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Here I stand, pictured above at the WW I Soldiers Memorial, where NO Democrat Politician, NO Republican Politician, dares stand with me against the Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments of today! See page 56, Rep. Mike Stephens & Gov. Parsons, for some insight on this.
Way to often when anyone stands up for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way,” they stand alone. Big city people are notorious for just watching while a criminal robs, rapes, and/or kills someone on a subway or bus; never interferes with the crime, and just watches while the criminal gets off at the next stop.
There are those who think that using the term “Nazi” to describe 21st Century sociopathic, narcissistic, and evil people is some kind of overreach? Oh ye of little experience with Nazi people and little intelligence, quit being offended by the Truth!
“So sad.”  🙁
Superstition = Darkness

The Medieval Dark Ages were filled with superstition nonsense like don’t cross the path of a black cat which was just plain stupid. The 20th and 21st Century Dark Ages are filled with superstition nonsense like a person’s sex is determined by what is between a person’s ears, instead of what is between a person’s legs, which is just plain superstition nonsense, and remember this superstition, don’t cross the path of the WOKE crowd!

Superstition, dark thinking, nonsense, stupid, and ignorance are always wrong and come from the dark spirits of Satan and his (male specific spirit) 10s of billions (with a “B”) demons (both male and female specific dark spirits).

Intelligence, enlightened thinking, common sense, and pure-correct knowledge come from God, even by the Power of the Holy Ghost, and will be always right and correct as coming from God. “The glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth. Light and truth forsake that evil one [Satan],” (D&C 93:36-37 as revealed to The Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. by the Power of the Holy Ghost).

So we can know with sure knowledge when we plainly see STUPID in government, in any church, in any group or person, that is from Satan; and when we plainly see pure intelligence as light and truth, that is from God, who always acts in His children’s best interests.

Our governments, especially the dark minded Progressive Liberal High Priests Of False Security U.S. Supreme Court Justices, have become possessed by Satan and his demons, which has led to the taking of God out of the schools, the taking of The Ten Commandments out of government buildings and property as a stand-alone Standard, which has also now led to wholesale abortions of innocent babies, and what else would any right thinking person expect now other than a 20th and 21st Century Dark Ages?

The churches universal teachings of their false sense of security for money False Doctrines of Satan are Satan’s icing on his cake of his 20th and 21st Century Dark Ages. Satan owns any period of Dark Ages and God owns any Dispensation of the Restoration of Knowledge and Truth.

This 20th and 21st Century Dark Ages can be reversed IF, this is a real big “IF,” the churches can swallow their pride and throw off all false doctrines and accept what God says as His Doctrines as recorded in the Holy Bible, as well as in the Book of Mormon. What are the odds of this happening in America? 10 to 1 or 1 to 10? We will see.

If the American churches were to organize and join an American Ministerial Alliance, and run it right, that would go a long ways to eliminating false doctrines in the churches and help end this 21st Century Dark Ages.

Bro. Jim

Again, if liberty’s torch light ever goes out the world will go dark!
The torch is a symbol of enlightenment. The Statue of Liberty’s torch lights the way to freedom showing us the path to Liberty. Even the Statue’s official name represents her most important symbol “Liberty Enlightening the World”.
This is how bad things have gotten with our Commander and Chief, along with Russia and China Hunter, for our Country’s security. I am writing this on Aug. 24, 2021, but I just wonder what the Taliban, ISIS, and our other Arab enemies will try to do on Sept. 11, 2021, the 20th anniversary.


And never forget that Taliban Joe got elected by massive frauds during the American Grand Theft Presidential Election!

St. Louis Co., Mo., Circuit Court System Stinks To High Heaven

KSGF talk show host Nick Need (a real good guy “for Truth, Justice, and the American Way”), had a guest on his show Mar. 3, 2021, Megan Fox of PJ Media, who apparently has a trunk load of evidence (soon to be a truck load) proving that the St. Louis County Circuit Court (includes Probate Court) System stinks to High Heaven. I hope that the stench soon reaches God in Heaven and He comes soon to fix these open, notorious, and blatant “secret combinations” among the corrupt lawyers and corrupt judges there, and here in Greene Co., Mo. Circuit Court (includes Probate Court)! Listen for yourself:

Aired on March 3, 2021.


Copy and paste to your browser.

Need I say any more? Obviously if “secrete combinations” corruptions like this can happen in St. Louis Co. then doesn’t this give some support and proof to what my Dad, and I, experienced at the hands of the Greene County Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia that is exposed with ample proof positive right on this website?

When I see my Mom and Dad in the spirit world when I die, I will have to say to them that, “The worst decision you ever made in your life, bar none else, was when you made Nazi Nancy Yendes as your Trustee for your Will and Trust, along with trusting Nazi Carl Yendes, Nazi Maureen Royce, and Nazi Bob Royce too.” What else can I say, what else should I say, what else would God want me to say???

EVERYONE WHO READS THIS MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT PICK NAZIS FOR YOUR TRUSTEES AND REPRESENTATIVES FOR YOUR WILL AND TRUST. It would be prudence to have a Bank and Trust Company do your Will and Trust as well as act as your Trustee and Representative after you die; AND UNTIL YOU DIE YOU BE YOUR OWN TRUSTEE!!! See Page 68 of this website, Answer = Bank & Trust Co.

The very best way to handle your giving your Beneficiaries their inheritance would be to give as much as you can to them before you die and then you may get a thank you instead of a scolding when your Beneficiaries enter the spirit world to meet you.

Bro. Jim Kelley

Standing up for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way!”

Many American soldiers have stood up for, fought for, Truth, Justice, and the American Way! To the best of my ability I am standing up for Truth, Justice, and the Americn Way in front of the soldiers monuments on the Polk Co., Mo., Courthouse lawn.

The way that evil works is that it does NOT stop in one place, at one part, once it’s tentacles get any kind of a foot hold. Like the camel’s nose in the door of the tent, the tentacles of evil just keep advancing until there is no more room to advance. That is how Satan works because Satan is never satisfied until he has corrupted and destroyed it all.

I have given the names of complete institutions and organizations, with proof positive, that Satan is in control of those institutions and organizations along with the leaders who obviously should know better.

The LD$ Church started out in 1830 as the Restored Church of Jesus Christ in the latter-days BUT IT HAS BEEN TOTALLY AND THOROUGHLY CORRUPTED TO THE POINT THEY ARE NOW AN INSTRUMENT OF, AND FOR, SATAN! 

The Northside Christian Church of Springfield, Mo. would appear from the outside to be a church that would represent Jesus Christ BUT IT HAS BEEN TOTALLY AND THOROUGHLY CORRUPTED TO THE POINT THEY ARE NOW AN INSTRUMENT OF, AND FOR, SATAN AND NAZISM! 

The Greene Co. Probate Court would appear from the outside to be a court of law BUT IT HAS BEEN TOTALLY AND THOROUGHLY CORRUPTED TO THE POINT THEY ARE NOW AN INSTRUMENT OF, AND FOR, SATAN! And the tentacles of satanic corruptions go clear to the Mo. Supreme Court right through the front door of the Mo. BAR!

November 2020 has seen the greatest fraud capable upon the American people as The Great Grand Theft American Presidential Election Robbery of all time. The American Court Systems are so corrupt that they sided with the robbers knowing that time is of the essence if Truth, Justice, and the American Way were to prevail. On December 11th the U.S. Supreme Court refused to even hear a case dutifully brought to it by the State of Texas, supported by several other States. “Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas dissented from the decision to not hear the case, arguing that ‘we do not have discretion’ to turn down suits filed between two or more states, which fall within the Supreme Courts ‘original jurisdiction.’” Like I have said before on this website, Justice Clarence Thomas is perhaps the most honest and qualified Supreme Court Justice we have right now!

America has made some really bad, and costly, mistakes pertaining to policies of apathy. In the last part of the 1950s the policy of apathy was to let airline hijackers have their way when wanting to hijack a plane to Cuba. That  government apathy led to our 9-11-01. The government apathy of “Let the courts decide” has now led to the courts siding with the Grand Theft Robbers by not even hearing the case knowing full well that the clock will run out on Truth, Justice, and the American Way for the 2020 Presidential Election.

Now the only last chance that the people have is for the Electoral College to vote for President Trump and I have been earnestly praying for that to happen each and every day.

Who in their right mind would think that this Electoral College map can be right? “Sleepy Joe” wakes up and emerges out of his basement, like the groundhog on Groundhog Day, and winter is over for the Democrats  and “Sleepy Joe” wins the Presidential Election with his side kick, the first drop out during the Democrat Primary, Chameleon Heresy!

The fate of the Nation may rest on how 38 Electoral College electors vote on Monday, Dec. 14, 2020.

Based on how wide spread, in your face out in the open, voter fraud was used to steal the Presidential Election these same Democrats would no doubt try to win a poker game with five aces and expect no one to question that!

Bro. Jim, Saturday, 12-12-2020, 9:45 P.M.

Not only did the weak kneed, lukewarm, House and Senate as a whole accept the wholesale voter frauds but the devil Nazi Nancy Pelosi led the House of Representatives to vote to impeach the innocent President Trump for a second time in two years! When the evil American Nazi “Democratic Socialists” (the German Nazi Party were Democratic Socialists) Party impeaches you twice in two years YOU MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!!!

Bro. Jim, Wednesday, 1-13-2021

This voter fraud effects the innocent Democrats too!!!

In 2015, there was a DNC led Democrat Party Presidential Primary Election Process that stole that election from Bernie Sanders with the “Superdelegates” majority delegate process which gave Hilary super majority votes even when the state’s voters voted for Bernie.

Bernie was pretty popular among younger voters to the point that 75% of the BYU student body and facility supported Bernie, which seemed pretty amazing to the adult Mormon population.  But never the less, the DNC knew how popular Bernie was and took no chances that he might win over Hilary and engineered the delegate voter fraud that stole the Primary Elections from Bernie. So if the DNC will commit voter fraud against their own then how much more likely would it be for them to commit voter fraud against the Republicans and especially President Trump of which a lot of Republicans were registered “Never Trumpers!”

Bro. Jim, Thursday, 6-24-2021


Special Note To The Nazi Lawyers And “The Den Of Thieves” Law Firm

Have you all experienced Criminal Remorse yet? Have you choked on that ill-gotten Trust money yet? If you have then maybe it is time for you all to cut your loses and surrender me a document similar to that which Nancy Yendes tried to trick me into signing as is displayed on the Page #16, Nancy’s BRIBE, for all to see? That would be an “AGREEMENT TO CONSENT TO JUDGMENT REGARDING THE SHARE,” which would amend the Judgment to reflect what it should have been, should have read, according to the Mo. Probate Laws and how the Will and Trust read, WHICH “THE DEN OF THIEVES” MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN, Law Firm wrote for their cash paying “client” anyway!

With that admission of guilt then I can withdraw a lot of the proofs on this website that you all are the lowest form of Nazi animal life that has any trace of human DNA and use that admission of guilt to present to the Mo. State Legislator for the Grantor and Beneficiary, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights. Otherwise I will just keep adding the proofs to prove even further what low life pieces of shit all of the Lawyers and Trustees were, are, who purposely, with malice, abused their own father, “client,” who was 94 years old, blind, AND A WW II, D-DAY, CAPTURED BEHIND ENEMY LINES POW FOR 10 MONTHS, VETERAN, TO BOOT TOO! Have any one of you Lawyers and/or Trustees ever claimed that you support our veterans? If you ever have claimed that then you are a bold face liar!

