52. Lemmings

This Lemmings Page is intended to illustrate to the Politician, and the persons who may contact their Politician, that there are lots of people who just follow others even to their own destruction for no good reasons what so ever. Unfortunately Americans are either willingly following the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia; or they are compelled by unethical unconstitutional legal force to follow the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia.

Based on the above men are dressed in white shirts, ties, and dark suits, this could be a picture of the Mormon Church General Authority “hypocrites” (Mormon 8:38) following each other off of the cliff of destruction because they have “polluted the holy church of God” meaning the Mormon Church and no other church (Mormon 8:38, compare yblds.com)..


It seems to be a myth that Lemmings jump to their deaths following one another in large groups BUT, it is no myth that people will follow each other to their own destruction and the stupider the leader of this ignorant migration it seems the larger the crowd that follows. For example Hitler was able to convince many millions to follow him with his stupidity to the utter destruction of WW II Germany. Need I say any more about this?

Brass Tacks With Glenn Beck

I am going to give the “one, two punch,” that will knock the biggest lemming Church out, “KO,” and perhaps it will take someone like Glenn Beck to explain this to the Mormons. I hope that he will be able to do that, that is IF he understands these basic Mormon Doctrine Principles that is!

The #1 reason America is having its problems right now is that the Mormon Church has become “polluted” with the specific actions of the Mormon Church General Authorities which Jesus called and stated, “O ye pollutions, ye hypocrites, ye teachers [meaning high level Mormon Church leaders]…why have ye polluted the holy church of God [meaning the Mormon Church and no other]?” Mormon 8:38.

Correct Principle 1: The Declaration Of Independence, the American Revolutionary War, the U.S. Constitution with the Bill of Rights, all came about for the purposes of the “Restoration of the Gospel” of Jesus Christ in the latter-days. According to official Mormon Doctrine this was in fulfillment of Bible prophecy, “…until the times of restitution of all things,” (Acts 3:21) meaning the Restoration of the Fullness of the Gospel in the latter-days. All of the other churches benefit from the formation of America, especially the First Amendment, BUT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  ALL CAME ABOUT FOR GOD’S PURPOSE FOR THE ORGANIZATION OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS IN 1830.

Correct Principle 2: As long as the Mormon Church stayed righteous, and stayed on track to fulfill its missions, then America would stay strong to help support the Mormon Church’s missions. BUT IF THE MORMON CHURCH BECAME POLLUTED WITH LEADER “HYPOCRITES” THEN THE LORD WOULD NO LONGER HELP AMERICA STAY STRONG AND THE CONSTITUTION WOULD THEN HANG BY A THREAD.

Correct Principle 3: As bad as the other churches may be they are not the reason(s) why America is having its terrible problems right now; because they were all wrong, corrupted and an abomination before the formation of the United States of America. According to official Mormon Doctrine in the First Vision the Lord proclaimed these conditions of all the churches on earth in 1820. (Joseph Smith-History 1:19)

Correct Principle 4: In official Mormon Doctrine, D&C 1:30, the lord proclaims the Mormon Church as “the only true and living church…” in the whole world.


Correct Principle #5: So as can be plainly seen, according to official Mormon Doctrine, “the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth” is the Mormon Church and the only church that could qualify as “the holy church of God” in the latter-days that could be polluted as described by Jesus Christ right in the Book of Mormon. (Mormon 8:38)


In the face of all the evidence to the contrary, the Mormons claim that this Warning from Jesus Christ does NOT pertain to the Mormon Church. The problem with that is that the Mormons are denying the Book of Mormon and denying Jesus Christ all at the same time by doing this.  🙁

This is all explained at the websites yblds.com and mormon8-38.com, and should be all the information Glenn Beck would need to do his demonstrations on this subject, if he has the guts to do so.

So for over 150 years there were many who wore their lives out trying to prove the Mormon Church wrong when all they had to do was use this Book of Mormon verse. The problem with these worn out souls was that they were trying so hard to disprove the Book of Mormon as wrong that they couldn’t see the forest for the trees when it came to the absolute Truths contained in the Book of Mormon especially where the Lord Jesus Christ exposed the Mormon Church as polluted because of its leader “hypocrites.”. THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE, AND THE CHURCH USED TO BE TRUE, BUT THE CHURCH HAS BECOME POLLUTED AND CAN NO LONGER BE  CONSIDERED TRUE ANY LONGER. My observation is that the last righteous Mormon President/Prophet of the Church was President Ezra Taft Benson and he died in 1994, and then a low life American Nazi Mafia Lawyer, Howard W. Hunter, took his place. “Very interesting.”

Explain Mormon 8:38 for us, even the whole world, Glenn:


Just erase the board and outline Mormon 8:38.

Correct Principle #6: If all of the other churches, besides the Mormon Church, were NOT the reason for the rise and cause in the American Colonies becoming the United States of America with the Bill of Rights; then all of the other churches, besides the Mormon Church, can NOT be the reason and the cause for the fall of the United States either. THE BLAME RESTS ENTIRELY ON THE SHOULDERS OF THE MORMON CHURCH’S “HYPOCRITE” LEADERS FOR POLLUTING THE MORMON CHURCH TO THE POINT THAT JESUS CONSIDERED IT NECESSARY TO WARN ABOUT IT RIGHT IN THE BOOK OF MORMON!

