14. OCDC “Judgment”/Cover-up

If you would want to bypass the preliminary stuff you may go down the page about 1/3 of the way down to the actual Formal Complaint to the OCDC of the Mo. BAR.

This is another Chapter in the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments (as predicted by the Ancient American Indian Scriptures).

PROBING QUESTION: If most of the Missouri lawyers and judges indirectly, the Mo. BAR including the O.C.D.C. directly, and the Mo Supreme Court as direct supervisors of the BAR, don’t/can’t honor, sustain, and enforce the lawyer codes of ethics which is named the Missouri Rules of Professional Conduct; then how in the world can they honor, sustain, and enforce the laws of the land? ANSWER; They can’t, don’t, and won’t! This is the basis for the Missouri Court Systems law and order breakdowns.

So as anyone can see, most of the Missouri “licensed” lawyers and judges of the Missouri BAR, the Missouri BAR including the O.C.D.C., along with the Missouri Supreme Court, doesn’t think that the Missouri Rules of Professional Conduct are worth the paper they are printed on. Likewise all of these lawyers and judges collectively would not think that the laws of the land are worth the paper they are written on unless the lawyers and judges can use something in the law to their personal advantage. Any wonder why/how the Dale Kelley Will and Trust was not worth the paper it was written on, except those items, often taken out of context, that the lawyers and judges could use to their advantage, at least in their weak and puerile minds.

Fighting Against Jesus!!!

One of the main problems in American governments today is we neither have an Ounce of Prevention OR a Pound of Cure when it comes to wide spread and open government corruptions. After siting dozens of notorious and publicly exposed police department corruptions across America the author states:

“Incidents like these are only a sampling of the extent of police corruptions across the country. But large or small, they have one thing in common. The ordinary police officer, however honest, looked the other way, or got out [of the department], or once in a great while anonymously reported a specific payoff. In none of them was there a cop willing to blow the whistle on his own [the Blue Code of Silence], and then step forward, as would be expected in any other criminal proceeding, and testify openly in court. In none of them was there a Frank Serpico.” Page 140, SERPICO, by Peter Maas, 23rd printing August 1976, copyright 1973.

What the visitor will witness in these seven OCDC BAR Cover-up pages is nothing less than what had gone on in the police departments that so outraged the Public, the People, Society, to the extent that a book like Serpice had 23 printings in four years. My copy is a 23rd printing and I am unable to find how many printings there are after that.

I suppose that I, Jim Kelley, would be comparable to Frank Serpico when it comes to my willingness to stand up against the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia of today. It would seem no one else has the guts to really join me with the one public servant exception of the Honorable Josh Hawley, former Missouri A.G. and current U.S. Senator, and a hand full of people who gave their names on gofundme.

The state BARs should be the Ounce of Prevention for lawyer and judge corruptions. And if the BAR doesn’t do their job then it falls on the Missouri Supreme Court to meter out the Pound of Cure because they have the direct responsibility to personally supervise the BAR activities. So in any case IF the BAR was to do its job and meter out an Ounce of Prevention then the Supreme Court would not have to meter out its Pound of Cure. As is often the case, when those who are initially responsible for the ounce of anything does not do their jobs, then it falls upon the supervisors to meter out their pound of solutions to make up for the failure of the first ounce to be successfully. So in this case the Mo. Supreme Court might have to expend 16 times the efforts to right the wrongs that the BAR’s ounce should have done. Mo. Supreme Court; blame the BAR, not me, or blame yourselves for not properly supervising the BAR. The “buck stops” at the Mo. Supreme Court when it comes to anything pertaining to anything with Mo. lawyers and judges! And if the BAR and the Mo. Supreme Court does nothing, like they have been doing nothing, then the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia will keep taking over America and eventually America will become radical Muslim and the U.S. Army will be fighting against Israel and Jesus Christ (Zechariah 14:1-3). It is not a good position to be in for anyone to fight against Jesus Christ.


Special Note: I have come to learn that there is an American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia that is alive and well in America. Every Mafia will have its Code of Silence. Take a look at the Mafia Code of Silence information readily available on the Internet and see for yourself how that fits in with this Case.