Which would you rather have your children, friends (soon to leave you when they find out about this anyway), who ever else that may know of you, discover and know about in the future; this website with all of these proofs and counting, OR an “AGREEMENT TO CONSENT TO JUDGMENT REGARDING THE SHARE?”

The choice is up to all of you BUT LET NO ONE THINK THAT I DID NOT GIVE YOU A FAIR CHANCE TO SAVE YOURSELVES FROM A WHOLE HOST OF BAD PUBLICITY INCLUDING YOUR BEING AT THE HEAD OF THE LINE FOR THOSE WHO WILL BE ORDERED TO A “BURNING IN HELL” IN ETERNITY (see Page 43, Revelations, for an update on “And then there is the one million lawyers burning in hell revelation………….(No joke!!!),” that I should be able to get to in a day or two. I have to write a letter to Senator Hawley first today (Dec. 17, 2020).

Though he is not mentioned elsewhere on this website Kristoffer R. Barefield was one of the early Nazi Lawyers who witnessed my Dad being lawyer tricked into signing his Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust. This Nazi may try to explain his signature away here by claiming that he only witnessed my Dad, and Nazi Nancy, signing; BUT ACCORDING TO NAZI NANCY ALL OF THE WITNESSES WITNESSED THE ENTIRE EXPLAINING OF THE WILL AND TRUST TO MY DAD, so Nazi Lawyer Barefield is just as accountable for allowing/permitting the other Nazis take advantage of my Dad as they are BECAUSE HE WITNESSED ALL OF THIS!!!

Just for the record here is Nazi/Lawyer Nancy Yendes signing, as a notorized oath, that she would faithfully execute my Dad’s Will and Trust according to my Dad’s instructions, wishes, and desires. What a piece of “dung [shit]” Nazi Nancy was, is, and continues to be. How would anyone like to have something like Nazi Nancy as your daughter, sister, wife, as your mother, etc.?
Here is the Correct Principle when it comes to just sitting on your hands and saying nothing when you witness evil, you are evil yourself for NOT standing up and speaking against evil. Kristoffer R. Barefield could have stood up for my Dad in that conference when he realized, should have realized if he were not asleep, that my Dad was illegally being lawyer tricked into signing his Rights away in “a den of thieves” Law Firm Office, and he would NOT allow his name to be attached to, associated with, that!  Shame on Kristoffer R. Barefield for siding with the Nazis and stabbing a D-Day veteran in the back at the same time and then signing his name to all of that too!!! Damn is Kristoffer R. Barefield stupid. “Stupid is as stupid does!” Kristoffer R. Barefield, you were working for the “den of thieves” Law Firm at the time of your signing, so how much did the “den of thieves” pay you to be a Nazi Lawyer/Witness against my Dad, which money came out of my Dad’s pocket as a Nazi fee, and are you choking on that blood money yest??? Any comments Nazi, e-mail me at apowtwice@hotmail.com. Again, how much did the “den of thieves” Law Firm pay you for that hour of time that Nazi Nancy Yendes claimed you were there at the time of the signing of my Dad’s Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust??? This textbook example of giving your name for some blood money should be an example, a warning, to everyone to be careful where, and how, you give your name on any kind of a document but especially a legal Nazi document because it will look bad for you in this life and “God will not hold [you] guiltless” when you stand before Him on your Judgment Day!
Has anybody noticed yet that I, Bro. Jim Kelley, have very little tolerance for Nazis??? Does anyone think that Jesus would have very little tolerance for Nazis too???

Brother Jim (Dec. 17, 2020)


Eternal Principle Of Spider web Corruptions:

There seems to be a principle of truth that when organizations are corrupt then they become corrupt all over. While an individual person may have a vice and be honest in every other aspect of their lives; it seems that when any origination is corrupt in any one area it never stops with that one area of corruption but corruptions end up consuming the whole beast.

For this reason it has become necessary when exposing one corruption in the American Court System it has become necessary to expose many other areas of corruptions that are obviously visible to get the true and bigger total picture of the universal corruptions to give proper coverage of the original problems of the Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments.

For The Love Of Money

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith [and followed Satan], and pierced themselves through with many sorrows [in this life and for all eternity]” (1 Timothy 6:10). Apparently Lawyers Nancy Yendes, Carl Yendes, Paul Sherman, and Gary Bishop, as well as Trustee Maureen Royce (and perhaps her husband Bob Royce too) all lusted for my Dad’s money which has led to numerous criminal activities on their parts and much sorrow for them in this life as well as losing their Eternal Life with Jesus for all eternity. A person would be wise to learn from these children of Satan’s mistakes which is a major reason for this website; to warn the innocent of Satan’s tricks and snares pertaining to family Wills and Trusts executed by the Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia! “Buyer be aware and be warned!!!”

Bro. Jim Kelley, #1 Son of Dale Kelley (an honorable D-Day veteran who deserved a lot better than being victimized by this Lawyer/Judge Mafia).

The primary purpose of this website is to muster support for a Grantor and Beneficiary, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights, so please call your Mo. State Legislators and ask them to support this by name, A POW Twice Mission! “Just say NO” to the Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia!

Family Christmas Gathering

What happened, what is documented here on this website, would be the equivalent of a father of a family inviting his adult children to his house for a Christmas gathering and:

  1. The two wicked daughters, with their wicked husbands, come early before the others arrived with a huge moving van, and attacked the father, rape him, stole all of his money, all of his property, and left the father for dead; and then left the father’s house to count their ill-gotten gains.
  2. Then the #1 Son comes and finds what happened and calls his wicked sisters and brother-in-laws on what they did and then the evil ones attack the #1 Son, rape him and steal all of his money for threatening to tell the State Legislator what they did and there is a terrible need for a Grantor and Beneficiary, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights.
  3. Then the courts act as if this is normal family business as usual and all of the wicked ones get away with all of their lies, stealing, rapes, and battery against their own kin.

This is NOT any stretch of the imagination compared to what actually happened to my Dad and myself. Those who have read through this website have commented to me, “And we thought that our family was all f&%$@# up!”

What kind of a family could something like this happen to at a family Christmas gathering? What kind of a Nation could something like this happen as outlined on this website and would be approved of all the way from the Greene Co. Probate Court, through the Mo. BAR, and right up to the Mo. Supreme Court who personally supervises the Mo. BAR?

The people have lost their Representative Republic system of government and what comes next will be Socialism (already here, Bernie Sanders leading), Communism (almost here, AOC leading), and full blown radical Muslim Sharia Law (not far after Communism with Rashida Harbi Tlaib and Ilhan Abdullahi Omar leading) which will outlaw Christianity and Judaism in America. There is no stopping the Sharia Law once it gets its roots established! The result will be Christians and Jews will be murdered in America similar to how the Jews were murdered in Nazi Germany!

There Is Fraud All Around!!!
The Election Map for Nov. 3, 2020.

Everyone with an I.Q. larger than their age would know that Joe “Bite Me” did not get enough votes to warrant these Election Map results. This is the result of more than 10 million fraudulent votes!

The Democrats were able to muster up about 5 million fraudulent votes in the 2016 Election but that was not enough to take the victory away from Mr. Trump. The Democrats has four years to get fraudulent voting better for them and the result is 264 Electoral College votes for “Bite Me and 214 for President Trump a few days after the election?” This is proof positive that there are a lot of mental disorder things going on with the Democrats. “Liberalism is a mental disorder!” It is time that the sane people of America wake up to the fact that the mental disorder people in America are stealing America away from the sane people just because the sane are being to stupid to wake up and realize this!

Dr. Michael Savage was like a Prophet of God when he wrote this book in about 2004.

Voltaire knew what he was talking about when it comes to corrupt governments and may I add the corrupt and “polluted” Mormon Church now run by General Authority “hypocrites.” Those words in quotation marks are the Words of Jesus, not mine, I am only quoting Jesus (Mormon 8:38). Mormons need to wake up and realize that those “arms of flesh” General Authorities have, for the love of money, have denied Jesus Christ in favor of filthy lurker, and have “polluted” the Mormon Church including attacking any member who quotes Mormon 8:38 as being Jesus Christ’s Personal Warning to the Mormon rank and file about their “pieces of shit” General Authority Church Leaders! How can any church survive as Christ’s Church when the leaders put money before Christ???

America has already lost its identity to the unethical American Court Systems because of the Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/judge Mafia and this is clearly a case where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Because the people allowed our Democratic Republic to be stolen in plain sight by the unethical Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia it will take the pound of cure to get our Representative Republic back! This unethical Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia is the exact reason that America collectively kills babies before they are born and lets murders go free like O.J. Simpson.

“It is a lazy mother who cleans up their child’s room instead of teaching their child to clean up their own room and enforcing that for their child’s benefit.” May I suggest that it is a lazy American citizen who does not learn correct principles, help others to learn correct principles, and hold our governments accountable to those correct principles for the benefit of The United States Of America!

The Ten Commandments used to be displayed at and in most of our public buildings including government buildings like court houses.

The Ten Commandments are the very bare minimum for Correct Principles for America, especially those who profess with their tongues to be a Christian or a Jew. Some of the proof of this is the Ten Commandments do not specifically mention paying tithing but later the Lord speaks through His Prophet Malachi, “Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me…In tithes and offerings.” (Malachi 3:8, compare all of Chapter 3.)

Here is the Correct Principle that most churches do not teach because the church leaders of most churches do not understand this about the Ten Commandments: When Moses came from Mount Sinai the first time those tablets that Moses broke were the Higher Law. When Moses returned to Mount Sinai the Lord God gave Moses the Lesser Law, the Ten Commandments, as a school master for Israel to practice until they could have any chance of obeying the Higher Law. The Higher Law contained the Principles of Sacrifice which included tithing “and [other] offerings” in addition to the 10% tithing!!!

Had the Ten Commandments been in play, been observed, pertaining to my Dad’s Will and Trust then there would have been NO problems, NO mistakes, and the Trustees, as well as the Commissioner/Judge involved, would have never been in jeopardy of losing their Eternal Life with God after this life! How many Americans, especially those in government including most lawyers and judges, can honestly say that they observe the Ten Commandments faithfully. Unless you are a Judge Amy Coney Barrett the likely hood that you have not violated the Ten Commandments several times this last week, or even several times this day, would be very slim.

This is what happens when correct principles are ignored!

Is it worth it to anyone, to lose the U.S. Constitution with the Bill of Rights in favor of the Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments that are in total opposition to our Democratic Republic as founded in the 18th Century???

“Silence Is Golden!”

Silence is golden when it comes to professional lawyer/judge avoidance to clean up the lawyer profession of what can be accurately described right on this website as ongoing criminal “confidence game,” “bait and switch,” unethical lawyer activities. What the “den of thieves” MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm did to my Dad with the Nazi Weaponized Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust that they personally wrote and vigorously defensed themselves against my Dad, and myself, is nothing short of an old fashioned criminal “confidence game,” and “bait and switch,” small time punk bully trick against their own cash paying “client!” Shame on every lawyer, every judge, every politician, every church, every news person, who had any knowledge of this criminal “confidence game” and “bait and switch” activity against my Dad and DID NOTHING ABOUT IT!!! Your silence shall be a testimony against you on the Lord’s Judgment Day against you all!!! There is always time to repent of this before you die, the sooner the better!

For those who may be ignorant about criminal “confidence games” here is an old Highway Patrol TV Show that can give some Light and Truth to the subject for you that America seemed to understand criminal concepts better in the 20th Century than today in 2020. The criminal woman in this TV Show would be my sister, Nazi Criminal Lawyer/Trustee Nancy Yendes and the criminal man in this TV Show would be the “den of thieves” Law Firm Partner Paul Sherman. Watch and be educated:

More commentary on this obvious “den of thieves” Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia criminal activity and all of those implemented to come later…Remember when your mother advised you to pick your friends wisely???