Here is some spoiled icing on the Mormon “polluted” cake. In Mormon 8:33 there is another warnng asking, “Why have ye transfigured the holy word of God…” Now the Mormon Church has known about Jesus Christ’s Warning in Mormon 8:38 for a long time and in order to hide this warning they have “transfigured” what originally was Mormon “Chapter IV” (Chapter 4 or Four) in the original 1830 Book of Mormon. The Mormon Church reorganized all of Mormon by dividing it up further into nine chapters when it originally was only four chapters thus splitting up the meaning so as to distort Jesus Christ’s Warning about the Mormon Church leader “hypocrites” polluting the only True and Living Church. Fact: this is the only place in the Book of Mormon where the chapters were reorganized like this.


I have no idea why that 34* is there.

Here is page 531 of the original 1830 Book Of Mormon showing Chapter IV (Chapter 4 for those who do not know their Roman numerals) with the beginning words of what is now Mormon Chapter Eight (8) in the modern editions of the Book Of Mormon clearly showing that the Mormon Church has done some reorganizing (“transfiguring”) of the Book of Mormon to suit their needs which would be to cover their tracks in their pollutions and hypocrisy! Again, all explained on yblds.com and mormon8-38.com.


The pages are so thin in the modern LDS scriptures that the lettering on the opposite side of the page shows through.

So here everyone has it, a side by side comparison, the original Chapter IV and the more modern Chapter 8, proving that the Mormon Church reorganized (“transfigured”) what the Book of Mormon originally was printed as then into something else now. Mormons, you have been had, ROOKED, by your “Apostle” leader “hypocrites!” They take your tithing money and give you lies back. WHAT A RACKET!!!

There is nothing like “Show and Tell” is there? Kind of like showing what the American Nazi Lawyer “den of thieves” MANN, WALTER, BISHOP & SHERMAN Law Firm did to their paying “client,” stabbing him in the back. WHAT A RACKET!!!


Show and Tell all over again!

What Right does anyone have when they have to get “written consent” from someone else? This is Nazism in your face!!!  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁  🙁

And what does anyone think the chances would have been for my Dad, or myself, to have gotten any “written consent” from Nazi Nancy “coward” Yendes to change anything from her purposely written for her benefits and profits Unconditional Surrender Will and Trust???


This guy knew what he was talking about!!!

The reason governments, as well as churches, are so dangerous when someone stands up for the Truth is these governments and churches often spew out lies as casually as a restaurant serves up toast; and they do not like anyone proving their lies wrong!!! The exact same reasons would be for when the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia is wrong and you are right!!!


Anyone ready for a big plate of lies? Just listen to the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia “Secret Combinations” Secret Society Shadow Government, and you will get your plate full!!! Incidentally, these same Nazi Lawyers run the Mormon Church today.


Brother Jim standing up “for Truth, Justice, and the American Way” just like Superman.

To bad more Americans don’t stand up “for Truth, Justice, and the American Way;” because if we all did, even if most would stand up for the Truth, then we would not lose the America that our Founding Fathers gave us! Also, we would not lose The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints that Jesus Christ gave us in the latter-days!!!


Just a foot note about as bad as the Northside Christian Church of Springfield, Mo., is, or how bad any other churches could be, the Mormon Church has far surpassed all of them when it comes to being a “polluted” church run by Mormon leader “hypocrites!” (Mormon 8:38, compare yblds.com)


This is the Bolivar, Mo. USA meeting house where many of the local Mormon Church leader “hypocrites” came to lie to me, and lie to others, about Mormon 8:38 having anything to do with the Mormon Church. The Springfield, Mo. Stake Presidents were so desperate to discredit me that they came to the  pulpit to announce to the congregation that I was “excommunicated for apostasy” so don’t listen to me!

Here is a close up of the Shield of Truth and Justice with the website name yblds.com on the side similar to “Live Free Or Die” of the other side. My battles with the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia have been, are, in reality a War against the Truth on the battle fields of the American Court Systems and the Mormon Church because the Mormon Church is now run by the Legal Department according to the principles of Political Correctness so it is Mormon Nazi Lawyers that are at the roots of the evils, the “polutions,” of the Mormon Church in the 21st Century.


Visitors are welcome BUT don’t you mention Mormon 8:38!

There is going to be two “Ah, shit” moments at the Judgment Bar of Jesus Christ pertaining to the information on this website. One will be when all of the Nazi Lawyers, Trustees, and Judges, who had anything to do with Nazism against my Dad, and myself for standing up for my Dad, approach Jesus Christ’s judgment Day Judgment Bar, and they see my Dad standing next to Jesus Christ, with me standing next to my Dad, as witnesses against them all. (2 Corinthians 13:1).

The second “Ah, shit” moment will be when all of the Mormon Church leaders who had anything to do with those two Mock Trial Church Courts, where numerous lies about me and Mormon 8:38 were used against me,  approach Jesus Christ’s Judgment Day Judgment Bar, and they see Moroni standing next to Jesus Christ (Moroni 10:27), with me standing next to Moroni, as witnesses against them all. (2 Corinthians 13:1).

What more can I say in my efforts to warn the guilty who are against Jesus Christ???

Bro. Jim

A true disciple of Jesus Christ and a Witness that the Book of Mormon is true, and Mormon 8:38 is a powerful negative-positive proof that the Book of Mormon is true!!!




“If TV programming had started out in the 1940s and 1950s like the programming that they have ended up with today, Americans would have never bought TVs and stayed with their radios.” I, Jim Kelley, started saying this starting in about 1980, and as the decades pass by my case for this just gets even stronger.