“Omertà  and Cosa Nostra are a Southern Italian code of silence and code of honor that places importance on silence in the face of questioning by authorities or outsiders; non-cooperation with authorities, the government, or outsiders; and willfully ignoring and generally avoiding interference with the illegal activities of others. Retaliation against informers is common in criminal circles.


“An individual who has been wronged is obligated to look out for his own interests by finding a patron [in the case of the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia another lawyer] but not the state to do the job.


“Omertà implies “the categorical prohibition of cooperation with state authorities or reliance on its services, even when one has been a victim of a crime.” A person should absolutely avoid interfering in the business of others and should not inform the authorities of a crime under any circumstances.


“Omertà is an extreme form of loyalty and solidarity in the face of authority. One of its absolute tenets is that it is deeply demeaning and shameful to betray even one’s deadliest enemy to the authorities.


“Omertà is a code of silence, referred to by its own members as Cosa Nostra (“our thing”), is an organized crime syndicate in Sicily, Italy.”


As the visitor to this Website Page reads on, do you see some ear marks of a Code of Silence on the part of the Mafia Mo. BAR, Mafia Office of Chief Disciplinary Council, and the Mafia God Father Mo. Supreme Court who were all personally notified of this Case by me as their being the supreme supervisors of the BAR; for the benefit of the “den of thieves” Mafia Lawyers/Judge, in their obvious refusal to investigate a Judgment which clearly faults an innocent person with the crimes of the guilty?

Unethical and wrongful “Judgments” is a form of retaliation for anyone who dares to stand up against the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia because a “Judgement” is going to be ASS-U-MEd to be impartial, factual, and non-biased, so it has to reflect the TRUTH! This ASS-U-MEing will only frustrate anyone else from seeing the TRUTH of an otherwise obvious American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia organized around  Omertà  and Cosa Nostra.



Many people have observed that when the guilty have friends in high places and there is a trial of some kind (in or out of the court room), then Justice is not tempered with mercy but is corrupted with that most dangerous of all elements, misguided loyalty. So this can be expected with the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia in Greene County, Missouri, and elsewhere.


This ***OCDC “Judgment” Page is intended to illustrate to the Politician, and the citizen who may contact their Politician, that even when comprehensive, well documented, truthful, complaints against an Unethical, Shyster, Lawyer are properly made to the Mo. BAR, OCDC, the Missouri BAR Swamp is so deep, so full of alligators, a Missouri Licensed Lawyer openly and notoriously violating the Missouri Rules Of Professional Conduct (Code of Ethics for Mo. lawyers) doesn’t matter to the Mo. BAR, OCDC, and apparently the Missouri Supreme Court that personally supervises the actions and performances of the Mo. BAR and OCDC. It is as if there are nod, nod, wink, wink, “secret combinations” going on to cover up Lawyer corruptions through out the State of Missouri because this can NOT BE AN ISOLATED INNOCENT!!!


How low (low ethically) and how high (Supreme Court is as high as it gets in the Legal System) does the Swamp’s unethical conduct and behavior have to get, has to be, for this type of Criminally Insane, Double-Crossing, No Class, No Dignity, Ungrateful, Perpetual Complainer, Pathological Liar, Kleptomaniac, Narcissist, Control Freak, Selfish, Malicious, Nefarious Predator, Blood Sucker, Bottom Feeder, Cold Blooded, Parasite, Unethical Shyster Lawyers, Mental Nut-Jobs, associated with “a den of thieves” Law Firm (The English language is incapable of adequately describing these low lifes but God will have the words, in God’s language, to adequately describe them, and every soul will know just what low lifes they were.) are allowed, permitted, to prevail over, and against, the Truth and Justice?


For what ever it is worth here is the Letter of Inquiry for the Judgment that I sent to the Missouri BAR, O.C.D.C. You decide for yourself if the OCDC should have investigated or they were justified in their false


“virtue signaling?”


This is the Formal Complaint to the OCDC of the Mo. BAR.

January 9, 2019


Subject: Inquiries to determine the correct answers to four questions I have already been asked about by others about the Probate Court Judgment. This is not an inquiry intended to be against, insubordinate to, or to be in contempt of the Honorable Court and the Honorable Judge, but to get some clarification as to the legitimate whys so that I can pass on those legitimate whys to the legislators and the executive during my Mission to achieve the needed and new protective legislation of a Grantor and Beneficiary, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights.