Criminal Violators In Order Of Criminal Participation:

  1. Criminals Lawyers Nancy Yendes, Carl Yendes, along with stupid criminal accomplices Maureen and Bob Royce, for their Capture Kidnapping of my Dad, against his will and behind my back, on Memorial Day weekend 2011. Could there be anything lower in the human food chain than these four?
  2. The “den of thieves” MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm for their writing and defending the Nazi Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust totally against my Dad, and myself, obviously against the Mo. State Law, the Mo. BAR code of ethics, any Fiduciary Duty to a cash paying client, and against the basic Principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Could there be anything lower in the lawyer food chain than these Law Firm Partners?
  3. To be continued…
Food For Thought

Everything bad in the 21st Century America started out as an evil thought from an evil lawyer and then backed up by an evil judge’s judgment. Give me one thing that was a man made evil in the 21st Century America that was not started by a lawyer, promoted by a lawyer, defended by a lawyer, and approved by a judge? No wonder Jesus Christ had so much trouble with unrighteous lawyers and unrighteous judges!

Honest and righteous lawyers and judges need to clean up your profession! DO IT NOW!!!

Probing Question:

If we did not have the Bill of Rights today, as the first Ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, what would be the chances in the 21st Century that America would pass and ratify this same Bill of Rights?

What does the obvious answer to the above question reveal about our 21st Century America as compared to the 18th Century America? Then ask why NOT?

Warning, Warning, Warning!!!

Many parts of this website are NOT Politically Correct BUT this website does contain the TRUTH!!!

An Obsession With The Word “Nazi?”

A Missouri Government investigator for abuses against people made the comment that this website, that I Bro. Jim, seemed to have an obsession for the word “Nazi.” May I point out that what is on this website is the proper response for the obsession of Nazism to destroy innocent peoples’ lives in America! We are losing America as originally founded and every American, who can honestly claim the title of American, should be deeply concerned for the welfare of America right now because we are losing to the American Nazis, the radical Muslims, and other angels of Satan at an increasingly rapid rate. So this deep concern is NOT some mental disorder obsession; but radical Nazism, and radical Islam, is a mental disorder obsession to destroy what God has pronounced as good, and America needs “to throw Political Correctness in the garbage can where it belongs” and call a Nazi a Nazi so we can better know who our enemies are!

Perhaps those who think that I have an obsession with the word Nazi, especially government workers, have their own obsession for being just plain stupid? “Stupid is as stupid does” and that is what Nazis depend on for their Nazi success!

The Armistice of Nov. 1918, ended “The Great War” (WW I), and placed limitations on Germany to “guarantee” that Germany would never start another “Great War” again. The European Nations let Nazi Germany grow its military by their policies of “appeasement” and Nazi Germany took advantage of this sleepiness or apathy.

It is estimated by WW II historians that before Germany invaded Poland in Sept. 1939, the Nazi War Machine had NOT built up enough yet, that the French Army could have defeated Nazi Germany all by themselves. But the Allies waited to long, appeased for to long, let Nazi Germany build up for to long, that in July, 1940, Germany was able to overwhelm the French Army and occupy France. From that point on it took massive invasion operations like D-Day to defeat Nazi Germany.

So it is NOT some kind of a mental nut job obsession to want to defend against, fight against, this known American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia because to wait for to long is the same as choosing to lose by default.

The definition for Nazi used for this website is: “Nazi analogies or Nazi comparisons are any comparisons or parallels which are related to Nazism or Nazi Germany, which often reference Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, the SS, or the Holocaust.“ Wikipedia

“According to the ACLU, calling someone a Nazi is protected free speech under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.” Wikipedia

So because these American Nazis show, demonstrate, the same, or similar, characteristics of the worst of the WW II German Nazis it is appropriate and legitimate to call them Nazis today. The only thing standing between many of the American Nazis and their desired to murder the innocent and defenseless is the Law now that prohibits that but if it were up to these American Nazis they would change that when, and if, they could.

Nazis are “Merchants of Fear” and when the People stand up against them they have nothing to sell because fear is then absent as the only thing that those Nazis have to sell.

The head Nazis are cowards and often crawl into their hole and die when confronted by anyone with any backbone.


It feels so good to have gotten rid of Nazis and is a time to celebrate. I wonder IF America will ever get to the point of celebrating the removal of the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments?

No celebrations until the 21st Century America grows a backbone like the “Greatest Generation” did in WW II.  According to the Bible, 2 Timothy Chapter 3, that may NOT happen because Satan has such a death grip on America now. Until America introduces the Ten Commandments again on public property, in public buildings, like the WW II “Greatest Generation” did, FORGET ABOUT IT AND AMERICA WILL CONTINUE TO BECOME A HELL HOLE FOR SATAN AND HIS DEVILS, thanks mostly to the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia!!!

21st Century American “Democrat Socialist” Nazi Party.

Believe it, or not, Satan has now established his Nazi Party in the U.S.A. In Germany it was called the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party,” and in the 21st Century the American Democrat Party boldly tags themselves as “Democrat Socialists.” One of the Branches of the American Democrat Socialists would be the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia working through their “secret combinations,” by their Secret Societies and Shadow Governments.  The page 2 of my Dad’s Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust, pictured elsewhere on this website, is a Product of American Nazism today against a WW II D-Day veteran, who was lawyer tricked into signing this Unconditional Surrender when he was blind in 2011, behind the back of his #! Son who the Nazis knew would have rescued his own Dad had he known about this Unconditional Surrender for the benefit of the American Nazis.

To help prove just how established the American Nazi Party is in America right now, this Trust page 2 passed as Lawyer Business as usual from the Greene County Missouri  Probate Court all the way up to, and including, the Mo. Supreme Court, in spite of being against Mo. State Law and the Mo. BAR code of ethics.

Anyone outraged yet? Any “Christians” ready to stand up for Jesus on this one yet? It used to mean something in America to be a D-Day veteran but apparently not anymore! I wonder why? One “why” would be, can be proven to be, because the American churches have now bowed down and now “serve [the] strange gods” of the American Nazis (Joshua 24:20), with all manner of Politically Correct false doctrines, and now the world has degenerated into a 21sst Century Dark Ages just as sure as there was a Medieval Dark Ages when the Catholic Church, during that time, bowed down and “served [the] strange gods” as Politically Correct false doctrines for their time period.

It took a Protestant Movement to pull the world out of the Midlevel Dark Ages, and it will take something like an American Ministerial Alliance to pull the world out of this 21st Century Dark Ages now!

The Domestic Enemy From Within!

The American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Government is Public Enemy #1 because they are responsible for most everything that is bad in America today! Through “legislation from the bench” America has become the Nation that kills their babies in the womb, lets known murders go free, and all of this is now sanctioned by the churches as a whole. One only has to look at Roe Vs Wade, the O.J. Simpson Trial, and the Northside Christian Church of Springfield, Mo., for overwhelming proof of this.

Through the incorrect principle of Political Correctness the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia has driven up the National Debt to over $26 trillion (July 4, 2020), and counting fast, which now has America in a debt bondage that America will never recover from. Political Correctness adds greatly to the costs of government, and the costs of doing business, that is NOT sustainable.

The Bible has irrefutable evidence that Jesus had many problems with the Lawyer/Judge Mafia of his time, that the Jewish Church was more than friends with, which directly led to Mock Trials that wrongfully condemned the innocent man Jesus. Our Founding Fathers knew how dangerous an out of control Lawyer/Judge Mafia could be and that is why the U.S. Constitution divides the Federal Government into three separate, but equal, branches of which the American Court System is one of those three “separate but equal” branches. Unfortunately the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia has been allowed to run wild without enough of the Constitutional Provision of Impeachment of judges for bad behavior used and implemented. State BARs are no better at holding “their own” in check for open violations of lawyer codes of ethics either. So what we see as killing babies, letting the most horrid of criminals go free, and the American churches supporting all of this because of their cut in the Mafia ill-gotten money as “tithing,” is what you get in America now, becasue the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia is now the Superior Branch of government!

America has gone down the road of corruptions, so far, and for so long, it would seem that even “an act of Congress” can’t change the fate of America now.

Many Voices Of Warning!!!

Fortunately for America there are a lot of voices of warning exposing the “Deep State,” the “Swamp,” and what I have learned to call (with the help of the Holy Ghost) the Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments.

Here is a good Voice of Warning like a Watchman on the Tower (Ezekiel Chapt. 33):

Oops, that video has been taken down from YouTube for violating some kind of policy no doubt as being the truth. (February 2021)

Take these things you already know and agree with, and ponder those things you did not know and/or do not agree with, for your own benefit and learning about the things Satan has developed to destroy America!

Doesn’t this Q-The Plan… video (now banned from YouTube) sound like what I have called the Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Government, for the last three years, seem legitimate?

Another Voice Of Warning!!!

YouTube has labeled this video as offensive and you may have to click onto a button that you understand this before you can watch this. Personally I did not see anything offensive because I saw this as the truth. And that was a really good video too, or I would not have placed it here on this website. Bro. Jim.

I suppose the Holy Bible could be labeled as contains mater that could be offensive to some because of the account of the Savior’s Crucifixion, David killed Goliath account, even though those are a true and accurate historical account.

We have all, unless you live under a rock somewhere where there is no radio, no TV, or no Internet, have seen the evidence and the end results of what this Covid911-INSURGENCY video (oops, another book burning style censorship) says so this could fill in the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of the whys for all that we have seen as the end results?

This COVID 911 video helps substantiate what I have called the Satanic American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments as pretty legitimate. It helps to know there are other right thinking people out there, that are discovering the same things as I have been discovering, as independent witnesses to the same types of government corruptions. I did not know about these last two videos until Aug. 21, 2020, when an American Patriot stopped in at the Lighthouse Store and advised me about them. Thank you Tony for blessing my life with this timely information. May God bless you for your righteous efforts in your desires to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

Oops, that last video is gone from YouTube. And that was a really good video too, or I would not have placed it here on this website. Bro. Jim.



4th of July Challenge (from June 6, 2020):

Our special days of remembrance have become nothing more than holidays to eat, drink, party and be merry; totally forgetting why we have our days of remembrance in the first place. For example Thanksgiving has become nothing more, and is often called by many, “Turkey Day,” and the 4th of July has evolved into parade day/go to the lake day; and Pearl Harbor Day has been forgotten on many calendars as well as in so many of our memories. “So sad.”

May I suggest that we remember the real meaning of the 4th of July by taking 10 minutes to read out loud the Declaration of Independence just before our mid-day meal, just before the prayer on that meal (if we even think to thank God for that food), to set the tone, to remember, exactly why the 4th of July was set aside as a National Holiday day of remembrance for Americans in the first place. Just a thought that just might bring Americans back to what is really important in life instead of just eating, drinking, partying, and being merry.

This is it, the Declaration of Independence, a 10 minute read out loud so everyone can learn from the original 4th of July document why we even celebrate the 4th of July in the first place!

A copy of the Declaration of Independence transcript can be found by an Internet search and printed off for this suggested reading.

Just like the Holy Scriptures, if we don’t read the Declaration of Independence often, we will forget its message and meaning.


Here is the attempt for the Bolivar Herald-Free [one of the few that is free in America] Press to put the Declaration of Independence in front of the People on Independence Day. Good for them!!!
I wonder how many people read through this newspaper copy of the Declaration of Independence?


