26. Lies/Lawyers/Trustees/Judges

One thing is for sure; a polygraph test is much more reliable than having a liar testify under oath!

This is another Chapter in the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments (as predicted by the Ancient American Indian Scriptures).

American Lawyers’ Code Of Ethics

Before and during the Watergate Scandal there was a very lose and not well written lawyer’s code of ethics that were not followed or enforced like what happens today, with the one very visible exception that could be easily proven back then and that was don’t advertise! All of the State BARs, no exceptions, felt that advertising was immoral and unethical and if the BAR allowed even one lawyer to advertise then they would have to let everyone advertise and where would that lead Society? Society has come a long way with a bad experiment now, to let lawyers advertise, and look at what Society has gotten for it now? Hordes of lawyers coming into America’s living rooms by TV with promises of everything for nothing which makes lots of work for the lawyers, harms most everyone else with never ending frivolous law suits, which do nothing much for good, and overwhelm our court systems. Obviously all of the BARs had this right the first time, lawyers advertising is just bad medicine for America.

“In 1972, legal ethics boiled down to: Don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal and don’t advertise…” and that was basically it!

“Before Watergate, lawyer ethics were governed largely by a vaguely worded set of platitudes that hadn’t changed much in 80-plus years. Ethics, if taught at all, was an elective class in law school. Lawyers were under no professional obligation to brush up on the subject,” ABA Journal interview.

During the Watergate Scandal there was so much evidence of lawyers’ misconducts, among several dozen lawyers, who all had some participation in the Watergate Scandal, that the public outcry was for Congress to pass laws that would govern lawyer conduct in America. Congress set out to start making such a set of laws and the American Bar Association came forward and approached Congress with the PROMISE that if Congress did not pass laws to govern lawyers and judges then the ABA would see to it that there would be a uniform code of ethics that would be more than adequate to govern American lawyers and judges.

It wasn’t until 1983, when the Model Rules of Professional Conduct were ready for the individual State BARs to adopt. Missouri’s version is called the Missouri Rules of Professional Conduct, and came several years after Nazi Nancy and Nazi Carl Yendes graduated from their Law Schools so obviously they fell through the cracks pertaining to the basic lawyer ethics and since neither seems to feel it necessary to learn about Jesus Christ in any meaningful way they are totally subject to the Dark Spirit of Satan and now are their own junior dark spirits mirroring Satan as their own “strange god” that they faithfully “serve,” (Jerimiah 24:20).

Remember that the ABA PROMISED Congress that the ABA would take care of everything so that Congress would NOT have to make any Federal Laws governing lawyers and judges? Apparently what happened is, exactly what a prudent person would expect when known liar Congresspersons make a PROMISE with known liar lawyers, everything PROMISED was just a big fat lie!

The Missouri Rules of Professional Conduct were well written, and could be enforceable, if the Missouri BAR OCDC would actually enforce them as written. The only time that the Missouri Rules of Professional Conduct are ever enforced is when the BAR doesn’t like a lawyer or judge, and especially if a lawyer or judge tries to complain about non-enforcement of a lawyer or judge that is in clear and open violation, then those Rules are turned against the unliked lawyer and then they are Drummed Out Of The Club. This is how the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia stays in control and how “the people” lose control over their own, as “the people”, court systems, that their tax dollars pay for.

Look this up for yourself:


One of the things that corrupt lawyers and judges avoid like the plague, like Dracula avoids the cross, are polygraphs; and their flimsy excuse is that polygraphs are NOT reliable! I guarantee everyone that a properly administrated polygraph is 100 times more likely to be more reliable in presenting the Truth than the perjury that comes out of many of the courtroom witnesses especially IF that witness is a lawyer, because lawyers KNOW that if they lie under oath they are about as likely to be prosecuted for perjury as they are to be struck by lighting! The reason polygraphs are not ALLOWED in American courtrooms is that would put most lawyers out of business as the polygraph would introduce the Truth into the court proceedings and there would be NO NEED for lawyer lies, lawyer deceptions, and lawyer “secret combinations” that are by design crafted to frustrate and cover the Truth. NOT ALLOWING POLYGRAPHS IS A FORM OF JOB SECURITY FOR LAWYERS AND JUDGES AND DOES NOTHING BUT HURT AMERICA IN MANY WAYS!


“Secret Combinations” could include wink, wink, agreements in courtrooms including the “Honorable” 🙁  Judges, who apparently thinks nothing of dishonoring themselves, dishonoring their court rooms, and dishonoring the entire legal system in general.
Even a child can recognize a lie so why not a judge?



Would anyone want a person with a growing nose to be the “dealer” in a poker game? Then why would anyone want any lying lawyers dealing cards in the courtroom, unless the courtroom is a “crooked house?”
“To ass-u-me is to error,” may include when dealing with known pathological liar lawyers in any court that the Truth will  be substituted for lies.


Actually the evidence indicates that both the Democrat and Republican Parties think that the general population, the People, are stupid. So Herman Cain got this one 1/2 right. It will be interesting who in the Missouri Legislator, Democrat or Republican (hopefully both), wakes up and supports a Grantor and Beneficiary, Will and Trust, Bill or Rights?
The evidence indicates that Unethical, Shyster Lawyers, are as free with their lies as a restaurant would be with serving toast for breakfast. But nothing is “free,” and a piece of toast may cost 50 cents, these Unethical, Shyster Lawyers’ and Trustees’ lies cost my Dad his useful end of life years as a POW, his promised casket funeral and casket burial; as well as me losing about $125,000.00 unethically through lawyer lies and theft.