Americans are no better than Lemmings following the person just ahead of them when it comes to satanic, mind numbing, brain washing, TV programming that is contributing to the destruction of the person, the family, and the Nation.

How is it that TV programming started out to be G Rated family friendly and now is the same as X Rated for all practical purposes with past taboos of homosexuality, fornication, adultery, lying, stealing, and all manner of violations of the Ten Commandments portrayed as just normal life in America. This is BRAIN WASHING by TV and Satan is directly behind this!

May I point out some things about radio and TV programming that most Americans living today would NOT know:

First, a radio program started out to be less than 15 minutes. There were four show episodes per hour and allowing for commercials that would add up to an individual show episode being 10 to 12 minutes long. The  program writers back then were able to present an interesting show that would be no longer than 12 minutes. Then programs evolved to two per hour.

Second, starting out most TV shows were less than 30 minutes and there were two TV shows per hour. There were some shows that were an hour and they were so few that they often had the term “hour” in their name like The Amateur Hour.

Third, in the 21st Century TV world, we have nothing but one hour shows that have less content, less value, and for sure less morals and virtue, than the quarter hour radio shows, and the half hour TV shows of the past. Have the TV writers become that incompetent to organize a meaningful show or, and this is probably what has happened, TV writers are so obsessed with listening to Satan’s spirit and writing the will of Satan in the TV shows that it takes an hour to have any kind of a show that would have something else included in that hour to attract the People to the show.

How is it that writers of long ago could take a subject like shoot en up western life and write that show in such a way to be family friendly and now the writers can’t even write a family centered show that is not PG-13 or X Rated?

Here are some examples of family friendly “shoot em up” TV shows of the past:


There can be an ethical and honest bounty hunter.


There were honest, ethical, and honorable men who fought under the Stars and Bars. Now the Democratic Socialists want to remove all traces of the Stars and Bars, as well as anyone who fought under them.


There were honest, ethical, and honorable men who won the West.


The U.S. Military, and her Allies, were honorable Gallant Men.


The U.S. Soldier was a man who suffered tremendous hardships for our Freedoms!


There was no limits to where the U.S. Soldier would go to fight for world Freedom!


Of course there were non-shoot em up shows but then The Wonderful World of Disney Show had some shoot en up programs like Elfego Baca.


So when the Entertainment Industry still had a Moral Compass they were please to display that they had one. So what happened to the Entertainment Industry of today? Apparently they went the way of the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia and threw their Moral Compass away, if the ones in charge today ever had one.


So in the beginning of TV and Radio there were programming that promoted the good guys were the people to follow and pattern one’s life after. And then later TV programming was geared to make the anti-Christians as the ones to follow and pattern one’s life after. What is wrong with that picture?

Soon after Walt Disney died Disney Studios produced their first PG-13 movie. What a shame and Brother Walt no doubt turned over in his grave if he heard of that while he was in the Paradise of God. It is just amazing to me how the writers of TV have been able to turn such a wonderful family friendly form of entertainment into an outright tool of Satan that is piping Satan’s doctrines right into the living rooms of America where our children are watching. And then we wonder why our children are increasingly involved in illegal drugs and all manner of ungodly behavior even IF (this is a big IF in most families today) the parents take their children to church on Sunday?

HINT: The American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia has a lot to do with the decay of America as being Satan’s personal angels on earth and this extends into the TV and movie industry BIG TIME!!!

One of the most devout of die hard Lemmings are the Mormons. The Mormons’ claim to fame is that the Mormon Church represents the “Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Latter-days” and as such they also claim that they are “the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth,” (D&C 1:30), which would include that the Book of Mormon is true scripture too. Unfortunately the Mormons deny their Book of Mormon IF it testifies against them like in Mormon 8:38.

“O ye pollutions, ye hypocrites, ye teachers [Mormon General Authorities], who sell yourselves for that which will canker [money and praise of the world], why have ye polluted the holy church of God [meaning the Mormon Church]? Why are ye ashamed to take upon you the name of Christ [which this scripture is the Words of Christ]? The Mormons, being the mental nut job narcissists that they are, try to say that “the holy church of God” mentioned above is all of the other churches and NOT the Mormon Church. There are two websites that totally prove the Mormons wrong on that count. Those websites are mormon8-38.com and yblds.com.

I will give you an example of how “polluted” the Mormon Church has become with the words of the Mormon Church Apostle David Bednar, who is two failed heartbeats away from being “The Prophet” of the Mormon Church. You just take a look and you decide for yurself if “Elder Bednar” isn’t some kind of a mental nut job or not?

Take a look at the body language of Sister Bednar for clues that she wished that she could be excused to go to the lady’s room at this time. How embarrassing for Sister Bednar, how embarrassing for the Church. That is IF the Church is capable, collectively, of being embarrassed?

Please take note of Bednar claiming to change the question, without actually changing or restating the question, and then his outrageously stupid claim that there are no homosexuals of the 15 million member Mormon Church, and then his never ending, endless, mindless, explanation as to why there are no homosexuals in the Mormon Church. Question: If there are no homosexuals in the Mormon Church then why is there specific sections and provisions in the Leadership Policy Manuals to direct the Bishops and Stake President as to how to punish Mormon homosexuals who have come out of the closet?