Here is one of many of my copies of the Declaration and I not only read the Declaration but I study it and underline significant parts for any special purpose that I might have. The SA in the upper left corner stand for the Single Adult Program in the Mormon Church when I was writing letters to try to get the Church SLC leaders to stop treating the single adults of the Mormon Church as unwanted step-children.

Just exactly what every married couple would want to look like. If our Nation becomes Muslim with Sharia Law what you see right here will be the “Standard” for what American couples will look like including a wife that her pathetic Muslim father mutilated her genitals so she could never have any sexual pleasure and satisfaction with her husband. Boy, just exactly what every American “real man” would want for his daughter and for his wife. These Muslims are absolutely pathetic!!! Puke!!!

I wonder if this guy has read the Declaration of Independence with any real value and meaning for Liberty and Justice for all? He is a Muslim Brotherhood Lawyer so it would be doubtful. And he tried to make fun of Mr. Trump who in spite of the Democrat party and the Republican Party both being against him he won enough Electoral College votes to be the next President. President Trump is Superman compared to these Muslim light weights.

The DNC should be ashamed of themselves for having a known radical Muslim , Khizr Khan and his silent wife, at their 2016 Convention.

Khizr Khan asked a question of Trump: “Let me ask you, have you even read the United States Constitution?” “Pulling out a copy of the text from his jacket, he added ‘I will gladly lend you my copy.'”

He then leveled a statement at Trump as a father whose child died as a U.S. Soldier: “…you sacrificed nothing, no one.”

May I present some obvious, and not so obvious, things going on here?

First of all: Who in their right mind would think that Mr. Trump had never read the U.S. Constitution? This Muslim ass-u-med a lot making everyone an “ass” at the DNC Convention who thought that this was somehow meaningful and worthwhile to ask!

Second: Why would this Muslim only offer to loan his copy and not give Mr. Trump a copy to keep for himself IF he was really sincere in asking Mr. Trump to read it? These U.S. Constitution/Declaration of Independence combination booklets can be purchased in a 100 count box for $44, all taxis and shipping included. That is 44 cents each. I know I have purchased several 100 count boxes and given hundreds of copies away and made suggestions like reading the Declaration out loud (10 minutes) during Independence Day gatherings. So what kind of a cheapskate is this Muslin Brotherhood Lawyer to not offer to give Mr. Trump a copy of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence?

Third: Khizr Khan is a lawyer, and has served for the Muslim Brotherhood as their lawyer, so how did a son of a Muslim Brotherhood lawyer ever get into the U.S. Army, let alone becoming a Captain?

Fourth: Khizr Khan wears his Gold Star like a badge of privilege to dishonor anyone else who has NOT lost their child in the War against ISIS. What Khizr Khan said to Mr. Trump was a slap in the face against most everyone else in America, and not just Mr. Trump, who has no one in the U.S. Military and especially no one in their family that was killed in direct combat.

Fifth: Being the son of a Muslim Brotherhood lawyer, what would have been the purpose of Captain Humayun Khan for being in the U.S. Army? Was he a spy for the Muslim Brotherhood?

Sixth: “On June 8, 2004, [Captain Humayun Khan] was killed in a suicide attack in Iraq and posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star Medal.” Wikipedia

This is going to be Politically Incorrect but it should be considered anyway. If Captain Humayun Khan was a Muslim spy then that suicide attack could have been a “friendly fire” incident by ISIS, and when ISIS found out that they had killed one of heir own, could have said, “Oh shit!”

Seventh: Captain Humayun Khan being a spy, and/or being killed by friendly fire, is speculation based on his being the son of a Muslim Brotherhood lawyer. BUT this much can be safely considered: Captain Humayun Khan would have talked about some things about his experiences and knowledge about the U.S. Army with his father who was a Muslim Brotherhood lawyer and as such that information could have gone in a pipe line to ISIS. In WW II there was a saying issued by the War Department; “A slip of the lip can sink a ship.” Obviously the U.S. War Department was a lot sharper in WW II than in the 21st Century.

So why does the U.S. Military accept any Muslim into the U.S. Military with these kinds of connections to ISIS?  Good question!

Eighth: Why doesn’t Khizr Khan take his U.S. Constitution booklet back to the Arab Nations and preach to them about reading and adopting the U.S. Constitution in those Muslim countries? The answer is, the Arab Muslims would have cut his head off if he did that back in those Arab Muslim countries. Obviously Khizr Khan thinks highly of those Islam Muslim countries, or he would NOT have served as a lawyer for the Muslim Brotherhood, so why is he in the United States now except to do harm to America, and the DNC praised him and used him as a keynote speaker?

Ninth: This is going to be Politically Incorrect but, is the picture of Khizr Khan, and his speechless wife, the picture of what every American couple wants to look like, wants to be like? A wife who most likely had her private parts mutilated as an adolescent by her Muslim father so she can not have any sexual satisfaction. A wife who is supposed to just keep quiet according to Muslim law. A father of a fallen U.S. Soldier who used his own son’s death for political capital, while insulting almost all of America at the same time, and apparently most of the Democrats that were present didn’t even understand that they were being insulted either. Talk about being clueless on both ends of an insulting convention.

Tenth: It is dangerous to try to incorporate any Muslims into any kind of America life, including the civilian work place, government workplaces and especially the U.S. Military. According to the Koran the only good Muslim is a radical Muslim that wants to kill “the Great Satan” meaning the United Stated of America.

Remember the day right after 9-11-01 when no Muslim, or no Muslim mosque, spoke up against the 19 Muslim terrorists and Americans wondered why? I thought at first that they were afraid to speak out because of radical Muslim attacks that would be made against them. It turns out that all real Muslims are sympathetic for the radical Muslim missions of Jihad. Don’t take my word for this, listen to one of the foremost Muslim experts in the world. Can you spare 6 minutes to learn the truth about all Islam Muslims.

This is Bill Warner and he has many real good videos of warning about Muslims and Islam on YouTube.

Learn more about Khizr Khan:




Fighting Evil requires a Superior Righteous Force!

“When in Rome do as the Romans do.” When fighting Nazis fight them harder than they fight or you will NOT win. Why do you think that the D-Day Invasions were the biggest and most powerful in history? Because the German Nazis were the biggest threat to World Freedoms so a Righteous Force that was greater than the German Nazis was necessary!!!

There is an opposition in all things: Satan against Jesus Christ, evil against good; and unfortunately good has to always be a Superior Righteous Force to win against evil. Unfortunately for the causes of good way to many Christians stand silent and evil has, does, and will continue to win. “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

This website is that Superior Righteous Force to expose evil for what it is and that is Satan’s inspired evil. By necessity “Politically Correctness has been thrown in the garbage can where it belongs,” so this website is NOT political correct BUT IT IS TRUTHFUL!!! The Truth is a friend to God and “Satan is the father of all lies,” so consider that when judging whose side this website is on, God’s side or Satan’s side.

The American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments are more evil, more of a threat, more satanic, than all of organized and unorganized crime combined times 100 for the following reasons:

First: These unethical lawyers and judges violate the Public Trust placed in them all as “officers of the courts.” Even the honest lawyers and judges find it hard to opperate among the unethical without getting some of tha tunethical dirt on them.

Second: Many of these unethical lawyers and judges feed at the Public Trough for their incomes making them paid servants of the People that have gone confederate in their loyalties towards the People.

Third: All of these unethical lawyers and judges use the tax payer funded court systems to do their evil and satanic criminal deed as if at the satanic alter of Satan in a satanic temple of gloom and doom for America.

Forth: These unethical lawyers and judges steal more wealth from America at a rate of most likely 100 time that of the organized crime and unorganized crime combined. Similar to organized crime converted to casinos with “one armed bandits,” the really smart criminals have become lawyers and judges so they can steal America’s wealth “legally.”

Fifth: For these four reasons, and many more, the unethical lawyer and unethical judge are more of “a piece of shit” person than the lowest form of criminals that there is including, but not limited to, baby rapers, murders, rapists, bank robbers, and just plain liars and thieves; BECAUSE UNETHICAL LAWYERS AND UNETHICAL JUDGES ARE LIARS AND THIEVES!!!

Sixth: And it is most important when reading, when going over this apowtwice website, that I, Brother Jim Kelley, DID NOT PICK THIS FIGHT, I DID NOT PICK THIS BATTLE; BUT THE NAZIS IN THE MORMON CHURCH, AND THE NAZIS IN THE AMERICAN NAZI LAWYER/JUDGE MAFIA, PICKED ME TO BATTLE!!! I, Brother Jim Kelley, actually had an attitude of “appeasement” similar to the pre-WW II countries that tried everything in their powers to avoid war with Nazi Germany until the German Nazis attacked the appeasers and then God was with the appeasers, was with the anti-Nazis, and the anti-Nazis where later able to choose when, where, and how to end WW II with an Unconditional Surrender with Allied occupation of German for decades to come!!! Ditto for Imperialist Japan!!!

Seventh: Also it is important to remember that my Dad’s Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust was a bomb shell against him immediately BUT IT WAS A TICKING TIME BOMB AGAINST ME BECAUSE THE NAZI LAWYERS AND NAZI TRUSTEES KNEW THAT I WOULD SIDE WITH MY DAD WHEN I FOUND OUT ALL THAT THEY DID AND NOT GO ALONG WITH THEIR LIES AND THEFTS!!! The mere fact that the “Sleepy” SNL Probate Judge went along with all of the time bomb articles against me, but ignored all of the “NO CONTEST CLAUSE” PROVISIONS AGAINST THE NAZI LAWYERS AND NAZI TRUSTEES, SPEAKS VOLUMES OF JUST HOW DEEP ROOTED THE AMERICAN NAZI LAWYER/JUDGE MAFIA IS!!!


What loving father would ever want something like this to be in their Will and Trust against their #1 Son??? This was nothing more than the Nazis’ insurance policy that the #1 Son would not be able to rescue his own Dad from the  psychopath Nazis. Am I wrong?

My Dad was blind when “he was led as a sheep to the slaughter,” into the “den of thieves” Law Firm to be Lawyer Tricked into signing his own Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust.

It is very important to remember, and the evidence is overwhelming for this, these Nazi Lawyers, Nazi Trustees, and the “den of thieves” low life MANN WALTER BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm put these kinds of Nazi restrictions directly on me, behind my back as the Nazi COWARDS THAT THEY ARE, years before I ever found any fault with them as Nazis, because it was not fully known to me before March, 2017, what kind of Nazis they were capable of being!!!

This “not act” Provision was brought up in the first, Jan. 17, 2018, Probate Court Hearing (1731-PR01048) and I mentioned that according to this “everyone in the Springfield phone book comes ahead of me to serve as a Trustee in my own father’s Trust,” of which the lying sack of #$@% Nazi Lawyer Paul Sherman claimed “that is simply not true.” Could there be an any more stupid statement than this and no doubt the “Sleepy” Judge was asleep again at the switch that caused this train wreck supporting the Nazi Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust which led to a Nazi Screw You Father (and Mother), Revenge Cremation Insult!!!


Christian and Jewish Challenge:

There is more than enough evidence presented here on this website for criminal charges of conspiracy, fraud, conspiracy to commit perjury, lies, stealing, abuse of power, etc.; IF (and that is a big IF) those who have authority to prosecute and hold accountable these American Nazis do their jobs according to the American legal designs to protect the People. “We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men [especially women like Nazi Nancy Pelosi and Nazi Nancy Yendes], as soon as they get a little authority, as they [wrongfully] suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.” (D&C 121:39)

The problems we now have with the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia can be laid at the door of the Jewish and Christian churches for failing to support the Ten Commandments because “in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils” (1 Timothy 4:1), which means that the vocal minority Satan followers in the churches will overrule the “silent majority” in the churches so Satan can have his way in removing the Ten Commandments from every public place that it once was prominently displayed!!! The obviously Correct Solution for “Christians” and Jews was to place the Ten Commandments in more public spaces!!!


