93. Ignorant Mormons

I suppose that according to President Nelson of the LD$ Church “faith” supersedes truth and knowledge? This would be one way to explain away the truth and knowledge of his being a pollution to the LD$ Church and a “hypocrite” pertaining to the True Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Pertaining to the Holy Bible, the Book of Mormon, and all other evidence that the Mormon Church is now thoroughly “polluted” by its leader “hypocrites” if one were to give the benefit of the doubt to the Mormons then they are just ignorant of the facts and don’t know any better.

This page will make all Mormons “without excuse” according to the Holy Scriptures that the Mormon Church has now entered into a serious stage of “pollutions” according to the Words of God and who can resist God and come out the winner in the end?

To be continued later…………….