The general population makeup seems to represent that at least 2% of the general population is homosexual so at this minimum estimate it would seem that the Mormon population of 15 million would include at least 30,000 homosexual Mormons and there is no doubt that a lot of them are “active” members in, or of, the Church and many would hold current temple recommends. For Elder Bednar to ignore these facts is just plain stupid and anyone who supports Bednar in his “Apostle” calling is just as stupid as Bednar is.

Mormons can be very vindictive towards anyone and anything that calls them out for being wrong no matter what the evidence is that proves them wrong. May I present such a vindictive letter I received from a Bednar worshiper cloaked as a Christmas greeting, contained in a Christmas card, apparently mailed on Christmas eve because I received it the day after Christmas.


Not sure what was going on in this Mormon’s mind to write such a hate, poison pen, letter like this; but it is pretty self evident that this Bednar worshiper has something going on in their head to want to lash out at someone after several years of something festering inside them.

Anyone who knows Paul would know that he is a Bednar worshiper. After several days I decided the best thing would be to reply to Paul’s letter with the truth and here is my reply:


Sunday, December 29, 2019

Dear Paul,

On the day after Christmas I received a most interesting letter from you clothed in a Christmas card that obviously I would not have normally received from you this year if it were not for the poison pen letter you wrote and sent. Most interesting and revealing. Obviously you have a lot of hate still pent up inside of you for what Jesus Christ Personally says in Mormon 8:38 because you do not hate me, do you?

May I cautiously (for I do NOT intend to hurt your feelings) comment on a few of your comments.

First you claim that I “never did understand church policy and procedures” and wrote a letter to President Monson (which I didn’t) and when it came your turn to act in the chain of command you volunteered, “I said I would take care of it.” Then you try to point out to me in your letter, “Now, the same would have resulted if you had talked to me to start with,” trying to make me out as the bad guy, even though I did talk to you before several times.

Here is how I remember this and it can be verified with the letters I wrote and sent to SLC.

First of all I did talk to you about “The Rock In The Door Policy,” which rock was used to prop open the kitchen door (with the latch in locked position), and sometimes closed and locked itself, during the Single Adult activities, and you just ignored me on several occasions.

Second of all I did write President Thedell three letters discussing how dangerous “The Rock In The Door Policy” was for safety reasons and asked for his help which he never did help with it.

Third of all I found myself with three letters exposing that the Stake President had been warned about the dangers of “The Rock In The Door Policy” and the Spirit of God whispered into my ear; What would I do with those letters if some tragedy did happen as a result of “The Rock In The Door Policy.” Would I keep them a secret to protect the Church or would I give them to the hurt party to use in court against the Church?

Fourth of all I wrote the Church Legal Department asking them to examine those three letters and then ask themselves if they would want to have to defend the Church against a law suit because someone needlessly got hurt on Church property with those three letters surfacing in the background? That is what I did and apparently that is within Church Policy and Procedures because Dan Douglas personally called me and thanked me for notifying the Church about this potentially dangerous situation and Dan Douglas told me that he directed you and President Thedell to fix the situation so you DID NOT just volunteer to fix it.

You claim that I “have all the earmarks of an Apostate.” Really? So in the 21st Century Mormon Church anyone who follows Christ, instead of the arm of flesh General Authorities when there is a conflict, is an Apostate. Those exact same types of situations happened in the Medieval Church so history is just repeating itself.

You claim that “Mormon 8:33-41…is not about the Church of Jesus Christ [of Latter-day Saints], it is about all the churches that are on the earth when the Book of Mormon comes forth.” I wonder where you got that concept because that is directly out of the mouth of Satan? Here are the LDS scriptures and documents that supports what you say is doctrine of Satan.

You specifically say all of the other churches at the time that the Book of Mormon comes forth, which would be 1830, and after. Remember the First Vision where in 1820 Jesus Christ Personally told Joseph Smith that all of the churches on earth at that time “were an abomination…all corrupt…,” so how would any of those churches qualify as “the holy church of God” at the time of 1830 and after as mentioned in Mormon 8:38? Also compare verses 33-35 for the true timeline. The only Church that could qualify as “the holy church of God” after 1820 would be the Mormon Church as was organized on April 6, 1830, as “the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth.” (D&C 1:30)

The evidence is overwhelming that “the holy church of God,” as specifically mentioned in Mormon 8:38, can only be The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Mormon G.A.s know this and avoid Mormon 8:38 like Dracula avoids the cross. One proof of this is just try to find any commentary on Mormon 8:38 in the Institute and Seminary manuals, it doesn’t exist. The reason is if the Church claimed that Mormon 8:38 is about the other churches then that would be exposed later as an official lie on the part of the Church so the best way to handle Mormon 8:38 is to just ignore it as long as possible with some lies behind the scenes.

The last time I can find anything close to a public and official mention of Mormon 8:38 is in Elder L. Tom Perry’s October, 1992, Conference talk where Elder Perry specifically stated that Mormon 8:38 was a warning for the members of the Mormon Church with no mention of any other church. I have reason to believe that Elder Perry was told never to mention that again and there was an order among the departments of the Church to never address Mormon 8:38 again. Look up Elder Perry’s talk and see for yourself that at least Elder Perry understood Mormon 8:38 was about the Mormon people and the Mormon Church.