Can you pick the liar in this picture? If you said everyone pictured then you were right! Unethical, Shyster Lawyers, and Satanic High Priests Of False Security Judges, would be in a picture like this in 1938, if they were there in Germany at that time, because these Lawyers and Judges share one common personality flaw with Nazis, no working Moral Compass. How could anyone be in the same room with Adolph Hitler, what were they thinking? In like manner, what was the Judge thinking when they sided with the Unethical, Shyster Lawyers, Trustees, and the open and obvious “den of thieves” Law Firm? “Very interesting” as a German soldier might say.
This is a representation of the “den of thieves” Law Firm Partner, Paul Sherman, showing my Dad where to sign after lying through his ass about what the Will and Trust represented and what the “den of thieves” Law Firm was going to do with their Fiduciary Duties to protect my Dad’s interests, who was their cash paying client! So much for Fiduciary relationships being enforced in the Greene County, Mo., Court System.











Can you pick the liar in this picture? If you said there are no liars here, you would be right. Mr. Churchill was a stanch opponent against Nazism early on in Europe, just exactly like Bro. Jim is now in America.
Can you pick out the lies here? You decide this one. I wonder why the Northside Christian Church of Springfield, Mo. would not be able to discern what these statements mean?










Can you pick out the statements consistent for a liar, a shyster, and a lawyer thief written here?


Can you pick out the lies in this document? Compare the Throw In The Towel Page for proof that Defendant James Kelley in no way interfered or frustrated the “Final Distribution plan.” Also compare Page #7, Probate Court Judgment for more evidence and proof. Also I will provide a photo of the actual Throw In The Towel Letter, page 1 of 2, for the visitor’s ready reference immediately below. The entire letter is on Page #7.


May I be truthfully-honestly blunt here, sorry Judge, so the Politician who may visit this website can know just how ignorant the “Honorable” 🙁   Judge’s “Judgment” was compared to the facts that were clearly and plainly presented in the Mock Trial Probate Court. This was my Exhibit E that the Judge would have had complete access to while the Judge “reviewed the exhibits!” Honestly, this has to be asked, is there anyone with an I.Q. higher than their age that would honestly think that a Throw In The Towel Letter dated, and delivered, on December 28, 2017, would not be sufficient cause, reason, and prudence, to not have two Court Hearings and two Depositions pertaining to this Will and Trust Case that were all held weeks and months later in the next year? Does NOT the “Judgment,” compared to this true and correct copy of the surrender, Throw In The Towel Letter, represent Satanic, Nazi, High Priest of False Security Judgment lies? In reality the Judgment is “not supported by the evidence, not credible and [may be] without legal basis or authority.” This is the kinds of usurping of power that the American Revolutionary War, and WW II, were fought over, and may I add God saw to it the abusers lost and the ones that were abused won through the righteous efforts of the Godly warriors.
Here are eight bold face lies directed to the Mo. BAR, O.C.D.C., obviously shamelessly sent by Trustee Nancy. No Moral Compass and no shame. This letter, in and of itself, is proof positive that Trustee Nancy is a Satanic, Nazi, filthy swine, Unethical, Shyster Lawyer that should have been disbarred. See Page # 36, MO BAR Page, and Page #9, OCDC Nancy, for some more details.
This is the MO BAR pamphlet clearly showing a Revocable Trust should give the Grantor, Settlor, my Dad, the right to change their own Trust, any time, any way, they chose to on their own, without any permission from anyone else. Anyone see the third illustration above statement, “only with the written consent of the Trustee,” a lie, and a fraud, compared to the Mo. BAR legal advise? Incidentally, the Mo. BAR does NOT stand by their own legal advise which is another set of lies too. See Page #9 OCDC Nancy for a detailed explanation of that. Also, what was the Judge thinking when they supported this fraud that was presented as Exhibit A, and explained in the Court Case using the Mo. BAR pamphlet as proof.


And what was the Judge thinking when they declared Trustee Nancy was a faithful Trustee? Nancy either was totally incompetent, fumbled the ball on every play, and/or a stinking Nazi as a Trustee against her own father, and later against me.  I suppose Adolph Hitler also declared the SS were faithful and fully performed their Duties in taking care of the Jews too. This is the bold face words of the Judge; this kind of Alice’s Wonderland fantasy can’t be made up. This is a perfect example of “Truth is stranger than fiction,” and I have the Truth and the liars present the fiction as the perfect example of strange. This whole website is a testimony that Nancy was anything but faithful in her Fiduciary Duties. If my dear old Dad was to see this, he would say this about the Judge, “Give me a drag of what you are smoking!” My Dad is going to be pissed, and Mom will be pissed too!

So much for the “Show And Tell” picture evidence on this Page.

May I suggest that when this A POW Twice Case/Mission eventually becomes as famous, as infamous public knowledge, as the Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, Russia Dossier became, these Satanic, Nazi, Lawyers, Trustees, who ever else was involved in the crimes and cover-ups, will be as if radio active and…[God will do His Justice].

May I relate something I heard in about 1980, that was startling to me at the time and that was; America universities were turning out 9 lawyers for every one engineer, and Japanese universities were turning out 9 engineers for every one lawyer. That struck me at the time as “very interesting.” Looking around in 21st Century America we obviously have an abundance of lawyers that are scratching for money to be made by any unethical scheme possible to keep the money rolling in from any deep pockets that they can find and convince a judge to collude with them to get that money. That is what is created in a society where there are way to many lawyers.