Even with the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment, it seems that True Americans have to constantly fight for their “unalienable Rights” while the Nazi Americans constantly fight to take away unalienable Rights!!! With any kind of Bill of Rights the matter should be considered settled in the past, no more fighting, no more interpretations beyond and past the Original Intents, the matter is settled forever and one day, end of any debate and/or discussions!!! But that is NOT the way the “Flaming Liberals,” the “Democratic Socialists,” the Communists, and the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments see a Bill of Rights!!! These anti-Christs follow Satan and his lies to their grave, where they will await in spirit prison (1 Peter 3:19) for their Judgments to enter an everlasting hell as their rewards for denying Jesus Christ and His Gospel Plan. What fools to have wasted their lives to fight against Freedoms which God Almighty has given all men on conditions that they will stand up for their unalienable Rights so that they can have them in spite of Satan’s many dark spirited angels on earth in the flesh.

Making a deal with evil or the Devil!

You can never make a deal with evil or the Devil because if you do evil and the Devil will always win, no matter how good of a deal an innocent and righteous person may think that they have because evil and the Devil are focused on harming the innocent and righteous and they work 24/7 to achieve their goals while the innocent and righteous have more righteous things on their minds like helping the poor, the needy, the sick, and the afflicted.

Never show weakness to evil and the Devil because that is like sharks smelling blood in the water and evil and the Devil will go on a feeding frenzy against the innocent and the righteous.

In America right now, and I suppose in all of the nations of the world to one degree or another, we have the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments that work for evil and the Devil (Satan), running parallel to our Representative Republic. This is most dangerous because these satanic shadow governments will prove to be the destruction of America and the world.

These destructions have, do, and will happen like this:

  1. The American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia introduces Political Correctness as the rule over common sense with the force of the court systems if a person does not adequately comply with Political Correctness.
  2. Because of Political Correctness the governments will over spend their resources to satisfy the demands of the American Nazis which are well established not only in the court systems but in the legislator and executive branches of governments. The way these American Nazis got established is the People went for their bait of getting something for nothing and voted them in.
  3. Because of the demands of Political Correctness huge debt will accumulate and we can see the National Debt that has reached $26 trillion dollars (June 11, 2020). Just take a look for yourself at  https://www.usdebtclock.org/ (you will have to copy and paste in your browser).
  4. Eventually the U.S. Federal Government will run out of its ability to borrow more money and if they print (create electronic money transfers out of thin air) then hyper inflation will set in and the U.S. dollar will be next to worthless.
  5. After the U.S. Federal Government runs out of any kind of money worth anything then the U.S. Military will be at a stand still. The U.S. Superpower will have to be put in moth balls and/or parts sold off to other countries like China who holds trillions of dollars of the U.S. National Debt.
  6. Along with America the same as going bankrupt there is a trend, a movement, for radical Muslims to infiltrate the American governments and the U.S. Military. Remember we have already had a Black Muslim in the White House.
  7. When the U.S. governments are the same as bankrupt, and these same governments are infiltrated by Muslims, then the conditions will be ripe for what ever part(s) of the U.S. Military Superpower that could be resurrected to then be mobilized against Jerusalem, under the directions of radical Muslims and most probably funded with Muslim money (U.S.money will be worthless); and then will the Bible prophecy be fulfilled, for all nations (including the U.S.) will be gathered against Jerusalem (meaning modern-day Israel) to battle in the Battle of Armageddon. So in the end the U.S. Military will be fighting directly against God and we will have the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments to thank for all of this! (Zechariah 14:1-8, compare all of Chapter 14)
  8. If anyone thinks that what I am saying is “smoke and mirrors” just go to YouTube and search Brigitte Gabriel, Bill Warner, Pamela Geller, etc. for some good information about how Islam is an enemy from within against the USA.



Many have asked me, “What can I do?”

Right NOW the best thing that anyone can do if they give a “damn” about others pertaining to abuses of power pertaining to family Wills and Trusts is to call your Missouri State Legislators, both the Mo. State House of Representatives and the Mo. State Senate, and tell them (Yes, tell them because they work for us!) to pass the Grantor and Beneficiary, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights!!! Copy and paste this mo.gov website for information about who are your State Legislators and how to contact them:


If you are not a resident of Missouri then contact your State’s Legislators and get a Grantor and Beneficiary, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights legislation started and passed in your State because a Bill of Rights like this is needed in every State of the Union.


If you have read the Home Page, before coming to this Backup Home Page, you have to realize that there is some really unbelievable things on this website. Consider these two Principles when analyzing the unbelievable pertaining to the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia as recorded on this website:

First: Perhaps what is on this website is so unusual, so out of the ordinary, that the Probate Judge, the Mo. Legislator, The Governor, the Mo. BAR, and the Mo. Supreme Court, and most all of the lawyers and judges in-between, just can’t believe these things could have ever happened.

Second: Or perhaps (and this is the most believable reason) what is on this website is so normal, so ordinary, that the Probate Judge, the Mo. Legislator, The Governor, the Mo. BAR, and the Mo. Supreme Court, and most all of the lawyers and judges in-between, just couldn’t care less about what is on this website BECAUSE THIS IS JUST BUSINESS AS USUAL for the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia, so who cares?

Third? Can anyone come up with a different reason?

The Truth and Nothing But the Truth!

This website contains “the Truth and nothing but the Truth,” so help me God. Bro. Jim Kelley

There are some lawyers that lie jokes out there; but these Nazi Lawyers, and the Nazi SNL Judge, that are featured on this website put those jokes about lying to shame with their own brand of Nazi lies, Nazi frauds, Nazi thefts, Nazi cover ups, and Nazi everything else!


This is what a peaceful demonstration looks like, 6-1-2020, between the Polk Co., Mo., Courthouse WW I and all Wars monuments.


INVITATION: Several people have told me about their scary stories about how a family Will and Trust was abused by Trustees and lawyers pertaining to abuse of power(s). If you have a scary story then feel free to give me a short version at the Contact Page e-mail apowtwice@hotmail.com.

Quote: Terrible Ivan of Buffalo, Mo., told me today (6-2-2020), “Unless you have a lot of money to spend on legislators and/or you are willing to burn cities down, nothing is going to change in the laws and in the governments.” Unfortunately, I think that Ivan may have something there.  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁

[SPECIAL NOTE: FYI, because there were some problems with the original Home Page, narrow margins, etc., I started this Backup Home Page.]

This is another Chapter in the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments (as predicted by the Ancient American Indian Scriptures).

“Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Governments

What I have inadvertently discovered first hand is a “secret combinations,” Secret Society Shadow Government[s] that operates outside of the Constitution and the Law, and is a law unto their own by “legislation from the bench.” Until you have faced this Shadow Government face to face you have no idea how satanic this American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia Secret Society Shadow Government can be!!! The SNL Courtroom “Judgment” is a perfect example of legislation from the bench in direct opposition to the Probate Laws, the Will and Trust instructions, the Truth, Justice, the American Way, and Exculpatory Evidence like the Throw In The Towel Letter!!! See pages #8, Probate Court Judgment; page #18, Throw In Towel; and page #19 Exculpatory Evidence for just a little bit of what I am talking about here.

That Throw In The Towel Letter was presented in 2017, and 95% of what these Nazi Lawyers did in the way of “legal expenses” occurred in 2018, SO HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED RESPONSIBLE IN ANY WAY FOR THOSE “LEGAL EXPENSES” AFTER 2017??? Obviously this is some kind of SNL Courtroom “new math,” “new kind of satanic justice,” that is consistent with Nazism (generic term for satanic evil no matter what century it occurs in) that has plagued mankind since Cain slew righteous Abel.

It is the Christian Duty of every Christian, who can claim to be a Christian, to warn their neighbor of satanic wrongs in the governments that can, and do, adversely effect most everyone to one degree or another!!! THIS IS MY CAUSE, THIS IS MY MISSION, AND MY CHRISTIAN DUTY, AND THE REASON FOR THIS WEBSITE!!!

Out of the million, or so, lawyers and judges in America, there has to be enough honest, ethical, and Christian lawyers and judges to help stamp out this Nazi Secret Government in America before it become to late!!! CALLING ALL HONEST LAWYERS AND JUDGES, COME TO THE AID OF YOUR COUNTRY!!!

On this spot:

On this spot [the WW I soldier monument at the Polk Co., Mo., Court House] Jim Kelley stood up for the poor and innocent everywhere in America whom the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia abuses and takes advantage of because they are poor and defenseless. May the Mo. State Legislator consider the poor and innocent and speedily pass a Grantor and Beneficiary, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights!

And may we get our Priorities and Perspectives correct from the very start. My Dad being cremated is only a sign of the bigger problems of the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia with its notorious lies, stealing, and all of the other Nazi narcissist mental disorders associated with all of that. When lawyers and judges interfere with most everything they have a tendency to just mess it all up because their Priorities and Perspectives are on THEIR CONTROL over others no matter how much that they claim that they are for the People. The Reverend Bob Harrington, the Bourbon Street Chaplin, said it like this; “God you move over because we know better than you, and we will let the [unrepentant] murders go free, and kill the [innocent] babies before they are born.” Could there be a truer Statement of Evaluation spoken to describe the American Society of today, and Brother Bob said this in the mid 1970s. Over the past five (5) decades our American Society has only gotten worse, with NO SIGNS of getting better, in the sight of God.

The Mormon Church started out being a righteous Church but since the Mormon Legal Department directs the Policy, the Affairs, and the Direction of the Church today the Book of Mormon asks, “O ye pollutions, ye hypocrites, ye teachers [meaning the General Authorities],…why have ye polluted the holy church of God [a direct reference to the Mormon Church]?” The Mormon Church, as well as 99% of Mormons, have now thrown the Book of Mormon under the bus very much the same way that the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia has thrown the U.S. Constitution under the bus, and for the same reasons; both of these documents testify against the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia and they can’t stand either! This is exactly why the yellow shield of warnng includes the website name, yblds.com.

It is indeed the rare lawyer or judge of today that believes in the U.S. Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights; and it is the rare Mormon of today that believes in the Book of Mormon. The PROOF that they do not believe in these two documents is that they do not follow or revere them any more than T.P. And this, by extension, gives PROOF that they do not believe in God either! All godless societies evolve into satanic societies, no matter what their roots are, and that is what the American Society has evolved into–a godless society. There is no shortage of “hypocrites” that profess with their lips that they believe the Constitution and the Holy Scriptures but “THEIR ACTIONS SPEAK MUCH LOUDER THAN THEIR WORDS!


February 22, 2020. It looks like the visitor counter will hit 100,000 today. 🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

100,000 happened at 1:10 P.M. Bad news for the Nazi Lawyers, Nazi Trustees and the Nazi Judges.

🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁

This website was started in January 2018, so it took right at two years and almost two months to get to the first 100,000. No doubt the second 100,000 will come a lot quicker as interest in the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia increases.  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

COUNTER UPDATE: Sometime during the evening of Feb. 26, 2020, the visitor counter turned over its first 1,000 after the first one-hundred-thousand. That is an average of 250 visits a day and at that rate it will take 1 year and 1 month to reach 200,000 on the visitor counter. I think that 200,000 could come in half that time, or even in three months, because, “I know something I won’t tell.”