You do end your letter on a factual note, “…there is so much hate and anger out there to the point that there are many who would be willing to see our country destroyed.” The Book of Mormon warns us of “secret combinations” of the Gadianton Robbers that will plague all nations and that the Lord commands us to awake to the awful situations of these “secret combinations” and do something positive and useful about it. (Ether 8:18-26)

Based upon my personal experiences of the “secret combinations” of the Greene County Court Systems, that would mirror the SNL Courtroom skits, as mock trials similar to the Mock Trials Jesus suffered, I have discovered that there are government “secret combinations” driven by the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia. This is a big part of what plagues President Trump right now which he has referred to as the Wash. D.C. Swamp, which in reality is the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia in action against the People continually.

Here is a test for your following Moroni’s discourse to stand up against the “secret combinations” in America today. Visit apowtwice.com and check this out and go to the gofundme page and pony up $11 ($10 contribution and $1 gratuity) to have your name listed among those who will stand up against the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia by your specific name listed. Your name on this is more important than the money and Bro. Michael Jacobs contributed $22 and I think you are as good as him.

Satan is and will win in the fight on earth against the Gospel of Jesus Christ and one reason for that is the warning in Mormon 8:38 specifically about the Mormon G.A.s, for these reasons.

Anyone who has a true understanding of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the latter-days knows that the Magna Carta, the Protestant Movement, The Declaration of Independence, the American Revolutionary War, and the U.S. Constitution with the Bill of Rights, were all necessary and all pointed to the time that the Restoration of the Gospel could come forth and survive. Even with the First Amendment in place Satan tried to wipe out the Restoration with the Extermination Order in Missouri. The other churches would claim the First Amendment was for their benefit and they do have secondary benefits but the primary benefit is for the Restoration.

Working in reverse order with the basic principles listed in the last paragraph it can be determined and demonstrated that because the Mormon Church as a whole (the G.A.s specifically) have not been true and faithful to their Oath and Covenants with Jesus Christ, then Jesus Christ will no longer insure that the Constitution will stand up and not hang by a thread. In other words, since the Church is now a POLLUTED Church, run my G.A. leader “hypocrites” there is no longer any need to protect the Church with a First Amendment being in place and strong. This would also apply to all of the other churches too as to their own pollutions that are contributing to the fall of the Correct Principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the rare church indeed; including the Mormon Church, that is not now practicing the Satanic plague of “Christemporoi,” which is the forbidden and unethical sale of Christ’s name for corporate profit. There are many good reasons that the Mormon Church is often referred to as the LD$ Church.

Today, with President Trump, America is the strongest ally for Israel. It is apparent according to the Bible that the U.S. Army will be fighting against Israel later. Why??? I think that it is a direct result of the Mormon Church members being asleep and allowing the G.A.s to pollute the True Church and as a direct result Satan has gained more, and more, power over the American Government and the Mormon Church from within as enemies strategically located within.

Things are going to get worse and they will never get better before the Second Coming.

I base this in part on Zechariah 14:2 where the Bible says, “For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle…”

I am not sure why the “I will” is there but what is important is there will be “all nations against Jerusalem to battle” and “Then shall the Lord go forth, and fight against those nations…,” verse 3.

The term Jerusalem is the same as naming the modern day Nation of Israel and this is Armageddon.

So where will the U.S. Army be in all of this? Obviously not fighting on the side of Israel.

The “all nations” would seem to include the United States of America.

With America being Israel’s strongest Allie today what would have to happen for America to turn against Israel in the future to the point that the U.S. Army will be actively fighting against Israel? The simple answer is radical Muslims will infiltrate the American Federal Government, and the U.S. Army, to the point that America will turn against Israel and that will mean perilous times for all Christians and Jews in America too. (2 Timothy Chapter 3)

We have radical Muslims in the U.S. Congress right now and even Nancy Pelosi is afraid to speak out against them.

It is actually no secret that Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim, at least at heart, even though he attended Rev. (sic) Wright’s church of “G.D. America,” in Chicago.

In WW II there were U.S. War Department news real spots that asked every American that was watching in the movie theaters, “HAVE YOU KILLED A JAP TODAY?,” meaning if you were working in a war factory or buying War Bonds you were doing your part to kill a Jap today. Also remember the movie theaters at that time were the place that the public got their news with pictures; remember the name “news reals?”

So with political correctness everyone seems to be afraid to question any Muslim motivation to take over America let alone ask today’s appropriate in a war right now question; Did you kill a Muslin today? If we would have had political correctness in WW II, like we have today, we would have lost WW II!

What Nancy Pelosi, with the “Democratic Socialists,” did to President Trump is in keeping with the spirit of Sharia Laws where the truth does NOT matter and certain activities are illegal like doing something against the Speaker of the House if the Speaker thinks that is a crime and has the power to enforce that irrespective of the  Exculpatory Evidence!!!

I don’t think there is any reversing this momentum towards Islamic Sharia Law in America, and a future Commander and Chief being a Muslim, with a future majority Muslim Congress, that will direct a mostly Muslim U.S. Army to fight against Israel; because it seems according to the Bible this is set in stone not to be changed.

So America will be overrun by Muslims and any Christian or Jew that will NOT willingly convert to become a Muslim will be killed by the “peaceful” Muslims.

This is what is in store for America and it will come pretty quickly now and that is how the scriptures will be fulfilled that America will be allies with the enemies of Israel at Armageddon.

So what happened to President Trump with impeachment is mild compared to what is in store for all Christians, and Jews, who will not deny their faith, as watered down as their faith may be.

Progressive Liberalism has been around for well over a half of a century, and now that has evolved into “Democratic Socialism,” which is a cousin to Communism, and that will usher in radical Muslim Sharia Law as the new standard in America and there will be no looking back.