This Lies/Lawyers/Trustees/Judges Page is intended to illustrate to the Politician, and the citizen who may contact their Politician, that there is no limit to the lies, frauds, and thefts that the Unethical, Shyster Lawyers will sink to, and that the Nazi, High Priests Of False Security Judges will support in their own Satanic Temples Of Nazism Court Rooms!!! And this is in the “land of the free and the home of the brave!”

Here is what the most dangerous aspects of these out and out, in your face, bold face, government sponsored lies are; it corrodes the Trust that the People have in their own governments. The more these lies are directed at the People, affect the People, can be seen by the People, the more severe the corrosions are and become, totally eroding away any Faith the People have in the governments. There is always a breaking point with the People who finally stand up and say NO! to lies, thefts, and frauds perpetrated on the People, sanctioned and supported by the governments. That is just human nature and the design of God for His People to stand up against

the dark powers of Satan.

This is exactly why there was a U.S. Declaration Of Independence, the American Revolutionary War, and the reasonable thinking German people eventually woke up to the facts that Hitler was NOT GOOD for Germany and there were assassination attempts against Hitler from within the high level German military officers but they failed.

The evidence indicates that these Lawyers, these Trustees, apparently Bob, and perhaps even the “Honorable” 🙁  Judge must think that my Dad and I are


This Lies/Lawyers/Trustees/Judges Page is intended to illustrate to the Politician, and the citizen who may contact their Politician, just how wide spread the lies of the Trustees and Lawyers were, are, and still continue to be to obviously cloud the truth like smoke and mirrors tactics. It is still amazing to me that the Honorable Court Judge purchased all of the lies at the expense of the Truth, Justice, and the American Way, as was plainly spelled out in their “Judgment,” or paid very much attention to any of the 200 exhibits of the “opponents” to the Grantor, misrepresentations because they were all pretty obviously bold face lies without any kind of a supporting examination, in the April 4, 2019, Hearing. So sad!

“You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time,” and it is even harder to fool a child with a lie or theft because children are innocent and close to the spirit of God. It has been said, and even little children can understand this so why not this Judge, “If you can’t convince them with the facts then overwhelm then with bull shit!” So there was a lot of bull shit thrown against the wall in the Courtroom, and apparently the Judge not only believed the bull shit, the “Honorable” Judge provided the superficial glue to make the bull shit stick.

Lies, stealing, and deceptions are tools of the devil and unfortunately are used by many lawyers and it is even more unfortunate that Unethical, Shyster Lawyers often get away with their lies and stealing.

The Truth and Light of Correct Principles are tools of God and those who use the truth and correct principles are doing the Work and Will of God Almighty.

The level of the lies that these Unethical, Shyster Lawyers, Trustees, the “den of thieves” Law Firm, and especially the “den of thieves” Law Firm Partner Gary who pretends to be a disciple of Jesus Christ by pointing out that a pretend Christian church called him to be a deacon/Elder, is so great, to such a high level, it is pretty good proof that they all (perhaps Bob too) not only have Satan on their shoulder whispering into their ears, but Satan is well established in their hearts as a permanent resident!

It doesn’t get any more simple and clearer than that.

If more people were less afraid, less timid, to confront a liar for what they obviously are then there would be a lot less lying in America. Watch Billy Jack call out a known liar in this video clip:

Two great lessons in this short video clip. It pays to call liars what they are, “liars.” Another great lesson is, “When policemen break the law, then there isn’t any law, just a fight for survive.” This Great Lesson would apply to lawyers and judges breaking the laws as well, obviously leading into circumstances that are only “a fight to survive.”


Similar to Billy Jack this is what it looks like when Bro. Jim Kelley stands up “for Truth, Justice, and the American Way,” and calls out the known Nazi liars and thieves associated with my Dad’s Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust! Is there anyone interested in stand with me?


This is what NOT standing up “for Truth, Justice, and the American Way” looks like in an American courtroom.



I am NOT kidding when I say these unethical, shyster lawyers/Trustees, that are lower than whale crap, would participate in murder if they thought that they could get away with it and it was considered legal somehow for them to do so. Remember the Catholic Church participated in murders of the more enlightened, honest, priests whose only crime was to point out that the Bible said some things that contradicted how the Pope (and his gang) were running the Catholic Church. Martin Luther and John Wesley escaped death by hanging but hundreds of other protesters didn’t. It is unimaginable to me that the rank and file Catholics went along with the hangings of the innocent at that time. But then we have the Eastside Christian Church going along, to get along, with the known “den of thieves” MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN, P.C. Law Firm, with the Church’s own Elder Gary Bishop as a Law Firm Partner, probably so the Church can receive their 10% tithing cut of the illicit booty. So the Eastside Christian Church may be a modern day example that there can be those who call themselves “Christians,” but are “hypocrites” following the promptings of Satan, just like the Medieval Church of old. History does repeat itself and how far have Christians advanced in the 21st Century when known thieves like the Law Firm Partner Gary Bishop are claimed as an “Elder” in a Christian Church? This kind of conduct by the leadership of any church should outrage every true Christian that hears this tale. I wonder if it will?

Also remember that the Nazis murdered at least 12 million innocent people in their death camps (not on battle fields-in death camps) for being Jewish or who spoke out against the Nazi ways. And then there were King George’s court judges in America who were “dependent on [King George’s] Will along, for the tenure of their offices…affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power…protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States” (Declaration Of Independence).

And then there were the Indian Wars where innocent American Indians, including unarmed men, women and children, were murdered in cold blood with no chance to escape the cold blooded U.S. Army murderers.