On March 3rd the visitor counter turned 103,000. Thank you to all of the visitors.  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

March 9, 2020, 400 visits recorded at the visitor counter.   🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

Early morning March 13 (Friday the 13th) the visitor counter turned over to 106,000.  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

Early morning March 28th the visitor counter turned to 110,000.  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

Early morning May 2, 2020, the visitor counter turned to 115,000.  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  a 5 smile rating!

Sunday, June 7, 2020, D-Day plus 76 years and one day, the visitor counter turned 120,000,

🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂    a 6 smile rating!

Monday, July 6, 2020, at 10:30 PM, (less than one month since 120,000) the visitor counter turned 125,000. This may be a direct result of the communications between myself and the LDS Legal Dept. and all of a sudden the Mormon Church leadership all “zoomed” together, talking this website up, and started looking at this website in earnest about helping with my Dad getting buried like “the den of thieves” Law Firm wrote in his Will and Trust. See Page #57 of this website for more information on that.

On July 6th at 6:00 AM the visitor counter was 122,920, so this is a visitor increase in the amount of over 2000 in one day! At any rate this is a 10 smile rating  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

Thank you LDS Legal Dept. for your interest and looking.

On Sunday, August 9, 2020, just before midnight the visitor counter turned 130,000. That is right at one month and three days for this 5,000 visits. Not bad but it will get better.  🙂

As predicted the next 5,000 visitors did come quicker than the last 5,000. This evening, 8-26-2020, the visitor counter turned 135,000, achieving the last 5,000 visitors in 2 weeks and 3 days. Good job people visiting this website! May I give you all 10 smiles!  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

On Sept. 1, 2020, the visitor counter turned 140,000. That is less than one week for 5,000 visits.

May I give you all 10 smiles!  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

In the afternoon of Sept. 10, 2020, the visitor counter turned 145,000. That is right at nine days.

Good job all American Patriots who came to see the evidence of American Nazism!

Another 10 smiles!  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

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On March 20, 2022, the visitor counter turned over to 310,000  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

I predict that by the end of 2022, the visitor counter will turn over to one million. Bro. Jim.



Honor The Covenant and May God bless America!!!

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

“Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

“But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate—we can not consecrate—we can not hallow—this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Remember, “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” and not government for any Nazi Mafia!!! If America allows the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia to continue to take over America then the People will have forgotten what the soldiers at Gettysburg fought and died for.  🙁

Since the Battle of Gettysburg there have been many attacks on our American “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” in the form of Nazism in all forms BUT; it would seem that all of the brave American soldiers have died in vain IF the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia is successful in taking over America as the Supreme Power against “Freedom and Justice for all.” May God bless the United States of America in spite of ourselves, and especially in spite of the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia, and that the People can rise up and stop the strangle hold that that Mafia has on America.

Some things just seem to never change in this old world. Here I am standing in front of a WW I American soldier with a 1903 Springfield rifle, with fixed bayonet, ready to throw a hand grenade at the WW I enemies of America [German “Nazis”], which American Soldiers fought “for Truth , Justice and the American Way;” and here I am 100 years later with a sword and shield fighting “in a never ending battle for Truth, Justice, and the American Way,” against the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia that has taken over America to the point nothing gets done or decided in America without the court’s approvals. Some Mafia Judges even legislate from the Bench which is usurping the jurisdiction of the Legislator and/or these Nazi Judges order the Executive Branch as to what to do or not to do often totally against the U.S. Constitution. Most of the People already know that this is true but read on and you will discover exactly what I am talking about here.  🙂

Incidentally, the photo above was taken at the Polk Co., Mo., Court House where they still honor veterans with statues of veterans in uniform and remember Purple Heart veterans sacrifices. Other court houses have relic military cannons, etc., in their yards as reminders of our veterans’ sacrifices too. No such thing at the new Greene Co., Mo., Court House Complex.


I predict that some time in the future that Law School textbooks will have this Will and Trust Case as a textbook example of how NOT to write a Will and Trust against the law and the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights. So this may very well become the legacy of those Nazi Lawyers and Nazi Judges as their names will be included as the stupid  and ignorant Lawyers and Judges that were the cause of those future Law School lessons. Every future Law School graduate will remember the names of Nazi Nancy Yendes, Nazi Carl Yendes, Nazi Paul Sherman, Nazi Gary Bishop, Nazi supporter Lead Minister Wayne Bushnell of the Nazi supporting Northside [pretend] Christian Church, the Nazi supporting “Sleepy” Probate Court Commissioner Carol T. Aiken, etc., etc.

May I point out that in 1967 a Chicago copper by the name of Dombrowski traveled to an out of state Wisconsin farm and was suspected of murder but the police could NOT find the murder gun. The Deputies and Detectives reasoned that this copper would surely have his “service revolver” somewhere with him and that was part of the probable cause to search the suspect’s cars as a police position of “caretaker” with some responsibility to retrieve that revolver, from a car that they reasonably suspected that that revolver was hidden in, for public safety. So in the 1970s the name of a really dumb copper, named “Dombrowski,” was seared into all of the policemen’s minds who were in most police academies at that time. So these Nazi Lawyers, Nazi Trustees, Nazi Judge(s), will be remembered as the Law School textbooks “Dumbrowskis” that the Law School graduates will remember the most above all other non-famous people’s names that are a part of the American Legal System.


Also, the investigative reporters who are visiting this website now may have their names featured in Journalism textbooks of the future similar to the names of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, IF they investigate this A POW Twice Case like these two Champion Journalists did with the Watergate burglary White House cover up; when most of the news media considered the Watergate burglary nothing more than a third rate burglary not worth their time to investigate any further.

May all those who have any Authority and/or Ability to thoroughly investigate this Case for what it is, and that it is an American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia criminal job(s) against their “marks,” my Dad and then me.

Warning! Warning! Warning!

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS, WE ARE IN AN ALL OUT WAR FOR THE VERY SURVIVAL OF AMERICA, AS FOUNDED UPON CHRISTIAN/JUDAO PRINCIPLES, AT THE HANDS OF HOME GROWN AMERICAN NAZIS! Nazism has raised its ugly head in this A POW Twice Case with its evil “secret combinations” designs manifested in the SNL Courtroom, Mock Trial, Greene County, Mo., Probate Court in such a way all lawyers and judges should be embarrassed, if they are capable of being embarrassed, to the point that they should honor their own BAR, Code of Ethics and stand up against the American Nazi Lawyer/judge Mafia machine, that is IF they are not a Nazi themselves and have a backbone even 1/10 of that of an American soldier on the battlefield. .

America is for sale to the highest bidder with this American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia because this Mafia is absolutely for sale. Fact: you can’t buy anything that is not for sale and most lawyers and most judges are for sale totally against the State BAR Code of Ethics BECAUSE there is very little chance any unethical lawyer and/or judge will ever be held accountable for selling themselves even when their crimes are right out in the open with their fingerprints and names are all over those crimes. In this way most lawyers and judges have prostituted themselves secretly (out in the open if you just look) with “secret combinations,” as opposed to the more ethical prostitutes who at least sell themselves openly.


Yep, these girls are more honest than all lawyers and judges who use Nazi “secret combinations” to steal America from the People. This excludes the honest lawyers and judges; calling all honest lawyers and judges, step up and defend America from the 21st Century American Nazis!

Actually these Nazi Lawyers and Nazi Judges have no respect for anyone including themselves because how much respect can anyone have for themselves when they demonstrate total and universal disrespect for everyone else including God?

The Nazi Trustee Maureen Royce is already in the spirit world prison (1 Peter 3:19) where no doubt Maureen has had to answer such questions from her father and mother like; what was our casket like and where in the grave yard are we buried? What a hoot that this is going to be when I go to Paradise (not spirit prison) and find out what lies Maureen has been telling, as an extension of the lies that she told under oath in court, total and malicious misrepresentations about how the Will and Trust was so illegally mismanaged under the Nazi Trustee/Lawyer Nancy Yendes and fraudulently written by “the den of thieves” lying Law Firm, for the purpose to promote the Elder Abuses against a 94 year old blind man who was also a D-Day veteran!

Here is something that these Nazis don’t seem to realize and that is my Dad realized some of the Elder Abuses he suffered in silence while in the flesh, but now in the spirit world he will not have to stay silent because there is nothing, short of lying, that a Nazi can do to someone in the spirit world because stealing being against the natural laws of earth has stopped in the spirit world because the spirit world is governed by the spiritual laws which would include lying if a spirit person chooses to lie, but can not include stealing because how does anyone steal something unless it is physical and can be held on to and carried away as a theft? The spirit world is a lot different than earth life and it will take a lot of getting used to for a Nazi who was used to physically abusing others and physically stealing their things.

NOTE: The exception to a person being able to lie after death is that on their Judgment Day when they stand before God, because no tongue is allowed, or permitted, to lie while that person is standing on Holy Ground, which ground God stands on is Holy Ground, their lying tongue will be silenced.

WARNING, WARNING, WARNING, this website is Not Politically Correct, but it is accurate!

So I will be rebuilding the HOME Page here and as a direct result it should be better, leaner, and meaner, to tell the TRUTH about my Dad’s “CAPTURE” against his will,  the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER WILL AND TRUST, the ELDER ABUSES against him, the unthinkable SCREW YOU FATHER (and MOTHER), REVENGE CREMATION INSULT, the frivolous Law Suit against me, the SNL COURT style GREENE COUNTY PROBATE COURT ROOM FARCE, run by the AMERICAN NAZI LAWYER/JUDGE MAFIA, where the TRUTH didn’t matter for the end result ALICE’S WONDERLAND/THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS/TWILIGHT ZONE, FARCE of a COURT “JUDGMENT” that should OUTRAGE every right thinking person who has an I.Q. higher than their age and has even a little knowledge about the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution including the Bill of Rights, and especially the Ten Commandments of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

There are many and varied tests in life and will the person reading this right now pass this test “in a never ending battle for Truth, Justice, and the American Way?” Also consider most children in America take the Pledge of Allegiance and personally promise “Liberty and Justice for all.” So where do you stand on that Pledge? The American Nazi, Lawyer/Judge Mafia, and those who support such Nazis, in this Dale Kelley Will and Trust Case failed miserable in their personal Pledge of Allegiance. UNFORTUNATELY, THIS IS THE NORM AND NOT THE EXCEPTION IN OUR AMERICAN LEGAL SYSTEM. “So sad.”

This website does NOT participate in “hyperbole” but demonstrates the TRUTH with proof and evidence that America has been invaded from within, by the Domestic Enemies to the Constitution, as an enemy from within, and this is by the “secret combinations” process of what I have learned to know and recognize as the American Nazi, Lawyer/Judge Mafia, that no doubt steals 100 times more from the public and the People than the Italian Mafia, all organized crime, and all unorganized crime combined!

Modern definition for Nazi: 

A person who is fanatically dedicated to or seeks to control other people. other organizations, the government, etc. So when the unethical lawyers and judges use their powers in any way to fanatically control other people, other organizations, the government, etc., especially against the well established historic principles of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Pledge of Allegiance, and in general “Truth, Justice, and the [historically established] American Way,” then they fit the modern definition of Nazi and in reality are no better than the German Nazis who put to death in their concentration camps (not on the battle fields) six (6) million Jews and six (6) million other people who were identified as opposing the murdering of the Jews and stood up against German Nazism. That is twelve (12) million people, the same number of people as the populations of Missouri and Kansas combined to give the casual observer a bit of perspective here, which twelve million people murdered represents a whole lot of planning, work, and a lot of people knowing what was going on, to murder twelve million innocent people demonstrating these twelve million murders was NO ACCIDENT! In like manner the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia, with all of their thefts and atrocities against America, is NO ACCIDENT either with a lot of planning, work, a lot of insiders who know what is going on, to pull this atrocity off against the People too!