So because of wickedness Satan is getting control of the People of America and the world; until the Second Coming when Jesus will show Satan Who is really in charge, Who really has the Power, over all of the earth.

And Satan’s insurance policy that the American People will not unite against the Federal Government in rebellion is Social Security benefits and military retirement benefits. The two largest groups that would be most likely to rise up against a Satanic U.S. Government are the retired old people and the retired former military; but because their futures would be in jeopardy if they lost their government retirements they will not rise up against the government that writes those checks. Was that ingenious of Satan, or what?

If King George would have had a Social Security system in 1775, there would have been NO Concord and Lexington battles, no Declaration of Independence, and no American Revolutionary War, and no U.S. Constitution with the Bill of Rights, and we would still be English!

So Americans will never rise up against the Federal Government except in an election like when Mr. Trump became President Trump legitimately but that may change depending on how much the Swamp Creature snakes can punish President Trump and punish the People who voted for President Trump? Time will tell about this.

It looks like President Trump will win again by a Reagan style landslide but the Swamp Creatures are not done yet.

Never underestimate two things: A. How ruthless the Democrats can be including assassinating the President if they think that they can get away with it and, B. The ability for Republicans to completely blow any golden opportunity in an election.

The Mormon Church has already become so polluted that they can NOT help with preserving the Constitution. The Mormon Church has been very instrumental in paving the way for more Muslim terrorists to enter America, I guess because they are hopeful to get a few more baptisms in the process.

There is a reason that convert baptism numbers are steadily declining to the point that the Church no longer publishes them with the General Conference Statistical Report. The reason is the Spirit of God can no longer accompany the Missionary Programs and the full-time missionaries are left to teach on their own without the benefit of the Holy Ghost.

All things evolve on this earth because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and when the People, including Mormons, as a whole reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ then all things evolve towards Satanism because of the Law of Free Agency. To deny that Mormon 8:38 is a Warning from Jesus Christ is a form of denying Jesus Christ and fulfills the scripture question, “Why are ye ashamed to take upon you the name of Christ?” A Mormon can claim to follow Christ as often as they want, like in a testimony meeting, but actions speak louder than words when they deny Christ’s Words as written in the most reliable scripture of latter-day times, the Book of Mormon, where it is proven Mormon 8;38 was a command from Mormon to Moroni to write it (Mormon 8:1), and Moroni testifies Jesus Christ will hold any Mormon (who has knowledge of the true meaning of Mormon 8:38 and should know better like you Paul) fully accountable for the Words of Christ that Moroni wrote “as one crying from the dead.” (Moroni 10:27 and Mormon 8:35 “I speak unto you as if ye were present, and yet ye are not.”)

Here is a missionary kind of suggestion for you and Gayle to try about this. You and Gayle prayerfully prepare to study and read Mormon 8:38 and then ask God which church is “the holy church of God?” Is it the Mormon Church or not? How much more of an honest suggestion can anyone make to another person than that? 

Also, instead of writing letters why can’t we just meet and talk?

“And that’s the way it is!”


[Signed Bro. Jim]


That letter was a bit long because Paul eluded to the hate that is out there that wants to take America down so I elaborated on that too. Also please notice my invitation to meet and have a talk; and be advised Paul did not reply to that invitation to just meet and talk, or pony up $11 in support of a D-Day, captured behind enemy lines, POW for 10 months, WW II veteran. Need I say any more?

Yes I did do some writing back then and much of what I wrote in the way of letters was included in a book manuscript that I presented to the Mormon Church President, Thomas Monson. I was ignored by President Monson at that time and I was advised by the local Stake President Thedell that my manuscript never reached President Monson. So I became concerned for the safety of the Mormon Church because that manuscript contained very damning information against the Mormon Church so in order to protect the Mormon Church, in case someone stole that manuscript and might use some of that information against the Mormon Church unethically, I copyrighted that manuscript. I will include a copy of that copyright certificate:

So irronically, because the Mormon Church participated in a lie, because it was revealed to me several months later by this same Stake President Thedell (and I told him to his face right then that he was a liar because…), told me that President Monson did receive that manuscript when I sent it; I did copyright that manuscript preserving an impartial, independent, third party record and proof as to what I did write at that time period. “The Lord works in mysterious ways!”

Look at the dates, March 2009 and before, and December 2019, over ten years of Paul harboring bad feelings against another Church Brother, which would be pretty serious stuff in any Christian’s book.

So anyone could get a copy of that manuscript if they would want it and read what was said and written for themselves.

Yep, I did write a lot of letters trying to right many Mormon wrongs. Obviously our Founding Fathers were a letter writing people too based on the Declaration of Independence language and no doubt the King George worshipers of that day mocked our Founding Fathers for standing up to the atrocities of King George, much like the Mormons who worship the “arm of flesh” Mormon Apostles do to me today.

Here is a link to Elder L. Tom Perry’s October, 1992, Conference talk where he identifies Mormon 8:38 as a specific warning to the Mormon people about the Mormon Church. Obviously, Elder Perry did NOT point his finger at the First Presidency as being the “teachers” but he could have and been perfectly truthful. Copy, paste and enjoy something that the Mormon Church wished that you would NOT view. If it were not for the many people that have this talk saved in a private file there is no doubt that the Mormon Church would have edited this talk out of the archives.