Reference: Dale E. Kelley Will and Trust, Greene County Probate Court Case No. 1731-PRO1048.


To: The Honorable Mo. BAR, O.C.D.C., and the Honorable Missouri Supreme Court,


Most respectful greetings,


Perhaps the Honorable O.C.D.C. can answer these questions without going to the Honorable Judge?


Question #1. Why is it that the language in the Will, which would obviously be the Grantor’s own Original Intent, “I desire to be buried…I also desire that my wife’s remains [already in an urn] be placed in my casket with my remains for burial” (Will, page 5), was ruled “not supported by the evidence, not credible and are without legal basis or authority,” especially when in the Mo. BAR’s own pamphlet, Probate Law Resource Guide, page 7, clearly states, “A will is self-proving…?”


Question #2. Why is it that the language in the Trust, which would obviously be the Grantor’s Original Intent, as the NO CONTEST CLAUSE, (Trust page 18) was ruled, “not supported by the evidence, not credible and are without legal basis or authority,” especially when in the Mo. BAR’s own pamphlet, Probate Law Resource Guide, page 7, clearly states, “A will [by logical extension a Trust] is self-proving…?”


In reference to Questions #1 and #2, the Will and Trust was my Exhibit A, and the Probate Law Resource Guide was held up, made specific note of as being available for free to the public in the Probate Court lobby, and read from the statement that “A will is self-proving,” as one of my defense statements in the Court Hearing.


Question #3. My Throw In The Towel Letter, dated December 28, 2017, was my Exhibit E, and is self-explanatory. How can a letter like this be “not supported by the evidence, not credible and are without legal basis and authority?” Is there no way out for a person, who has been entrapped and a barbed Blood Sucker Lawyer Harpoon is shot into their chest, if the blood sucker lawyers do not want to let go?


Question #4. If a Will and Trust is not “self-proving,” would be considered in Court “not supported by the evidence, not credible and are without legal basis or authority,” then why would anyone pay a lawyer good money to write a no good Will and Trust that when presented before a Probate Court Judge is not worth the paper it is written on?


Obviously I want to be as well prepared as possible with the whys when I contact, meet, and discuss the reasons for a Grantor and Beneficiary, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights so I at least look as though I know what I am talking about to support a Bill of Rights like this.


Respectfully submitted,




Jim Kelley, Defendant, Beneficiary, and the #1 Son to the Grantor, Dale E. Kelley.




This is the cover of the Probate Law Resource Guide that the Mo. BAR gives out as legal advise THAT THEY WILL NOT STAND BEHIND IN ANY ETHICS VIOLATIONS COMPLAINT!







There you have it, page 7 of the Mo. BAR’s own Probate Law Resource Guide, the BAR’s own “legal advice” that apparently isn’t worth the paper it is printed on because the Mo. BAR will not back up their own “legal advice” when their own Unethical, Shyster Lawyers violate the Law that the BAR gives “legal advice” for. Would this be a waste of tax payer dollars to print an official Missouri Government booklet like this that isn’t worth enforcing its content?


I would say the Pledge Of Allegiance To The Flag would be considered equally as worthless as the Laws of the Land, the Missouri Rules of Professional Conduct, the BAR’s own Probate Law Resource Guide, and all of our veterans who have fought for all of this. Listen to a very good “old school” explanation of the Pledge to see what the Missouri BAR, and the Missouri Supreme Court are so willing to throw away in exchange for


Satanic, Nazi, Socialist, Communist, government in the U.S.A.

This was well received by True Americans in 1969. I wonder how it would be received in 2019?

14 January 1969. Famous American comedian, Red Skelton, explains the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, word-by-word, from a memorized lecture given to him by his 7th grade school teacher, Mr. Lasswell. (Red includes the words “Under God” at the end of the video.)


“I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Red Skelton:


I: Me, an individual, a committee of one.


PLEDGE: Dedicate all of my worldly goods to give without self pity. ALLEGIANCE: My love and my devotion.