There are lots of examples of cold blooded murders in human history and all of the murderers obviously had to have Satan as a permanent resident in their hearts or they could NOT have so freely murdered in cold blood like they did. The level of lying and stealing that these Unethical, Shyster Lawyers, Trustees, the “den of thieves” Law Firm, and Bob too as an enabler and accomplice, achieved, proves they have Satan as a permanent residence in their hearts and with such dark spirited hearts they would be capable of cold blooded murder IF they thought that they could get away with it.

Death by a thousand cuts is a death none the less, and it is pretty evident to me that my Dad died an earlier death by a thousand cuts of abuses after he was Captured, than if he would have been left alone in his own home in Hickory County with his many, many, friends. Just look at the Will and Trust documents for proof that my Dad was a virtual POW against his will! “…only with the written consent of the Trustee [Nancy]” (see #4. ***Will & Trust Page).

And these same Unethical, Shyster, Dark Spirited Lawyers, Trustees, the “den of thieves” Law Firm, who harmed my Dad, who are obviously capable of murder, are trying to kill me by a thousand cuts too!!! Their lying to me, their stealing from me, the two frivolous Depositions, the two Probate Court Hearings full of their lies, and then the INFAMOUS “JUDGMENT” THAT ASSIGNED ALL OF THE “LEGAL FEES” TO ME ($20,000.00) after my Throw In The Towel Letter (see #83. **Throw In Towel Page), was, and is, designed to be my death, MURDER, by a thousand cuts!!!!

How in the world are these Shyster Dark Spirits going to explain all that they did to my Dad, myself, and Linda my wife, explain to my Mom and Dad in Paradise later on? Answer: They won’t have a chance to explain anything in Paradise because they will be assigned to Spirit Prison (1 Peter 3:19) separated from the righteous and honest spirits (my Dad and Mom will be among the righteous and honest spirits), until their Judgment Day for one million Unethical, Shyster Lawyers, who in “the first second, of the first minute, of the first hour, of the Lord’s Work on Judgment Day,” will be assigned to a “burning in hell” eternal reward, without any “defense” from all of the liar lawyer tongues, because their tongues will be frozen, because all that they could do would be to lie, and where the Lord God stands is Holy Ground where NO LIE IS PERMITTED because where the Lord God stands is Holy Ground, so the Liar Lawyers who made their livings by lying, will be speechless, with nothing to say, because all that they know is lies, which lies will not be permitted on Judgment Day. Apparently, unlike earthly judges who waste their time considering Lawyer Lies; Jesus Christ will NOT waste His, or anyone else’s, Time on lies. Only the Truth shall prevail on Judgment Day. To bad that does not happen more often in American courtrooms.

Unethical, Shyster, Dark Spirited People, with Dark Spirited Hearts, who end up having some power over their fellow men are the reasons we need any Bill of Rights and in this Case we need a

Grantor and Beneficiary, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights,

because of Nancy, Carl, Maureen, Bob, Gary, and Paul. If all people were honest, had the Love of Jesus in their hearts (instead of Satan living in their hearts like Nancy, Carl, Maureen, Bob, Paul, and Gary do) there would never be any need for any Bill of Rights!

And how can it be ignored that judges of the court systems who have itching ears to hear a lie (2 Timothy 4:3) for the cause of injustice as is plainly recorded in their “judgments,” would not also be the same kind of judge that heard the Jesus Christ Case and would have rendered the Judgment that Jesus Christ was guilty and deserved to die by Crucifixion? I wonder if the Judge in this Dale Kelley Case has wondered that about themselves?

Satan’s ways are the same for all, whether in or out of the church, it makes no difference to Satan. For a good overview of how Satan has entered the court systems read all of the Chapters for 1 Timothy Chapter 4, 6; 2 Timothy Chapters 3, and 4. Like I said, even though these Chapters are specific to the churches, like the pretend Christian church, the Eastside Christian Church, that called Gary their Elder, this exact same satanic M.O. was and is still being used by Satan to get control of the court systems for Satan’s purposes, and the silly (2 Timothy 3:6, silly women, silly judges, it makes no difference) judges are falling for Satan’s tricks including what every judge, who is worthy to be a judge, should have known to be a lie spoken in their courtrooms!

How can so many lawyers, judges, and I suppose politicians too, be so “silly” to accept satanic ways that are in direct opposition to God’s Ways? Jesus Christ is the Greatest Of All, the Creator of the whole universe (everything that we can see with the most powerful telescopes), and as such the Light and the Word (John 1:1-15) should be heard and followed! Considering that Jesus Christ, the Greatest of All, loved all of us enough to die for all of us, then why would anyone want to mock Jesus Christ by following Satan? Satan doesn’t love anyone but himself and Satan for sure would never sacrifice himself for anyone else. Satan lies and steals whenever and whatever he can kind of like unethical, shyster lawyers. Was Satan a shyster lawyer in a previous life (just kidding 🙂 )?

Dictionary definitions for lie: 1. a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; a falsehood. 2. something intended or serving to convey a false impression.

Random House Webster’s College Dictionary, year 2000 edition.

Compare the Ten Commandments:

  1. I am the Lord thy God, thou shall not have any gods before me.
  2. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything.
  3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.
  4. Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.
  5. Honor your father and your mother.
  6. You shall not murder.
  7. You shall not commit adultery.
  8. You shall not steal.
  9. You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.
  10. You shall not covet your neighbor’s house, wife, or property.