If the Public really knew how criminal the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia really was they would demand that this Mafia would be declared Public Enemy #1 and an “Untouchables” squad would be assigned to clean up this Mafia.

Opening Statement 

There is going to be two issues you will have to overcome to be a successful Visitor on this website. First is, the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia crimes illustrated, demonstrated, on this website will seem so unbelievable that they can NOT be true. Second is, the overwhelming self-incriminating evidences that the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia created and left behind will be so obvious, and in your face, that will be unbelievable anyone could be that stupid too, including the SNL Court skit Alice’s Wonderland, Twilight Zone, farce of a “Judgment” by the obviously crooked Lawyer/Judge Mafia team. Just remember that “Truth is stranger than fiction,” and if you keep this in mind then the otherwise unbelievable will become believable as the EVIDENCE and PROOF is presented.

Some things are just so plain wrong that their stench pollutes Society and reaches the Throne of God in Heaven. If a person reads what is on this website, and they can’t discern the atrocities against Society that have been portrayed by the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia in these cases against my Dad, and myself, then just go away and go back to your safe “Democrat Socialist” places where ever that may be (perhaps an opium den), because God can NOT use you for any good what so ever. Good-by.

Now if your conscience is being stirred up that there is something very wrong in America then consider this website as a good Civics Lesson as to how we are losing America to Satan’s armies like the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia and the Muslim Sharia Law armies that will follow on the heels of the Lawyer/Judge Mafia, because they are both of Satan!

“All that it takes for EVIL to TRIUMPH is for GOOD MEN to do NOTHING!”

So GOOD MEN and WOMEN, this is your CHANCE to step up and do something GOOD against EVIL!

The Spirit of God revealed to me this evening (11-29-2019, 8:00 PM) that the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia, along with all of its SNL Court Room Style Farce of enforcing the laws of the land, is a precursor to pave the way for Sharia Law to exist, and then dominate, in America; at first as a parallel Court System, and then the Sharia Law will replace all American Laws, including the U.S. Constitution, as the new and foreign Sharia Law of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Then America will no longer be free or brave according to the Correct Gospel Principles of Jesus Christ. Think about that for a second.  🙁

What is being presented on this website is only the tip of the iceberg pertaining to the wars between Jesus Christ and Satan on earth. This is war and if anyone doubts this then they have not read the Holy Bible, or if they have read it then they do not understand the Word of God pertaining to these things recorded in the Holy Bible, and unfortunately a lot of ministers do not understand these Gospel Principles either. The majority of Christian ministers not understanding the Bible is the reason that there are so many different denominations claiming to follow the same Holy Bible. How can there be one Holy Bible and dozens of main line Christian denominations all claiming to follow that one Holy Bible? Anyone else besides me wonder, “What is wrong with that picture?” If a Christian minister does teach there is a war between Jesus and Satan today, with all Christians caught in the middle of that war, then that minister has gotten that part of the Holy Bible right and good for them!

With the help of this website all of the Christian Ministers can be on the same page as pertaining to the Correct Gospel Principles of Jesus Christ pertaining to the Mission of this website which is a Grantor and Beneficiary, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights being passed by the Missouri Legislator. Simple enough???

But never underestimate how Christian churches collectively will squander any change to preserve Liberty, Justice, and Freedom, in any case like this in America. For anyone with eyes to see, and a brain that can think to think, will know that the American Revolutionary War, the Declaration Of Independence, the U.S. Constitution with the Bill of Rights was formed, created, and ordained of God to pave the way for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to go forth “to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,” in other words to all of the world. If the American Christian churches would have stood up against the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia at the beginnings then we would not have the Lawyer/Judge Mafia now as the precursor to usher in radical Islam Sharia Law that will make Christianity illegal in America. The American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia has used the Christian churches as only useful idiots in getting their Mafia Power over America. Just take a good look at the useful idiot Northside Christian Church of Springfield for an example of “a den of thieves” American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia Law Firm using the name of “Christ” with the apparent permission of the Northside Christian Church, I guess for money. See Northside Christian Page of this website for more details of that.

Now, may we take a look at radical Islam to see what comes next in America right after Islam does away with the American Nazi, Lawyer/Judge Mafia as the useful idiots that Islam used them as.


If you are OK with radical Muslim Sharia Law you would be OK with American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia SNL Courtroom farces that steal from the innocent to give to the guilty. But then the American Public has often messed up on “no brainers.” For example in 2018-2020, Nancy Pelosi claims that walls do NOT work, so a southern wall will NOT work for American security, when she herself has a security wall around her private residence, and it seems a lot of Americans go along with Nancy’s thinking. .


This is the kinds of penalties often imposed by Sharia Law with very little, or no, evidence. In cases like this the dead bodies will hang until the flesh and bones rot enough for the bodies to drop to the ground on their own accord, so others who see this have enough time “to get the message!” Executions like this are often the result of satanic Sharia Law “Honor Killings” for such offenses as converting from Islam to Christianity. Christianity is a Capital Offense according to Sharia Law. NOTE: This picture was originally labeled as a Muslim Sharia Law mercy killing and now it seems to have been relabeled on the Internet as a suicide. Hands tied together is an obvious suicide-interesting. Remember, these Muslim Islam crimes against the Gospel Principles of the True God-Jesus Christ, are family abusing/killing family; kind of like how the Yendes, Royce, and the Stockham families, all abused my Dad, and them myself, which were the Kelley family as kin. Muslim Islam is a religion of hate even for your own family member kin, so is American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia a type of religion of hate for family members too?


No doubt about the Muslim Sharia Law acid attacks because the victims sometimes are still alive. These acid attacks are most often family members attacking other family members; similar to how my two Sisters attacked my Dad and then me. HOW LOW CAN THESE SATANIC PEOPLE GO?


Here are before and after photos as to what can happen under Sharia Law. Remember, these Muslim Islam crimes against the Gospel Principles of the True God-Jesus Christ, are family abusing/killing family; kind of like how the Yendes, Royce, and the Stockham families, all abused my Dad, and them myself, which were the Kelley family as kin. Muslim Islam is a religion of hate even for your own family member kin, so is American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia a type of religion of hate for family members too?


Here is a mother and a daughter who fell victims to the Sharia Law. Remember, these Muslim Islam crimes against the Gospel Principles of the True God-Jesus Christ, are family abusing/killing family; kind of like how the Yendes, Royce, and the Stockham families, all abused my Dad, and them myself, which were the Kelley family as kin. Muslim Islam is a religion of hate even for your own family member kin, so is American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia a type of religion of hate for family members too?


Are these Jewish people insane? Not any more insane than the people who will still support the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia after they are taught and then know the TRUTH! Isn’t it quite chic to stand up for your enemies when you have to know that your enemies would never stand up for you? History records that the Religion of Islam will murder those very people later who stood up for Islam previously.


It is NO secret that Islam promotes lies to advance their Religion, Government, and Sharia Law, just exactly the way the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia did to my Dad and then me! The American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia, as well as the Islam Religion and Sharia Law, are all very dangerous to American Freedoms and don’t let yourself think otherwise!


Anything else need to be said about Radical Muslims?


There was a unifying effect for the benefit of America as a result of 9-11-01 similar to the Pearl Harbor Air Raid. But unlike the WW II Generation, the “Greatest Generation,” 21st Century America seems to want to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to Radical Muslims and the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia. It is as if our national bird should now be the ostrich instead of the Bald Eagle.


For some good insights into what Islam and the Sharia Law System can do against “Truth, Justice, and the American Way,” look up Dr. Bill Warner, Brigitte Gabriel, and Pamela Geller, on YouTube. If the Islam Religion, and the Sharia Law Court Systems, takes over America, “you will NOT like what that will bring.” It will be even worse then WW II Nazi Germany was against the Jews, but this time it will be against the Jews and the Christians EQUALLY bad!!!

These are just a few of the reasons all Americans, and especially all Christians, have to stand up against the American Nazi, Lawyer/Judge Mafia, protected and supported by the “Black Robes of the false priesthood!”, because they are the precursor to bring radical Islam Sharia Law into America in order to totally destroy the Spirit of the Declaration of Independence and the letter of the law for the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

All of this will be adequately explained on this website.

Calling all American Patriots, and honest Christians, even honest lawyers and honest judges (there are some of you out there), God is calling you right now!!!

May God bless America, in spite of ourselves, and may God bless the Nation of Israel, the Lord’s ancient Covenant People, and the Lord never forgets His part of a Covenant.

Bro. Jim

No room for error and no reason for questions about the 21st Century  Muslim Jihad after viewing this.



 As can be plainly seen in the very top picture is myself with a shield which states, “Bury My Dad” in a casket just like what was instructed in the Will and Trust, and the Greene County Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia just ignored in exchange for their united Screw You Father (and Mother), Revenge Cremation Insult. See Revenge Cremation Page #30.

The symbolism is that the shield represents the Armor of God, the sword represents the Word of God, the red tie represents the blood of Christ, the light blue shirt biblically represents, “truth, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence,” and the blue overalls represents the men who have built America, as opposed to the Lawyer/Judge Mafia in expensive suits that would be lacking all of these virtues, and are tearing down America, one person, one family, one business, one community, one state, at a time, until the “secret combinations” of the American Nazi, Lawyer/Judge Mafia liars and robbers have consumed all of America as a precursor to usher in Islam Sharia Law in exchange for our U.S. Constitution Law.

What kind of a deal is this to have the Sharia Law crammed down our throats? The same kind of deals that the Greene County Lawyer/Judge Mafia crammed down my Dad’s throat and then down my throat.



What my Dad’s Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust represents is a CAR ALARM siren going off and that siren will NOT go silent, and reset, until there is a legitimate Grantor and Beneficiary, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights passed in Missouri and in every state of the Union!!!

This is PROOF POSITIVE of Priestcrafts (Satan’s will and law) among the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia. Any Judge that sees this kind of priestcraft introduced into their Court and this does NOT raise a Warning Sigh to them has to be a solid part of the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia against the People. Any Judge that considers the testimony of the obvious Nazi liar Nancy Yendes that the reason she cremated my Dad, against his Will instructions, was that my Mom (already in an urn that was instructed to be placed in my Dad’s casket at the time of his funeral) was afraid of water and the Cemetery was in a flood plain, has to be some kind of a LUNATIC to not think that this will bite her in the rear end sometime later. That is SNL Courtroom skit STUFF with all capital letters! Incidentally the Cemetery has been open since 2000 and never once has flooded. DID YOU GET ALL OF THAT THIS TIME COMMISSIONER CAROL T. AIKEN!!!


Dale Kelley, my Dad, was declared in his Will “to be competent,” and “of sound mind, and under no constraint or undue influence.” Who in their RIGHT MIND would ever think that anyone in their right mind would knowingly sign their life away like this? My Dad was 94 years old, partially deaf and virtually blind and there is no doubt that he was Nazi Mafia Lawyer tricked into signing this Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust making him a virtual POW to Commandant Nancy Yendes in the 21st Century War of Elder Abuses. My Dad was a WW II, D-Day, captured behind enemy lines, POW for 10 months, veteran so in reality this Unconditional Surrender obviously deviously crafted and planned by Commandant Nancy was my Dad’s second time as a POW so that is the reason, the logic, for the website name apowtwice.com.