So that I get this straight so everyone can understand this. A local Bolivar, Mo., Mormon Paul claims that “the holy church of God” is about all of the other churches besides the Mormon Church and Apostle L. Tom Perry of the Salt Lake Church H.Q. says it is the Mormon Church and the Mormons.

Here is the whole sentence: “O ye pollutions, ye hypocrites, ye teachers, who sell yourselves for that which will canker, why have ye polluted the holy church of God?” What ever church this is, this is pretty serious stuff, and it can be proven “the holy church of God” can only be the Mormon Church and the proofs are on yblds.com.

One of the problems with Mormons is they will go on “full-time” missions trying to convince others that they believe the Book of Mormon is the Word of God, and then when they come home from that full-time mission their own actions prove that they do NOT believe the Book of Mormon; and then the Mormons wonder why convert baptisms are so down, to the point that those convert baptism numbers are so embarrassing, that they are no longer reported in the yearly General Conference Statistical Report on Saturday morning.

One thing that the Mormons claims is that they are the one and only Church that will take the Gospel of Jesus Christ “to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,” (Rev. 14:6) but the Mormon Church convert baptism statistics don’t reflect that. With a record high number in 1996 of 321,385 convert baptisms, and a steady decline over the years to a 21st Century record low of 233,729 convert baptisms; how is that going to convert the world by the Mormon Church. Thinking this over it seems to me the world will be converted to Christianity by the collective efforts of all of the more righteous Christian churches (which would leave out the Northside (pretend) Christian (christemporoi) Church) combined.

I know that “the Book of Mormon is true” because an Angel from Heaven told me so; but the main problem with Mormonism is most Mormons are NOT true to the Book of Mormon. Kind of like the American Nazi Lawyer/Judge Mafia are NOT true to the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag or the Bill of Rights.


This is the Angel Moroni, the same Angel Moroni that wrote Mormon 8:38, at the top of the Salt Lake Temple where on 3-18-2020, during an earth quake, the trumpet fell off by what was obviously an Act of God. Perhaps this was a sign that God is done with trying to warn the Mormons about the Church leader “hypocrites” that have “polluted” the Mormon Church?

No one knows for sure except God Himself, however, this could be a sign that if the Mormons continue to make light of Moroni’s Warning as recorded in Mormon 8:38, in the Book of Mormon, then the Warning Time is over for the Mormons, and who knows what else may befall the Mormons for making light of the Book of Mormon, making light of Moroni, and most importantly making light of the Words of Jesus Christ and even Jesus Christ Himself as the Savior.


This is a side by side comparison of the older Temple Recommend questions on the right with the newer version introduced in 2019 on the left.

Here we go again with changes in Mormon Doctrine as “we henceforth be [some] more [like silly] children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine…” (Ephesians 4:14). Temple Recommends in the Mormon Church are like the Holy Grail as proof that a Mormon is “worthy” to enter “the House of the Lord” meaning the Holy Temples of the Mormon Church. Apparently, because of Political Correctness, the Mormon Church has scaled down the Temple Recommend questions so even a WW II German Nazi SS Trooper could have gotten a Mormon Temple Recommend by today’s Mormon Church Standards.

The problems started when the Democratic Party became openly Socialist, homosexual compatible, pro-abortion, and a dozen other party platform planks directly opposed to the teachings of the Mormon Church. When it really became obvious is when the youth (12 to 18 year olds) learned of the Temple Recommend question asking about if “you supported, affiliate with, or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the Church?” The youth were asking; Doesn’t that mean the Democratic Party? Obviously it did and so instead of denying Mormon Democrats a temple recommend the Church just changed that question so a direct reference to a person or group it no longer a part of the question.

What this does is give license to the Mormon Democrat, Mormon Socialist, or even the Mormon Nazi, who is a registered member of these opposition parties, etc., that they can go ahead and lie that they don’t support the open and public opposition “ideas,” so they can get their Temple Recommend anyway now.

Oh, what a church will do to keep that tithing money rolling in. The Mormon Church is guilty BIG TIME for this as well as the Northside pretend Christian Church. See Page #33 for an explanation of that!

The question that original asked; “Are you honest in your dealings with your fellowmen?” has been softened to basically, are you just trying?

Just some observations.

Bro. Jim


This is the real tragedy pertaining to the Mormon Church and it is basically this. In 1830 it started out as the “Restored Church” of Jesus Christ complete with the Bible predicted Book of Mormon, BUT because of the lust for money, pride, and greed by the Church General Authorities “hypocrites” this once righteous Church fell into such “pollutions” that is is doubtful that these same Church leaders that Jesus Christ called “pollutions” and “hypocrites” could ever exercise the Priesthood Authority originally vested in this Church in the 1830s.

For the doubting Christians here are the THREE Bible scriptures showing that the Book of Mormon is of God and intended to be the volume of scripture “having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people” (Rev. 14:6).

Ezekiel 37:15-20, predicts that “the word of the Lord” said that He would cause that the seed of Judah should write scripture (Bible) and the seed of Joseph should write scripture (the Book of Mormon) and they shall become “one in thine [Christians] hand.”

Isaiah 29:11, “And the vision of all [all inclusive pertaining to the Gospel of Jesus Christ] is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed,,,” The Book of Mormon is a sealed book.

Revelation 14:6, “And I saw another angel [Angel Moroni] fly in the midst of heaven, having [something tangible that could be seen like a book] the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth…”

Many Christian ministers have been tricked by Satan to teach their flocks that there can be no other legitimate scripture in addition to the Bible because at the end of Revelation there is a warning that forbids God from giving the people of the earth any more scripture.