Notice the order these Commands are in. Honor your father and your mother is listed ahead of giving false testimony and stealing.  This would seem to indicate a higher degree of Godly Importance given to honoring your parents than to telling a lie. The Grantor of the Will and Trust in this Case clearly instructed that he was to be buried “in my casket” (Will, Article XIII, page 5) clearly indicating the Grantor considered the casket that he was to be buried in to be his personal property at the time of the signing of the Will.

It is interesting to me our Societies have made millions of laws to represent what the Ten Commandments represent, but have failed to represent the Ten Commandments in the “arm of flesh” process, and have actually purposely swept the Ten Commandments through the cracks, and the Ten Commandments have fallen through the cracks never to be considered again in the courts of justice. This sure happened in the Probate Court Case that heard my Dad’s Case, where no doubt the Judge was shackled by the Probate Laws, because the Judge’s body language in that Court indicated to me the Judge did not like a lot of what the “opponent” lawyers and Trustees were doing in opposition to the Will and Trust. It seems to me the Probate Laws are so convoluted, so out of phase with prudence, so jacked up, an honest Judge has no choice but to judge against the Grantor’s own written wills, desires, and instructions in their own Will and Trust. This is exactly why there is a need for a Grantor’s, and Beneficiary’s, Will and Trust, Bill Of Rights, to sidestep all of the jacked up Probate Laws in existence and would be impossible to weed out individually.

Would it not be obvious that the Trustees (both blood daughters to the Grantor) failed to honor their parents, in addition to stealing from their parents, and lied to their parents, when they promised as Trustees to follow their father’s instructions contained in the Will, “I desire to be buried…I also desire that my wife’s remains be placed in my casket with my remains for burial” (Will, Article XIII, page 5), when they cremated their own father against his will, taking away from their own father a casket that their father considered as his own personal property that he set aside his own good money in his Trust to pay for later? Apparently the Probate Court did not see what I have just described as a lie, stealing, and fraud, at least not according to being enforceable by the Law, but what does the average American think, what would God think? No doubt the Probate Court Judgment was based on Probate Law, which Law would obviously be in direct opposition to the American will and God’s Will, and as such these Laws need desperately to be changed. Anyone else agree?

The Trustee promises came by Notarized Signature of the PT and Implied Consent by the CT and NNCT. Compare “This Trust Agreement shall extend to and be binding upon the Personal Representatives and assigns of the Grantor and upon the successors of the Trustee.” (Trust, Article VI, page 14 and compare Will, Article V, page 3, where Will and Trust are incorporated as one document.)

“Honesty Is a Principle of Salvation

  • “What would society be like if everyone were perfectly honest?

“…It is important to learn what honesty is, how we are tempted to be dishonest, and how we can overcome this temptation.

“…God is honest and just in all things… We too must be honest in all things to become like Him… ‘Those who choose to cheat and lie and deceive and misrepresent become [Satan’s] slaves’ (Elder Mark E. Petersen, in Conference Report, Oct. 1971, 65; or Ensign, Dec. 1971, 73).

“Honest people love truth and justice. They are honest in their words and actions. They do not lie, steal, or cheat.

“To Lie Is Dishonest

“…Satan would have us believe it is all right to lie. He says, Yea, lie a little; … there is no harm in this. Satan encourages us to justify our lies to ourselves. Honest people will recognize Satan’s temptations and will speak the whole truth, even if it seems to be to their disadvantage.

“To Steal Is Dishonest

“Jesus taught, Thou shalt not steal. Stealing is taking something that does not belong to us… Taking more than our share of anything is stealing.

“To Cheat Is Dishonest

“We cheat when we give less than we owe, or when we get something we do not deserve… Satan says, Take the advantage of one because of his words, dig a pit for thy neighbor. Taking unfair advantage is a form of dishonesty. Providing inferior service or merchandise is cheating.

“We Must Not Excuse Our Dishonesty

“…When we excuse ourselves, we cheat ourselves and the Spirit of God ceases to be with us. We become more and more unrighteous.

“We Can Be Completely Honest

“…When we are completely honest, we cannot be corrupted. We are true to every trust, duty, agreement, or covenant, even if it costs us money, friends, or our lives. Then we can face the Lord, ourselves, and others without shame…”

Gospel Principles manual, Chapter 31, Honesty, Published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, SLC, Utah.

This is a sampling of the correct principles of honesty that the Mormon Church still teaches even though the Church leaders are “pollutions” (see yblds.com). One of the LF Partners is reported to be an Elder in a local church. Does that LF Partner teach these correct principles as an Elder, and if he does, does he apply these correct principles as a LF supervising Partner in the LF that wrote my Dad’s Will and Trust?

I will make a commentary about these Honesty Chapter correct principles later about some specific lies (My opinion, soon to be most people’s opinion for sure.) pertaining to the Trustees and LF. Good night world, for now. 6-28-2018, 8:30 PM,   🙂

As promised:

You will be buried in a casket lie:

Although there are dozens of lies, that can be proven to one degree or another, the most blatant and obvious lie by all the involved lawyers, all of the Trustees, and the two “den of thieves” Law Firm Partners, would be the lie to their own father, their own client, the Grantor, my Dad, was obviously promised to him that his “desire to be buried…I also desire that my wife’s remains [already in an urn at the time of signing] be placed in my [showing an understanding of possession of personal property] casket with my remains for burial,” would be carried out just as he desired. Will, Article XIII, page 5.