May I be very blunt and to the point here! What this page 2 of my Dad’s Trust represents is the most offensive Priestcraft Nazism imaginable according to our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution with its attached Bill of Rights. Any person who would permit, allow, their name(s) to be attached to, associated with, or who would be stupid enough to support this kind of Priestcraft Nazism, is NOT fit to live in America as a proven Grade A Ass-Hole. There is really no other way to describe this and give justice to the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Correct Principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Either these Priestcraft Nazis should be deported or put in prison as enemies of the State, Domestic Enemies of the Constitution, and they deserve to be publicly disgraced to the point that they are radio active in Society pertaining to their family members and family names.

For the benefit of the People, here are a partial list of the names of these Grade A Ass-Holes:

Nancy Yendes, primary Trustee who no doubt violated the Mo. BAR Code of Ethics in bringing/referring my Dad to the “den of thieves” MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN LAW Firm and having her personal Priestcraft Nazi Provisions included as her gift of something valuable to her in this Will and Trust business transaction. (And the Mo. BAR. O.C.D.C. refused to investigate this proving themselves Grade A Ass-Holes!)

Commandant Nancy Yendes is a retired Springfield City Government lawyer and now works as a city lawyer for Blue Springs, Mo. Commandant Nancy Yendes being a City lawyer was how she became will acquainted with, with enough confidence to commit crimes together with, the “den of thieves” MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm, who is a Springfield City lawyer contractor with the City. That was the necessary connection(s) for this Nazi Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust to have ever happened. Does anyone think that just anyone could walk into any other law office and get this kind of Nazi language in a Will and Trust without some kind of special relationships, connections, and favors???

Carl Yendes, …………to be finished later…………………….and I will include everyone by name, including the Notary, Janet L. Higdon (Notary Seal #09451920) as of being of the same stripes as the other Grade A Ass-Holes for her Notary lies that my Dad was competent, of sound mind and under no constraint or undue influence when she should have been able to see that my Dad was Nazi Lawyer Mafia tricked because of his being blind and signing such an outrageous Unconditional Surrender.

[I think that pretty soon everyone in Springfield, if not the whole State, will be aware of just what kinds of Grade A Ass Holes are in the Missouri lawyer profession as the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia! This is not only war against some small time Domestic Enemies to the U.S. Constitution but a war against radical Muslim Sharia Law from taking over America! This is a fight for the very existence for America as past generations left it for us today and we have a sacred obligation to give America to our posterity in as good of a condition as we got it, if not even better!]

American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia


Take away the Black Robes of the false priesthoods, and the expensive suits of the Lawyers, and what is underneath is a black ski mask and a gun ready, willing, and able to rob the innocent for the benefit of the guilty.


So instead of a black ski mask and a gun the hard core American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia use the “Black Robes of the false priesthood,” meaning the priesthood of Satan, and a gavel to rob America of huge amounts of wealth unethically, if not illegally. Incidentally, Justice Thomas is probable the one most qualified to be a judge, if not the only one qualified, sitting in this picture.


“The Obamacare ‘Tax’ That Chief Justice Roberts Invented”

This was/is the kind of headlines that Constitutionally minded reporters would write with the facts and truth that Chief Justice Roberts changed the wording, of the law, pertaining to the Affordable Care Act that was President Obama’s signature legacy for his Presidency. So if anyone may think that the U.S. Supreme Court can not, would not, participate in the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia here is an example where the Chief Justice violated the U.S. Constitution by rewriting a Law so it might fit what the Chief Justice thought could be constitutional. THAT IS/WAS NOT THE JOB OF A CHIEF JUSTICE!!! THE SUPREME COURT ONLY HAS AUTHORITY TO RULE ON WHAT IS PRESENTED TO THEM AND HAS NO AUTHORITY TO REWRITE WHAT IS PRESENTED TO THEM AND THEM RULE ON THEIR REWRITE!!!

Actually what the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia supports today, by the Black Robes of the false priesthood” (go to the bottom of this Page for an instruction video in the “Black Robes of the false priesthood), is “Priestcrafts” and that is of Satan.

In about 90 A.D. in America there were the same kind of American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia that was called out by the Prophet Alma, who was also a Chief Judge in the land, for what they were and that was a Priestcraft cult. The Prophet Alma stated, “This is the first that priestcraft has been introduced among this people…and were priestcraft to be enforced among this people it would prove their entire destruction.” Alma 1:12-22 of the Ancient American Indian Scriptures.

The American Indians in 90 A.D. were not hindered by modern-day Political Correctness so the American Indian Judges of old put to death, according to the Law, those who tried to force Priestcrafts on the people.

Unfortunately for modern-day America the People are hindered by such satanic doctrines as Political Correctness so Priestcrafts thrive today, in all three Branches of American Governments, and this will prove America’s destruction in the end to the point that Sharia Law will prevail above the U.S. Constitution and there will be enough Muslims in control of our American Government that the U.S. Military will no longer support Israel and that is why Israel’s back will be against the Mount of Olives alone and the Lord God will take up Israel’s fight.

The end doom of America will be a result of the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia Priestcrafts of today.

The question for all Americans, and especially all Christians, would be, what are YOU going to do to stop the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia Priestcrafts of today? What ever your answer is remember these two things: A. Actions speak louder than words and B. There are angels from the presence of God who are taking notes of our actions today, for good or bad, it will all be noted on Judgment Day.


There is only One True God and that is Jesus Christ and that will NEVER change!!! There really is a Satan and Satan wishes that he were a god and Satan tries to imitate Jesus Christ every chance that he gets. One of Satan’s tactics is to try to give the impression that there is no Satan, there are no devils, in an attempt to give validity to his claim to be God, which is a lie, as can be expected from “the father of all lies,” Satan.

The Holy Scriptures are full of godly testimony that there is a Satan who had billions of demons or devils who follow him. So if a person claims to believe in Jesus Christ as God then they have to believe in Satan, by extension, because Jesus Christ testifies of Satan and his legions of devil demons.

Anciently, in the Jewish Temples, the Jewish Priests wore robes which represented the Priesthoods of God, and those Jewish Temple Robes were a sign for anyone who had eyes to see, to know who that robed Priest represented, and that was the True God.

So it is with the Black Robes of the false priesthoods, they are a counterfeit and a sign of Satan, and represent Satan’s influence on the People, and this is as plain as day if a person knows the history of the Black Robes, and the tactics of Satan.

One of the signs of God is the Star of David and Satan has his imitation signs too. Just take a look.


Here is the Star of David.



Here is the pentagon of Satan. Similar but different too.



Here is the Shield of the California Highway patrol. Does this more simulate the Star of David or the pentagon of Satan? I wonder why?


This is a Skull and Bones secret society pin. Several former U.S. Presidents belonged to this secret society. Satan often uses a human skeleton as one of his signs.


Can you see any similarities to the Skull and Bones pin above?


There are always those who are inspired of God to give, write, sound, warnings. This book is by John F. Kennedy and was written before America entered WW II.


The alarm bells are going off all over the place in America and if America will just wake up they will be able to see and hear these alarms.


There was a reason why our Founding Fathers chose the Bald Eagle for our National Symbol. If we keep going down the road of satanism we will eventually be no more courageous than a buzzard and this will be one reason why Israel will be standing alone, without America’s help, on the day that the Lord Jesus Christ takes up Israel’s battle.


A lot of America’s treasure has been spent on our Freedoms and the People really do NOT have any rights to give them up so cheaply as they seem to be doing now.


The Constitution is already hanging by a thread!

Anyone who does NOT think that Satan has got a strangle hold on America right now, today, is obviously asleep. Also, listen up Christians, Satan has a strangle hold on a lot of the churches in America too. For sure the Islam Churches are satanic. And then there is the Northside Christian Church of Springfield where they harbor a known Satan worshiper, Gary Bishop, who owns the “den of thieves” Law Firm who stole my Dad’s life away from him even though my Dad was a paying “client” of theirs. Need I have to say any more about the Northside Christian Church?

CALLING ALL CHRISTIANS: Make sure that your Christian church is not like the Northside Christian Church of Springfield!


This website has made a lot of enemies and sometimes powerful enemies can end up getting their way(s) even when you are right and they are wrong. The “den of thieves” MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm has asked a Judge to order this website to be taken down twice and obviously the Judge both times has denied that unconstitutional demand. For some proof that these American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia would like to keep everything on this website secret just visit the website Page #_, Nancy’s BRIBE.

In case the visitor to this website “gives a damn” about all of this, you can make a personal electronic copy of this whole website and here are the instructions for that:

Step One, start at the bottom of the website page and wile holding the left button on the mouse highlight everything from the bottom to the top and then right click and copy what you have highlighted.

Step Two, go to an e-mail addressed to yourself , and/or others, and right click the menu, then left click the paste part, and that will paste the copy you put on your message board.

Step Three, now you have an electronic copy of that website page to send by e-mail to yourself, and/or others, to preserve in case anything happens to this website and/or me.

Step Four, follow this procedure for every A POW Twice website page and you will have a complete copy for your records to do with as you see fit. I have no copyrights on what is on this website so that would be no problem for others to use this stuff.

Some PROOF that the Black Robes of our Judges represent the “false priesthood,” just take a look.

Interesting what can be found in history if a person just knows where to look in plain sight.

The Good Doctor Hugh Nibley was a beloved absent minded professor at BYU with a sensational legacy.

Copy and paste this website for a glimpse into the tremendous character of this champion member of Society including that he was a WW II D-Day veteran the same as my Dad.



This website represents “a never ending battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way” which concepts it seems most lawyers are trying to take/steal away. Like all evil, if you give evil an inch, then evil will take a mile. It seems most lawyers think “the arm of flesh” knows better than God what Truth and Justice are as the Lawyer Profession blunders down the black hole of evil and sin, while trying to suck America with them to a hell on earth. Just say NO to evil, STOP evil, say NO to corrupt lawyers, STOP corrupt lawyers, for a better America today for ourselves and tomorrow for our posterity.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This whole Page, and this whole Website, has to be considered “legally” to be my own OPINION, and nothing else, because there are four Lawyers, and a Law Firm, poised, waiting, to pounce on me and this Website. The Law Firm petitioned The Court to order this Website taken down; first time January 17, 2018, and a second time, April 4, 2018. Obviously this Website is in jeopardy for telling the Truth about a WW II, D-Day, captured behind enemy lines, POW for 10 months, veteran; Elder Abused by a team of unethical lawyers, and a Law Firm, the PROOF preserved in the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER WILL AND TRUST, that led to this Veteran being held as a POW in the 21st Century War of Elder Abuses, and they are obviously afraid of that.

What is my opinion today, will no doubt become the opinions of millions of other Americans soon, and perhaps will evolve into obvious  self-evident truth for the future. To get to an obvious self-evident Set of Truths pertaining to a Grantor’s, and Beneficiary’s, Will and Trust, Bill of Rights, it is going to take the efforts of millions of Americans, that can legitimately claim the Title of Americans, to come together and say “STOP!” to the lawyer abuses so prevalent pertaining to Probate Laws that would go against the ideals of all Americans, especially American Veterans like my Dad, in unified efforts to stomp out the symptoms of Socialism in the Probate Laws.

As always if the Trustees, Lawyers, and Law Firm would like to give me any short statement to explain their side/opinion I would probably include that if they would wish. They all have declined to my honest and sincere offers like this in the past.