“…If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.” Rev. 22:18.

Notice the description “this book.” The Book of Revelation was a book of scripture all to itself at the time it was written. Compare Revelation 1:11, “What thou [John] seest, write in a book [the Book of Revelation].

Obviously John DID NOT write the entire Bible so if the warning in Rev. 22:18 applied to anything outside of the Book of Revelation then the rest of the Bible would have to be discarded. Are Christians ready to do that?

May we examine the second half of the Book of Revelation Warning. “And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall [not maybe but shall] take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city [the New Jerusalem] and from the [good] things which are written in this book [or Revelation],” Rev. 22:19.

It is plainly recorded in Rev. 14:6, that a specific Angel in Heaven had for the eye to see another book of scripture that would go forth among the people on earth. The reason we know that this book carried by the Angel in Heaven IS NOT THE BIBLE is because the Bible never claimed to have been delivered to the people on earth by an angel from heaven. The Bible was written by living Prophets of God and preserved by the Christian Church through the many centuries until now.

HERE IS THE MEANING AND THE CURSE AS RECORDED IN REV. 22:19! For anyone, especially a paid minister, to deny the possibility of a second set of scriptures being delivered to the inhabitants of earth by an Angel from Heaven, then they would be taking away from the prophecy as recorded in Rev. 14:6, and then Rev. 22:19 will be in full force against that anti-Christ person, for Jesus Christ caused Rev. 14:6 to be written.

It is amazing to me that there have been Christians who have worn out, wasted, their lives trying to disprove the Mormon Church by flawed logic like Rev. 22:18-19 proves the Book of Mormon false scripture. The truth has always been in the Book of Mormon to prove the Mormon Church wrong becasue the Mormon Church General Authority “hypocrites” (Jesus’ Word, not mind) have “polluted” the Mormon Church beyond use by the Savior. Is it NOT ironic that the Christian ministers were so intent on proving the Book of Mormon wrong that they missed the very Book of Mormon scripture that proves the Mormon Church wrong in the 21st Century? SO WHAT SHOULD THE CHRISTIANS DO NOW?

The Spirit of God gave me specific revelation last night (3-22-2020) at about 9:00 PM, that the prophecy in Rev. 14:6 will be fulfilled by the many Christian Churches taking the Book of Mormon to the world BECAUSE THE MORMON CHURCH HAS FALLEN INTO SUCH SERIOUS TRANSGRESSIONS AND SINS THEY CAN NO LONGER FULFILL THIS PROPHECY NO MATTER HOW HARD THEY TRY!!!

Here is what the Christian Churches need to do:

First, quit denying the Book of Mormon and start openly using it along with the Bible as one in your hands. Many Christian minister have been doing this for many years secretly, but it is time to openly use the Book of Mormon and use it, take it, to all of the world in all efforts to teach the Gospel of jesus Christ.

Second, there is NO Christian Church that should be afraid of using the Book of Mormon now, BECAUSE the Book of Mormon testifies  against the Mormon Church and that can be plainly taught to all of the people on earth  using the Book of Mormon. Use the website yblds.com for instructions on that.

Third, the Revelation 14:6 prophecy does not specify which church takes the Book of Mormon to the people of the earth but that the Book of Mormon will be taken to the people of the earth, so any Christian church wishing to help in this prophecy can do so and be in compliance with the Will of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Fourth, the Christian Churches have to make up their own minds if they want to help fulfill the Rev. 14:6 prophecy or not, but those who do will be richly blessed by God with more good baptized members.

Fifth, the Christian Churches will have to quit denying their long standing false doctrines like there are no marriages and family units in heaven, as well as there is no such Christian Ordinance as Baptisms for the Dead (1 Corinthians 15:29).

Sixth, the CONUNDRUM of which church a Christian should join and/or stay with has been caused equally by the Mormon Church and the majority of the Christian Churches over the years. On the one hand the Mormon Church was the Restored Church with all of the Saving Ordinances and Priesthood Authority BUT because of PRIDE became “polluted” by the General Authority “hypocrites,” while the Christian Churches over the years mostly denied the Saving Ordinances of Eternal Marriage/Sealing and vicarious Baptisms for the Dead.

It would seem all is lost with the Mormon Church because they as a Church are beyond repenting of their “pollutions” which gives doubt that they still have the Priesthood Authority to do anything in the name of Christ pertaining to any Gospel Ordinances like baptisms, even for the living. But then an individual person would have to rely upon the Directions of the Holy Ghost to make any personal determination as to if they should be personally baptized a member and/or have other Ordinances performed for them like Sealings and ordinances for the dead?

The other Christian Churches would need to repent of their False Doctrines that there can be no marriages in Heaven as well as Baptisms for the Dead is a vain idea. OBVIOUSLY, since the Christian Churches have in the past denied these ordinances to be true, then it is just as obvious that these same Christian Churches would NOT have the Priesthood Authority to now perform such ordinances now. THE ONLY RECOURSE for the Christian Churches now is to teach that Marriages in Heaven, as well as Baptisms for the Dead. are true Gospel Principles BUT a Christian would now have to wait for God to provide the proper Priesthood Authority to perform those Ordinances and when that does happen then the Christians should eagerly accept those Ordinances for and in their behalf.



To be finished later including more sad tales of the Mormon Church that went the Lemming way…




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