This promise was secured by the notarized signatures of the PT, and the TA, as well as the Implied Consent of all the listed Trustees, and Witnesses, named in the Will and Trust, all being incorporated by the Grantor, “I do hereby incorporate said Revocable Trust Agreement, by reference, as though set out verbatim herein.” Will, Article V, page 3. So both documents being incorporated together, then what is said in one, and applies to one, applies to the both as incorporated. All of the signatures, and covenants, and promises, of one, apply to the both, as incorporated and binding on the both, a if one legal                                 document.

So when the Trustees, all of the mentioned lawyers, including both Law Firm Partners because both Partners’ names are notoriously and conspicuously visible on all of the documents when filed in Probate, failed to vigorously protect their father’s, their client’s, desire to be buried, they proved themselves liars as not fulfilling their written promises, implied promises, in the Will and Trust. When you sign, when you lend your name knowingly as implied consent, you are stating you understand the terms of the contract, or Agreement in this case, and you will abide by the terms of the contract, or Agreement, and if you knowingly, and willingly, don’t live up to your part of the bargain then you are a liar, as simple as that.

If a person of a contract, and/or Agreement, actually implements a conspiracy to violate the terms of the contract, or Agreement, or goes along with any conspiracy to violate the terms of the contract, or Agreement, then they elevate themselves to include being a thief as well as a liar.

And for a Law Firm to take, accept, money as a fee, to write a Will and Trust, that they would knowingly violate later on, is the highest level of being a thief, and an obvious violation of a Fiduciary Relation and Trust, with a paying client. I think any person who would do this would be capable of stealing coins out of a blind man’s cup.

There may be jacked up Probate Laws that makes the above lies and stealing “legal” somehow, but it would be obvious the Original Intent of the Grantor was that he paid his Good Money to insure that he would be buried in a casket, and the Law Firm wrote a Bad Will, and added insult to injury when they took the Grantor’s own money to vigorously defend the Revenge Cremation Insult against the Grantor. How much lower can a Trustee get, how much lower can a lawyer get, how much lower can a Law Firm get, how much lower can a Law Firm Partner get, than this?

In 1775, was when “The Shot Heard Around The World” happened, where our Founding Fathers, and Patriots for Truth and Justice, started to show very aggressive signs of standing up against a King George Tyrant.  If these Patriots would have just looked the other way, just got along to get along, those same men would have been a part of the problem, instead of the solution to the problem, and the Course of History would not have been changed like it was; and we as Americans would not now enjoy the Freedoms and Liberty today, as we do, even thought those Freedoms and Liberties are being choked off by unethical lawyers who are trying to initiate King George’s Revenge on the rest of us now. As everyone reads this website, ask yourselves, are you a part of the problem by doing nothing; or are you a part of the solutions by doing something positive to take back the unalienable Rights of the Grantors, and the Beneficiaries, of plainly written Wills and Trusts, from the unethical lawyers who lie in wait to deceive, lie, and steal from the weak, the innocent, and those that are in the Right pertaining to those plainly written Wills and Trusts?

Like I said, there are dozens of lies associated with the lawyers, Trustees, and the two Law Firm partners, I will include later on this Page, or other Pages of this website, like the Depositions Page. For now I have other work to do. 8-14-2018, 8:12 AM. 🙂

November 1, 2018, 12:45 AM:

I am very troubled at the amount and frequency lies are told by all levels of people in America. We have the “fake news” which acts like they wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit them in the nose. And then we have “fake trustees and law firms” who act as if they couldn’t care less about telling a lie or stealing from the poor.

As doctrines of Satan any dishonesty follows a logical order. If a person starts their dishonesty with a lie, then stealing is just one step away for a seared conscience. If stealing is the first step then lying is just one step away for a seared conscience. The logical order dictates as a person is dishonest, the more sever the offenses become, NOT less sever. And if the offenses become more sever, then more sever lying and stealing can be expected until the lying and stealing include offenses that the offender never dreamed they would end up doing like adultery and murder.

The path between a little lie, a little bit of stealing, to adultery and murder, may be long but it is sure. The Lord God has set watchmen along the way, as His Prophets, to warn us to go back on this evil road. Satan has his devils along the way encouraging us to keep going in our sins, there is no harm, there is no danger. Take advantage of someone because of their words, or their circumstances, there is no harm, and if there is a God, he will punish you with a few strips and you will still go to heaven.

Here is what God said, “For, behold, I, God, have suffered these things for all that they might not suffer if they would repent; But if they would not repent they must suffer even as I; Which sufferings caused myself, even God, the greatest of all, to tremble because of pain, and to bleed at every pore, and to suffer both body and spirit–and would that I might not drink the bitter cup and shrink.” (D&C 19:16-18)

May I interpret this for those who resist the Word of God? If you are a disciple of Jesus Christ, and you live a repentant life, the Sufferings of Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane shall cover your sins but, if you do not live a repentant life then you will have to suffer for your own sins which sufferings will be the same intensity as when Jesus Christ suffered. Does that sound like you will only suffer a few stripes if you do not repent?

A person can believe in God or not, a person can believe they are just fine in their sins or not; it makes no difference, it does not matter, what a person thinks if it is contrary to the Word of God, God’s Word will prevail and rule on Judgment Day. There will be a lot of disappointed people who listened to Satan on Judgment Day and Satan will be laughing at them because Satan will have tricked them into thinking that they could get away with their lying and stealing against others with no real consequences later.

I have been in the process of preparing five Missouri BAR ethics violations reports against five of the lawyers involved in the lies and stealing associated with my Dad’s Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust Elder Abuses and these acts of lying, and the stealing, have been heavy on my mind and I fear for these lawyers on their judgment day.