TO THE FLAG: Our standard, Old Glory, a symbol of freedom. Wherever she waves, there’s respect because your loyalty has given her a dignity that shouts freedom is everybody’s job.


‘UNITED: That means that we have all come together.


STATES: Individual communities that have united into 48 great States. Forty-eight individual communities with pride and dignity and purpose; all divided with imaginary boundaries yet united to a common purpose, and that’s love for Country.


AND TO THE REPUBLIC: Republic; a state in which sovereign power is invested in representatives chosen by the people to govern. And government is the people, and it’s from the people to the leaders, not from the leaders to the people.


FOR WHICH IT STANDS, ONE NATION: One nation, meaning “so blessed by God.”


INDIVISIBLE: Incapable of being divided.


WITH LIBERTY: Which is freedom, the right of power to live one’s own life without threats, fear, or some sort of retaliation.


AND JUSTICE: The principle or quality of dealing fairly with others.


FOR ALL: For all, which means, boys and girls, it’s as much your country as it is mine.


And now, boys and girls, let me hear you recite the Pledge of Allegiance:


“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


Since I was a small boy, two states have been added to our country, and two words have been added to the Pledge of Allegiance: “Under God!” Wouldn’t it be a pity if someone said, ‘That is a prayer!’, and that would be eliminated from schools too? ”


Court Rulings that have taken prayer and the Ten Commandments out of our schools is Satanic, Nazi, Socialist, Communist, government in action and makes our American Court Systems look like 1/2 wit stooges that don’t know their asses from holes in the ground:


Compared to our Founding Fathers the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia look like half wit, numb skull, stooges.


We can do better than this, with our American Court Systems, a lot better than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Thank God for the 1st Amendment, and at least the appearance that the American Court System still honors this, or I couldn’t say anything like what is on this website, which is the bare bones TRUTH!!!


This website is political speech for the purpose to convince enough politicians who are in the Missouri State Legislator to pass a Grantor’s and Beneficiary’s, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights. By necessity this political speech has to be straight forward, containing the raw truth, to raise the awareness of the State Legislators for the real and desperate need of this Bill of Rights to protect the innocent Grantors and Beneficiaries from the evil designs of unethical shyster lawyers. This is a Human Rights matter and I would think it should receive bipartisan support; I pray so, I hope so.


This website represents “a never ending battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way” which concepts it seems most lawyers are trying to take/steal away. Like all evil, if you give evil an inch, then evil will take a mile. It seems most lawyers think “the arm of flesh” knows better than God what Truth and Justice are as the Lawyer Profession blunders down the black hole of evil and sin, while trying to suck America with them to a hell on earth. Just say NO to evil, STOP evil, say NO to corrupt lawyers, STOP corrupt lawyers, for a better America today for ourselves and tomorrow for our posterity.


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This whole Page, and this whole Website, has to be considered “legally” to be my own OPINION, and nothing else, because there are four Lawyers, and a Law Firm, poised, waiting, to pounce on me and this Website. The Law Firm petitioned The Court to order this Website taken down; first time January 17, 2018, and a second time, April 4, 2018. Obviously this Website is in jeopardy for telling the Truth about a WW II, D-Day, captured behind enemy lines, POW for 10 months, veteran; Elder Abused by a team of unethical lawyers, and a Law Firm, the PROOF preserved in the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER WILL AND TRUST, that led to this Veteran being held as a POW in the 21st Century War of Elder Abuses, and they are obviously afraid of that.


What is my opinion today, will no doubt become the opinions of millions of other Americans soon, and perhaps will evolve into obvious  self-evident truth for the future. To get to an obvious self-evident Set of Truths pertaining to a Grantor’s, and Beneficiary’s, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights, it is going to take the efforts of millions of Americans, that can legitimately claim the Title of Americans, to come together and say “STOP!” to the lawyer abuses so prevalent pertaining to Probate Laws that would go against the ideals of all Americans, especially American Veterans like my Dad, in unified efforts to stomp out the symptoms of Socialism in the Probate Laws.


As always if the Trustees, lawyers, and Law Firm would like to give me any short statement to explain their side/opinion I would probably include that if they would wish. They all have declined to my honest and sincere offers like this in the past.