-Day, captured behind enemy lines, POW for 10 months, veteran who was Elder Abused by American Nazis when he was 94 years old and blind.

Friends To The U.S. Bill Of rights

List patriotic people who are friends.

  1. Josh Hawley, former Missouri Attorney General and current U.S. Senator from Missouri.


Enemies To The Bill Of Rights

List people who are Nazis against the people including supporters of these Nazis like those who allow their company or church names to be listed on the “den of thieves” Law Firm website.

  1. The Northside [pretend] Christian [christemporoi] Church of Springfield, Mo.






The MISSION of this apowtwice website is to present the question:

Why should any person, especially a poor person who would NOT be able to afford to hire their own lawyer, ever have to suffer financial ruin, spiritual humiliation, and all manner of other Nazi crimes against the innocent, at the hands of the satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia just because they were named as a Beneficiary in a family Will and Trust that was hijacked by the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia as a deliberate form of ENTRAPMENTS against the innocent Grantor and Beneficiary?

My doing this apowtwice website is like myself writing an encyclopedia all by myself so please forgive me for any faults and/or errors. If someone thinks there is a fault and/or error they can contact me direct at apowtwice@hotmail.com. Thank you.

This website is political speech for the purpose to convince enough politicians who are in the Missouri State Legislator to pass a Grantor’s and Beneficiary’s, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights. By necessity this political speech has to be straight forward, containing the raw truth, to raise the awareness of the State Legislators for the real and desperate need of this Bill of Rights to protect the innocent Grantors and Beneficiaries from the evil designs of unethical shyster lawyers. This is a Human Rights matter and I would think it should receive bipartisan support; I pray so, I hope so.

This website represents “a never ending battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way” which concepts it seems most lawyers and judges are trying to take/steal away. Like all evil, if you give evil an inch, then evil will take a mile. It seems most lawyers think “the arm of flesh” knows better than God what Truth and Justice are as the Lawyer Profession blunders down the black hole of evil and sin, while trying to suck America with them to a hell on earth. Just say NO to evil, STOP evil, say NO to corrupt lawyers, STOP corrupt lawyers, for a better America today for ourselves and tomorrow for our posterity.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This whole Page, and this whole Website, has to be considered “legally” to be my own OPINION, and nothing else, because there are four Lawyers, and a Law Firm, poised, waiting, to pounce on me and this Website. The Law Firm petitioned The Court to order this Website taken down; first time January 17, 2018, and a second time, April 4, 2018. Obviously this Website is in jeopardy for telling the Truth about a WW II, D-Day, captured behind enemy lines, POW for 10 months, veteran; Elder Abused by a team of unethical lawyers, and a Law Firm, the PROOF preserved in the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER WILL AND TRUST, that led to this Veteran being held as a POW in the 21st Century War of Elder Abuses, and they are obviously afraid of that.

What is my opinion today, will no doubt become the opinions of millions of other Americans soon, and perhaps will evolve into obvious  self-evident truth for the future. To get to an obvious self-evident Set of Truths pertaining to a Grantor’s, and Beneficiary’s, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights, it is going to take the efforts of millions of Americans, that can legitimately claim the Title of Americans, to come together and say “STOP!” to the lawyer abuses so prevalent pertaining to Probate Laws that would go against the ideals of all Americans, especially American Veterans like my Dad, in unified efforts to stomp out the symptoms of Socialism in the Probate Laws.

As always if the Trustees, Lawyers, the “den of thieves” Law Firm, and the Northside Christian Church, would like to give me any short statement to explain their side/opinion I would probably include that if they would wish. They all have declined to my honest and sincere offers like this in the past. It would be as easy as sending an e-mail to apowtwice@hotmail.com.

Poor folks have poor ways,

Satan has his evil ways,

God has His Righteous Ways,

and Satan has captured America with his American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia,

while the Christian and Jewish churches were asleep!

“A rich man rides a taxi,

a poor man rides a train,

the hobo walks the railroad tracks,

but he gets there just the same.”

The path to a Grantor and Beneficiary, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights may be like a hobo walking the railroad tracks but it will eventually get done because God wants His poor children to be protected from the satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia members like Nazi Nancy Yendes, Nazi Carl Yendes, and the “den of thieves” Nazi, MANN WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm, etc.