Good night to the sad satanic lawyers. 🙁

Bro. Jim

P.S. Here is an Internet gem about lying that may be very relevant for the lying gang of Trustees and Lawyers.

“In group environments people tend to feel less guilty for lying because they are helping others. They are less afraid to lie because there is less of a chance of them being caught and suffering the entire blame because everyone on their team is implicated.” So these “birds of a feather” liars probably did some of their lying to cove the lies of the other liars.

“As part of the underlying personality disorder that causes them to lie, many compulsive liars have serious issues with self-esteem. They make up lies that show them in a positive light because they are uncomfortable with their true selves and feel that they aren’t good enough or worthy.”

I would say that hits the nail right on the head for these unethical Trustees and lawyers, they want to pull others down to their level of their misery. This is why they have fallen into Satan’s trap of becoming,  Ungrateful, Perpetual Complainer, Pathological Liar, Kleptomaniac, Narcissist, Control Freak, Selfish, Malicious, Predator, Blood Sucker, Bottom Feeder, Cold Blooded, Parasite, Unethical Shyster Lawyer, Mental Nut-Jobs.

“So sad, to bad,” for these Unethical, Shyster, Lawyers and Trustees. Considering all of the Warnings I have given to all of these Dark Spirited Low Lives, is there any chance that they could claim on Judgment Day that they were NOT warned? NOT A CHANCE!!! However, even though the Lord God will have His Way on Judgement Day, that does NOT excuse the righteous living from holding the angels of Satan accountable for their unrighteousness. What would have been the end result if the Allies had NOT stood up to Nazism and there was no D-Day?

These Unethical, Shyster Lawyers and Trustees obviously lied to my virtually blind Dad during the signing ceremony, that they “would be true” to him with his casket funeral and casket burial, or why else would he sign an Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust, if the liars would have been honest (impossible for pathological liars) with him and told him that he wasn’t getting anything that he wanted? These liars would have more honest if they told my Dad to go suck eggs!!! But then my Dad would NOT have signed.

I originally had Lies and Trustees as two separate Pages on this website but I decided to reduce the number of Pages so I incorporated Lies and Trustees. Here is what I had on the Trustees Page:

Did we not learn as children that it is not right to lie?

This Trustees Page is intended to illustrate to the Politician, and the citizen who may contact their Politician, that pertaining to the Dale Kelley Will and Trust Case, the title, the term, “Trustee,” is synonymous with the title, the term, “LIAR,” with all capital letters. It would be easier to list all of the truths that these Trustees said, than to have to list all of the lies that they said. The list of all the truths would probably be a blank piece of paper.

The Trustees and the Law Firm Partners are obviously concerned about their “good names” being associated with this Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust as well as the Screw You Father (and Mother), Revenge Cremation Insult for good reason(s). Their names will be “Mudd” when this eventually gets out on the news, etc.,and they should have thought of that when they lent their “good names” in writing to the Will and Trust with so many abuses and flaws proving it was an instrument of an Unconditional Surrender! The language right in the Will and Trust is so self-evident that it is an Unconditional Surrender document, I really do not understand how the Honorable Probate Court Judge missed this when I presented this right under their nose in the Court Hearing.

What ever happened to a person’s signature indicated that they knew what they were signing? “Wrong Way” Trustee Nancy signed by Public Notary indicating she swore to be a faithfully trustworthy Trustee and yet she cremated her own father when she know the Will instructions were to bury him in a casket with the Trust instructions to pay for a grave monument. So her family name will be synonymous with this Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust and her indiscretion to initiate the Screw You Father (and Mother), Revenge Cremation Insult similar to Benedict Arnold’s name is synonymous with being a traitor. At least that is my prediction and my opinion based on what may happen this year with the legislators and/or on the campaign trails.

The Contingent Trustees likewise, no matter how much “I know nothing” testimony they may try to give, did in fact lend their names to the Will and Trust and were witnesses to all  of the Unconditional Surrenderlanguage right in the Will and Trust as well as they all were eye witnesses that the Grantor did not get his casket funeral and casket burial like he instructed and paid for. Their names will be “Mudd” later on, after the investigations, hearings, news reports, etc., and there is no backing out now for the following reasons:

  1. They might have tried to claim ignorance to what the liar Trustee Nancy was planning and doing as “I know nothing” similar to Sargent Schultz in a famous TV POW show.
  2. It actually doesn’t matter if the Contingent Trustees knew anything before hand, or not, about anything the liar Trustee Nancy was planning or doing because, when the facts were presented, when the facts were out, they sided with the liar Trustee Nancy every step of the way including Court appearance testimony and never once sided with the Grantor’s wills, desires, and wishes as clearly expressed in the Will and Trust. This is not an opinion but fact as preserved by the Court testimonies and the Court Record. The same Record that may very well be a testament against the Honorable Judge if this were ever fully investigated!
  3. This proves that the Contingent Trustees would have sided with the lying Trustee Nancy on theUnconditional Surrender Will and Trust as well as the Revenge Cremation Insult had they known every plan and every action of the liar Trustee Nancy at the time of the plans and of the actions. If they were NOT on the side of the liar Trustee Nancy in all of this from the beginning then why didn’t they side with the Grantor (their father) and  the one and only faithful Beneficiary to the Grantor and his Will and Trust, the #1 Son, Jim Kelley?
  4. Actually the evidence is the also known liar Contingent Trustee Carl was the shadow of the liar Trustee Nancy (married to each other) and directly participated in the actual handling of the urns before and during the funeral so he had to know there was NO casket as specifically instructed in the Will.
  5. There is some evidence that the liar Trustee Nancy and  known liar Contingent Trustee Carl were busy looking over their shoulders as someone that feels guilty because somehow the spelling of the last names of both urns were spelled the “Wrong Way” (another “wrong way” Nancy move) and neither the inept Trustee Nancy or the inept Contingent Trustee Carl noticed it.
  6. There is evidence the Next Next Contingent Trustee Maureen signed an Authorization For Cremation certificate because if she had not the Funeral Home would not have performed the cremation. The Next Next Contingent Trustee Maureen claimed in her Court Hearing testimony similar to her saying I know nothing about any such certificate under oath but that would have to be an obvious lie.
  7. The proof the Next Next Contingent Trustee Maureen did see the urns is she informed the inept Trustee Nancy the next day that the names were misspelled. Obviously the Next Next Contingent Trustee saw the urns or she would not have noticed the “Wrong Way” spelling of “Kelly” instead of the right way spelling of Kelley, on those urns.

