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This ABC News segment is only a news segment and is NOT authorized or supported by the FDA Policy and Procedures then (2007) or now but is valuable for some historical information. The testimony of the man and woman Medial Doctors contained in this news segment were NOT supported directly by any reference by medical journal quality research as noted in this news segment; BUT  THERE ARE OVER 2000 MEDICAL JOURNAL QUALITY INDEPENDENT STUDY RESEARCH MEDICAL REPORTS AVAILABLE ON THE U.S. GOVERNMENT WEBSITE pubmed.gov to help substantiate medical claims for 20 specific medical issues for YOUR inspection and consideration! In the search box of pubmed.gov input Fucoidan which is the beneficial extract used in the LIMU products from the brown seaweed (limu moui means seaweed brown in the Tongan tongue).

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There you have it, right off of a U.S. Federal Government website, 20 reasons to drink LIMU. This is huge because the FDA does NOT give something up like this very easily officially. Any more questions?
393 Medical Articles About Cancer

Cancer is the one medical sickness that the FDA would never allow,or permit, any health food company to claim as a benefit for health for the obvious reasons that big pharma would not be making the big money on, and for, this.This is just the facts of life with the U.S. FDA. So just get used to this and investigate the medical studies for yourself IF you would want to know.

Right on pubmed.gov, when you input Fucoidan/cancer, this was March 29, 2021, there were 393 medical articles that came to the attention of pubmed.gov and were found worthy to include in this U.S. Government National Library of Medicine website for the benefit of all medical doctors and researchers. This website is also available to the general public so why not take advantage of this for your own benefits?



Legally, and ethically, I can NOT tell you that Fucoidan can help anyone with cancer BUT I CAN TELL YOU THAT I AM BETTING MY LIFE, AS A CANCER SURVIVOR MYSELF, THAT FUCOIDAN WILL KEEP ME FROM EVER GETTING CANCER AGAIN! This is the United States of America so you are free to check this out and make your own choices abut this!

All articles on pubmed.gov start out as a medical journal article somewhere in the world and the medical authorities at pubmed.gov pick the very best, the most verifiable, articles to put in the pubmed.gov library so what you see on pubmed.gov is the very best of the best in medical information in the world.

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