The Law Firm has some names on it’s Corporate Name that may end up being like Mudd. The “den of thieves” Law Firm Trust Attorney Paul, as well as being a Law Firm Partner, volunteered to me toward the end of the abusive Depositions, I didn’t even ask, that he was at the funeral so obviously he saw there was NO casket and not only DID NOT questioned where is the casket, but has vigorously defended the lying Trustee Nancy’s abusive actions of her Screw You Father (and Mother), Revenge Cremation Insult so he has brought himself and his “den of thieves” Law Firm into this whole mess as deep as the liar Trustee Nancy in the final analysis.

I think, as my opinion and predictions, the Trustees and this “den of thieves” Law  Firm are going to have some serious explaining to do and they will not have the advantage of a gun fight where they have the only loaded gun against a guy with only a broken wooden spoon to protect himself.

Bro. Jim

P.S. Had my Dad and I been able to have communicated better before the signing of the Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust, we would have taken these boots and walked!!! No wonder the coward Trustees, the coward “den of thieves” Law Firm wrote and lawyer tricked my Dad into signing behind my back!!!

Some day in the future “these boots are going to walk all over” these lying Trustees and the lying “den of thieves” Law Firm. God has revealed to me that He will assign these known liars a place “burning in hell” during the 1st second, of the 1st minute, of the 1st hour of the Lord’s Work on Judgment Day. This should make the Honorable Probate Court Judge a bit nervous too.

If “the Greatest Generation,” the WW II Generation, saw these kinds of American Nazi lawyer/Judge Mafia tactics they would have told these Nazi Lawyers and Judges to just “keep walking” when they ran these Nazis out of town, perhaps after tar and feathering them on a rail!

What has happened to America in the 21st Century, as compared to a more ethical, with a working moral compass, America of the 20th Century? ANSWER: Satan has taken over whee God used to be honored and revered. Just look at the Northside [pretend] Christian [Nazi] Church for evidence of that. See Page 33, Northside Christian Church, on this website, for a good example of how Satan has infiltrated many of the American churches.


This website is political speech for the purpose to convince enough politicians who are in the Missouri State Legislator to pass a Grantor’s and Beneficiary’s, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights. By necessity this political speech has to be straight forward, containing the raw truth, to raise the awareness of the State Legislators for the real and desperate need of this Bill of Rights to protect the innocent Grantors and Beneficiaries from the evil designs of unethical shyster lawyers. This is a Human Rights matter and I would think it should receive bipartisan support; I pray so, I hope so.

This website represents “a never ending battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way” which concepts it seems most lawyers are trying to take/steal away. Like all evil, if you give evil an inch, then evil will take a mile. It seems most lawyers think “the arm of flesh” knows better than God what Truth and Justice are as the Lawyer Profession blunders down the black hole of evil and sin, while trying to suck America with them to a hell on earth. Just say NO to evil, STOP evil, say NO to corrupt lawyers, STOP corrupt lawyers, for a better America today for ourselves and tomorrow for our posterity.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This whole Page, and this whole Website, has to be considered “legally” to be my own OPINION, and nothing else, because there are four Lawyers, and a Law Firm, poised, waiting, to pounce on me and this Website. The Law Firm petitioned The Court to order this Website taken down; first time January 17, 2018, and a second time, April 4, 2018. Obviously this Website is in jeopardy for telling the Truth about a WW II, D-Day, captured behind enemy lines, POW for 10 months, veteran; Elder Abused by a team of unethical lawyers, and a Law Firm, the PROOF preserved in the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER WILL AND TRUST, that led to this Veteran being held as a POW in the 21st Century War of Elder Abuses, and they are obviously afraid of that.

What is my opinion today, will no doubt become the opinions of millions of other Americans soon, and perhaps will evolve into obvious  self-evident truth for the future. To get to an obvious self-evident Set of Truths pertaining to a Grantor’s, and Beneficiary’s, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights, it is going to take the efforts of millions of Americans, that can legitimately claim the Title of Americans, to come together and say “STOP!” to the lawyer abuses so prevalent pertaining to Probate Laws that would go against the ideals of all Americans, especially American Veterans like my Dad, in unified efforts to stomp out the symptoms of Socialism in the Probate Laws.

As always if the Trustees, lawyers, and Law Firm would like to give me any short statement to explain their side/opinion I would probably include that if they would wish. They all have declined to my honest and sincere offers like this in the past.